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Hello everyone!

Once upon a time, a very long time ago the voidlords wanted to corrupt the titans.

They figured out that corrupting a grown titan wasnt going to work so instead they set

their eyes on the slumbering ones, those still inside planets.

Like the titans they had no idea which planets actually held a spirit inside so they pooled

their powers together and manifested in our reality something we call the old gods.

Across the universe they traveled infected planets as they went, sometimes even hitting

those with titans inside like the planet of Azeroth.

The pantheon eventually found Azeroth corrupted, the old gods having the time of their lives

raging war with eachother, enjoying their black empire, and the titans decided to do


They knew that their colosal might was far too great to do something directly.

They feared that they might actually do more damage to the titan so they decided to make

keepers and let them do the work for them.

The old god Yshaarj turned out to be so powerful that despite their better judgement,

the titans interfeared.

Amanthul reached down and ripped Yshaarj out of the planet.

Little pieces of the old god fell back unto the world, you might remember its hear being

found by garrosh, yet its tendrils had burrowed so deep that a massive wound was left behind

and Azeroths lifeblood erupted.

In that moment the titans realised that killing old gods was not an option so instead they

chose to imprison them.

Cthun, Yogg-Saron and Nzoth were imprisoned while the heart of Yshaarj was burried

deep away.

Order was brought to the world and the titans left their keepers behind.

You might be familiar with certain titan facilities like Uldaman, Ulduar, Uldum, apperantly theres

also Uldaz and Uldoros but our journey today takes us into ULDIR!

Killing the old gods in that moment was not an option so the titans created this sprawling

underground facility to research and quarantine captured specimens.

They hoped that by studying the void energy that bound the old gods, probing it for weaknessess

and reactions, they could find some way to neutralize it, some way to cleanse the planet

of its infection.

They were horribly, horribly, wrong.

The keepers experimentations lead to the creation of Ghuun, an artificially created old god

sometimes also refered to as a blood god.

Its a perfect avatar of the old gods desire for unending, ravenous need to corrupt.

Its nothing but rot, pestilence and decay, the ultimate parasite who cannot stop himself

from consuming his host until it is gone.

Quite a big whoopsie from the keepers so like the beings from which it was created, Ghuun

was also locked away.

3 seals were designed to keep him there.

One in Voldun, AtulAman, destroyed by Mythrax the Unraveler to release its masster.

Mythrax is a Cthraxx, a being from the days of the black empire, but his rampage

and destruction did not go without resistance.

The loa sethralis sacrificed herself to take him out, but not before he was able to break

the seal and its destruction turned the land of Voldun into what we see it as today.

The second seal can be found in Nazmir, Nazwatha.

Nazmir used to be a lush forest but when Deathwing broke out of the world and caused the shattering,

something shook loose and nazmir started sinking into the sea.

Thats most likely what destroyed the seal there which means the final one still turning

was that within the capital, the Great Seal in DazarAlor.

One of the few things still standing that is older than the Zandalari Empire and we

know that the threat and corruption of Ghuun has been a problem for a very long since even

Dazar the first king had to hold his ground against it.

But in the current day and age, someway, somehow Prophet Zul has started listening and following

Ghuun working hard on destroying that final seal by resurrecting Mythrax and leading a

siege upon the capital.

Despite Rastakhan allying himself with the loa Bwonsamdi and taking Zuls life, they

still succeed in destroying the final seal which means that Ghuun has been released.

Time to rally the forces and join Princess Talanji on the horde side, after our adventures

in Nazmir and dealing with the blood trolls OR in my case, Brann Bronzebeard on the alliance

after setting up our base in Nazmir during the war campaign and figuring out our commander

allied herself with the blood trolls and Ghuun...Time to venture into this corrupted titan complex

and take care of business...

Iniating plasma collection

Right from the start we can see that Taloc is not feeling too well after the gobsquad

blew him into the facilty.

Hes a titan construct created by the keepers to keep watch over any signs of corruption

in the region and to deal with them.

Yet over the thousands of years that have passed, its internal defenses began to decay

which made him vulnerable to corruption.

