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Troy Harrison Chriest - I have so many questions.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Hey. Real Quick.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Do we know where this game is set?

Bethesda Lady - So, the Game is not set in any specific location in Tamriel because They (Bethesda) wanted to make sure, when you're building up your town, you don't feel like you are locked into, oh when I am here it has to look like this. You know what I mean?

Troy Harrison Chriest - So basically it is about building up your town up? Like that Blades town?

Bethesda Lady - Yeah. So the storyline revolves around, you are a member of the Blades. The blades have been. Banished. So Uh.."

Bethesda Lady - So the Thalmor and The Empire are chasing you down, and you decide to go back to your hometown, and just try and keep your head down.

Bethesda Lady - But, when you get to your hometown a local Warlord has destroyed it.

Bethesda Lady - So uh, part of the storyline revolves around you building it back up.

Bethesda Lady - Part of the storyline involves you dealing with the Warlord.

Bethesda Lady - Parts of the storyline involve you with, maybe a giant mega evil that may or not have been unleashed, and may potentially have been unleashed.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Vague mega evil?

Troy Harrison Chriest - Oh Im getting attacked.

Bethesda Lady - And of course there are other storylines and quests that will be going on along the side.

Troy Harrison Chriest - So, is it even in Tamriel? (It could be in Akavir) Or are they (Bethesda) not naming it, where it's actually set?

Bethesda Lady - It is gonna be in Tamriel, but it is in kind of an, undefined area geographically.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Would you say that the art style is a little bit like High Rock?

Troy Harrison Chriest - Its seems like it, it seems a little bit

Bethesda Lady - You know, I.. I am not enough of an expert to even try and guess, uhm but I know that they (Bethesda) are pulling from.

Bethesda Lady - But like so, gameplay wise this game really goes back to Daggerfall, Arena era.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Yes, totally totally!

Bethesda Lady - So I wouldnt be surprised of what they (Bethesda) are doing is specifically about that.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Yea like the Forest part, just based off of what I have played of Elder Scrolls Online, the Daggerfall and sort of High Rock area seems very similar.

Troy Harrison Chriest - It's more wooden than a Skyrim, its not all Murkmire-y.

Bethesda Lady - Right. Well when you are building up the town you will actually be able to change uh, building styles and stuff like that. So you can kind of make look like whatever part of the world you want to.

Bethesda Lady - There is a defined...It takes place before the events of...(Starts to talk about the timeline before Skyrim, but Troy cuts her off and asks about building variations.)

Troy Harrison Chriest - "So when you actually building, uhm you have the choices to decide every single building, what the style of the area actually looks like?

Bethesda Lady - "Uhhuh." (YEA GUY. DUH)

Bethesda Lady - Up to a point. Ya know, like theres obviously many things that they (Bethesda) have thought of and stuff for the launch. They will be adding more throughout the game. There's lots of spots in town where you can other uh different aesthetic choices.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Okay yea (Suddenly more interested in the game than the interview.)

Bethesda Lady - Sorry, Im just out here from DC and I am still a little (?Weylaid? What, maybe) {Jet lagged.}

Bethesda Lady - Are you recording this hahaha?

Troy Harrison Chriest - Yea, I've been recording you this entire time.

Bethesda Lady - Sweet!.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Yea I didnt tell you.

Troy Harrison Chriest - I assumed you noticed the camera haha. Sorry. (Right in front of you.)

Bethesda Lady - Yea I saw the camera come up and I thought you were taking a photo

HCC - That was a long photo.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Yea Im making a youtube video. It was a very nice photo.

Bethesda Lady - I was focused on the person I was talking to.

Bethesda Lady - But it does take place about 10 to 20 years before the events of Skyrim. So the timing is defined.

Troy Harrison Chriest - Okay. So its in the third era then? (Wrong Still Fourth, About 4E Year 180-190 ish.)

Bethesda Lady - I thought that Skyrim was 4th era but I could be way off. ( She was Correct.)

Seattle Lady - (Suddenly a new player enters the story and is interested in our conversation about Elder Scrolls Eras.) - WAIT WHAT was that!?

Troy Harrison Chriest - Well if it takes place 15 years before Skyrim, Skyrim kinda marks the start of the fourth era doesn't it?

Bethesda Lady - Yea, thats what I thought.

Seattle Lady - (Who is still important to this story just wait.) Yeah... yeah yeah.

Troy Harrison Chriest - When Tiber Septim the 3rd dies? I think.

Troy Harrison Chriest - FOOK, Im a nerd.

Bethesda Lady - That sounds right to me

Troy Harrison Chriest - "Why do I know this?! Haha

HCC - Hahaha. I dont know why do you know this!

Troy Harrison Chriest - WHY DO I KNOW THIS?!?!

Troy Harrison Chriest - I made a video about the timeline (For TES6), Thank you for talking to me.

Here is where Seattle Lady returns to roast me.

Seattle Lady - Can I be someone that..

Randy Dude - Hes positively Dark Souls.

Seattle Lady - Oh He (ME) is a dark souls dude

Troy Harrison Chriest - Alright that should be enough Elder Scrolls Blades. That was a lot of fun.

Seattle Lady - Can I be an Argonian? Why am I not an Argonian?

Randy Dude - Well, well we can always be your scaly (Dude?).


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