He loves smacking us around with his beastly weapon as well as sharing that corruption

flowing through his body.

The fight continues as the elevator takes us down, deeper into the complex and with

its first corrupted defense out of the way, we can ask Brann to do his favorite thing

and open up the door.

Fuel levels depleted.

Shutting down...”

Brann: “Ye made it!

Just gimme a second.

Ive accessed some sort of caretaker that I believe operates this facility.”

Move from Ruins Descent into Hall of Sanitation

GImme a sec Ill get these doors open.”



The blasted doors are sealed!

Start breakings things till theyopen.”

As always as we party with Brann, things dont go as planned and while he tinkers away, we

hold off waves of larva, crawgs and rot infused nazmani until MOTHER is kind enough to open

the door.

Mother: “Virulent specimen removed.

Opening decontamination chamber.

I am the Matron of Tenacity, Herald of Endless Research.

Designation: M.O.T.H.E.R.”

She together with Keeper Bolcan, Keeper Hezrel and Keeper Shavras seem to be the appointed

titan creations to keep an eye on the place and keep it running, gifted with tenacity

and an insatiable desire to discover asolutionto the Old Gods.

Her protocols have remained fully intact, even though many other systems in her facility

have collapsed.

During the fight we can see just how much she loves purifying corruption as she tests

the bacterial resistance to extreme heat by setting the ground ablaze, tries to push us

into the oven, lasers designed to gather samples, MOTHER doesnt mess around but we need to

smack sense into her and make her realise that were here to help.

System restored.

Levels returned to secure thresholds.”

Aye that did it.

This technolgy isnt all that confusing if you have a knack for it.”

Facility systems compromised.

Proceed with caution.”

Youre a sight for sore eyes.

Close as I can figure, this is some sort of research facility.”

Designation, Uldir.

This research facility was designed to contain and study the entity known as Ghuun.”

Well that explains why the blood trolls are lurking about, but why would the titans

keep an Old God alive?”

Collection of data is imperative to combating the Old Gods.

Ghuuns unique biology potentially holds the answer to eliminating their threat.

“ “Did you find the answer?”


Data inconclusive.

Alternative research trials are being developed and are scheduled to be deployed in 2.364


Ach, I dont think we got that kind of time.

Best to get rid of Ghuun before this rot gets any worse.”

In order to destroy the specimen, you must reactive that vault consoles located throughout

this wing.

Activating all consoles will grant access to Ghuns vault, where the specimen may

be purged by activating the reorigination drive.

” “Sounds like a plan.

While were at it, Ill see what other secrets the titans may have left behind.”

MOTHER has no problem with us destroying their test subject and getting rid of the chance

to eliminate the old god threat.

Her scans must have showed her that Ghuun is way out of control and the design of this

place in my opinion is freaking gorgeous.

The ring of containment is where you fight most of the trash like titan constructs and

the blood trolls, while the bosses give a glimps as to what the facility has been up

too over the years.


What in blazes is that thing!?”

This facility has experimented on a variety of lifeforms to research solutions for Old

God corruption.”

You missed one.”

Not all of it is glamorous and shiny.

The desire to find a sollution lead them to experimenting upon several loa who inhabited

the forests around Zandalar.

After the experiments proved lethal, the loas remains were just tossed away, disposed of

improperly, much to the delights of Ghuun.

Lion, Vulture and Raptor all combined into one, strutting its stuff like theres no


It doesnt care that it has to stay within the gallery of failures, it will struts anyways.

On the sides occasioanly waste is disposed which leaves behind diner for the Fetid Devourer.

Gotta clean it up before its able to munch down while also avoid the knockbacks and the


Not the most clean fight, but thats what you get when you need to clean up Uldirs


Upon its defeat, mother will show up to re-activate the console.

Mother re-establish energy matrix: “First console activated.

Re-establishing energy matrix.”

Back on to the ring of containment, now we also have faceless devourers and coagulated

blood as we make our way into the plague vault.

Now entering the viral ecology wing.

This laboratory contains thousands of the most dangerous viral strains in the known

cosmos, alphabetically sorted for ease of access.


Viral containment breached.

Contaminated specimen approaching.

Risk of infection imminent.

In Zandalars history, thousands of years ago, theres the tale of a foolish troll who

tried to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer to their island.

This caused a plague to tear through the empire, killings thousands of trolls and began one

of the most terrifying perionds in Zandalars history.

Eventually they were able to get passed it, but there will those who clung to the magics

of Hakkar which lead to the foundation of the blood trolls and as we can see now, they

use their powers in service of Ghuun.

From the strains of the disease that took so many, Uldir did its thing and researched

it for a cure.

They found that only isolation and extermination was effective.

But as the safeguards started to fall, the plague was accidently combined with a sample

of Ghuuns blood which created a whole new entity that hungers for fresh victims.

That entitiy is known as Vectis and we have to exterminate it.

Outbreak inevitable!”

Mother re activates the second consol.

Console activated.

Facility safeguards rebooting.”

Back onto the ring of Containment this time towards the Archives of Eternity.

Now entering the data vault.

This is a comprehensive collection of titan knowledge.

These discs currently contain 50 norgabytes of biological data on known lifeforms throughout

the cosmos.

Seventy-five norgabytes of every existing chemical compound.

And 950 billion norgabytes of musical playlists and self-portrait images.”

A blast from the past as within the archives we encounter enemies and abilities connected

to the old god Cthun and Yogg-saron with their Qiraji, silithid and nerubian minions.

Lesser creatures must serve...or die!”

Zekvor the Herald of Nzoth thought that he was ready to spread his masters dark words

on the shores of Zandalar shortly after the sundering, after the well of eternity imploded

and the land of kalimdor split apart.

He was good to go, prepared to entice, bribe, cajole, corrupt or simply kill the newly isolate

tribe into the service of Nzoth.

What he wasnt ready for was the defenses of Uldir.

He was captrued, studied, dissasambled and stored within the Titans Archieve where

he has waited for a chance to escape and now must deal with us.

In the background you actually see the image of Cthun and YoggSaron pop up and a

really cool achievement is attached to this fight.

With archeology you can get the puzzlebox of yoggsaron.

Using it during the yogg-saron phase makes it spawn on the field which shoots out void

barages and is really confusing to your raid when you dont tell them youre going

to use it.

It might even lead to a wipe, I...I wouldnt know of course.

How is this...possible?”

Omg we get a bridge cutscene

I heard stories of the power of nzoths minions but never thought i would see one.

Honestly I hope I never do again.

“ “Reorigination drive restored.

Vault access granted.”

The good old bridge cutscene which leads us in the middle of the facility and the path

way to Ghuun.

After clearing out all the blood trolls that are worshipping the thing thats inside

the blood orb, we discover that Zul has returned...

I reckonigze the ugly on that troll.

What is zul up too?”

Analysis indicates high levels of corruption.

Hypothesis: Ghuun reanimated this specimen and enhanced it.

Further testing required.”

Eugh, so hes a reinimated corpse?

Lets put him back in the ground.”

Everything is as I have forseen!”

I really wonder if they have a short story or something planned since I dont believe

theyve explained how and when Zul got in contact with Ghuun and Azshara.

How he ended up in exile and together with Princess Talanji.

All the same the dark prophet that fell into the flames, someway somehow, hes been brought

back by Ghuun.

He does not stand alone either, as powerful blood trolls, minions of zul and bloodthirsty

crawgs join him in battle.

His master Ghuun empowers him, but the prophet did not forsee his own fate or was

he ever a prophet at all considering upon his death he says...

Wait...Dis was not the future I was promised.”

Could perhaps Ghuun be the reason why he was able to predict the future at all?

Questions for another time since the pathway to Ghuun is open...

Warning, significant threat of contamination beyond this point.

Quarantine protocols prevent me from proceeding.’

Well take it from here.

TIme to put an end to ghuun.”

Now at this point you might be thinking awww yeah titan consol, some sexy lore is coming

up in which we hear them talk to Brann Bronzen but no.No thats not what happens at all

as interacting with the consol opens up the trap door and instantly murders your entire

raid thats just relaxing and checking out the loot.

Your world can not run...”

Again, not like I would or know anything but down below, deeper still into the complex

we find Mythrax the Unraveler.

His mission of releasing Ghuun finally succeeded and upon completing his task, he

returned here to his masters side to await further instructions.

Timelines are a little bit difficult to put down as time in game does not have to represent

the time that we had to wait for Uldir to open up.

Its possible that lorewise the moment the final seal was broken, we rallied our troops

and ventured into Uldir.

I do wonder why they didnt add a little introduction questline to get into Uldir.

Just brann or talanji letting us know like, hey...stuffs going down in Uldir you wonna

hang out and take care of it?

Just a little something to get us into the raid but I didnt see anything like that.

All the same though, Mythrax stands in our way and hes not afraid to use that obliteration

beam that was powerful enough to destroy the final seal.

He also very much likes to imprison his foes which you need to be knocked out of and keep

an eye on your debuff, make sure to use the little orbs properly and on time.

Xalzaix hungers for annihilation!

YOu cannot resist my call!”

Nraqie destroyers show up to aid him and even our own visions of madness deal some

mighty damage to the raid, but the slayer of sethralis goes down...

Ghuun will not be stopped...”

The reorigination drive is primed.

Lets light it up and pop Ghuun like the pussfilled boil he is.”

THe seals are broken.

The end is here.

COme and bte the first to receive my gift.

You will carry my pestilence, and a vast, bubbling, putrid cyst will cover the world.”

Within the festering core Ghuuns voice echoes off the wall.

No signof the accidently created old god quite yet, just his corruptiion but we can

change that by using the titanic facility to our advantage.

All we have to do is throw orbs to our team members that slamdunk them into the machine,

powering up the reorigination device and forcing the creature to show himself.


Reorigination blast imminent.

Please clear the area.”

CLEANSE THIS AREA BABYYYYYou cannot escape infection!”

What a beauty and now the real fight can begin.

Of course as the theme of uldir is corruption, he loves to spread it in many different ways.

Sometimes youll want to run out of the raid and drop it in a private corner.

Sometimes youll want to stack up and get rid of it by pooling it into a gibbering horror,

but dont let it consume your body or mind.

Slowly but surely the field will fill up, no where left to stand or run, but again the

clever designs of the titans give us the edge we need to continue the fight.

Rocks will fall from the sealing, just looking upon Ghuun wills you with fear, but by

working together, were able to cleanse Uldir...

The contagent has taken root within you.”

And that is the story of Uldir with no real quest or story to wrap things up.

We kill Ghuun and thats just that.

I know some of you have been disapointed about not seeing an end cinematic, but to be fair,

the first raid usually doesnt get one.

I would have loved to see a little bit of end RP just to wrap things up but perhaps

thats something we can expect from mythic only or something that still needs to unlock.

Just a heads up if youre planning to do mythic or you just dont want anything spoiled

and you dont care to see a wrap up cinematic...spoilers ahead and thank you very much for watching

so far...

Show them leader of zandalar.

Show the blade to those that need to see it the most.

Give them peace.

This was not my achievement.

You brought these champions to the shores against your fathers will.

You learned the secrets of ghuun when no one was listening.

Ya set in motion what be needed to save your people.

Now, more than ever, they be calling for a leader dey can love and trust.

Show them the blade.

Become the symbol they need.

Behold the blood of ghuun.

By his will were borne de deaths of Shadra, Hireek, Torga, and ...and Rezan.

By his will were borne the deaths of so many of our brothers and sisters.

Let this glaive be displayed as a remindere that no matter how far we fall, no matter

how much we lose, we are Zandalari!

We adapt, we find a way to survive!

If it were not for this hero of the horde, our losses would have been far worse.

This proves, more than ever, that it is time for us to adapt, to become part of the world


Zandalar forever!

I really wonder when and how that cutscene is going to be implemented.

It seems to be connected to picking up voljins glaive so connected to the reputation with

the zandalari empire but at the same time I imagine those that are exalted with them

have already done Uldir.

Perhaps it is really mythic only but that would be a weird decision in my opinion.

All the same that wraps up the story of Uldir so thank you very much for watching everyone!

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guys.... see ya!

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