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[Motorbike Sounds]

I've never considered myself a visitor to this community.

I'm a son of this community.

I work here.

This is my home.

I have the opportunity as a Community Health Nurse

to ensure that there is healthcare available

to this very rural setting.

That is my goal.

[Motorbike Sounds]

I'll try to see five to six clients a day,

talking about those mothers who need prenatal care,

mothers who are ready to deliver,

mothers who have young babies at home.

We sit down with them and talk about how to ensure

that we give the babies the best start on life.

I also I have an opportunity to ensure

that the well-being of the entire family is taken care of.

We use Skyscape to diagnose and prevent

any complications from setting in.

The iPad, it's a resourceful tool.

It's a doctor, it's a nurse, it's a public health officer,

in my bag.

Through this mobile app

we are able to deliver information

that's changing every single day.

And if we can help physicians to empower them,

to provide them with the tools

that can create a safer healthcare environment,

that is the essence of what Skyscape does.

And our goal always

is to reach the most rural communities internationally.

The good way to describe rowing

is when we see a duck on a Sunday morning.

He is just floating along, looking so cute.

But underneath the water

his legs are flapping 50,000 beats per minute.

It's crazy, it's not pretty,

and that's what I love about it.

It's not like any other sport.

I am a Paralympic Bronze Medalist in Rowing.

My first pair of legs had limitations to them.

The feet would not move.

So when I got on the erg and stretched my legs out,

they would just be sticking straight up.

So with this foot I can connect with it through the Galileo app

and the foot can move up and down

to whatever angle it needs to be.

Before if I wanted any changes

I would have to go into my prosthetist's office

to change the alignment in my foot

and you had to do it on their time.

So this app has really allowed me to live my life

instead of revolve my life around my prosthetics.

It's really hard for a girl who's growing up

not being able to wear high-heel shoes,

because you're limited by your prosthetics,

and these feet and my app allowed me to do that.

Now something just small as that leg

changed my life completely.

I had always known from a very early age,

I wanted to build software.

When I lost my leg three years ago,

I was really disappointed by the lack of technology

in prosthetics.

My first reaction was,

this is something that I would really love to build an app for.

The first time I saw live streaming data

coming from my prosthesis,

it sent a shiver down my spine like

this is where this technology should be.

I can now control a part of my body, using the iPhone,

and I think that is going to become the standard

as this level of care reaches more people.



Long ago, they didn't read and write,

they didn't have a pencil and paper to tell the story.

So they used to tell stories through their drum-dancing.


It wasn't easy.

I remember a lot of things that weren't easy.

When I woke up in the morning,

it was frost and my blanket was frosty.

Today a lot of young people,

they lost tradition, culture, language.

That's why I am still fighting

for my language to stay alive.

There are many, many American Indian languages

that are on their last legs

and they will be gone forever from this Earth

unless something is done.

My mom spoke only Cherokee till she got 12 years old,

but she didn't pass the language on to us.

So, I wanted to create an app to revitalize languages,

to appeal to young people to create new language learners.

And that's the only way

a language can survive.

Most of our clients are in very remote areas.

There is really nowhere we won't go to do this.

And we actually create an app onsite

when we are visiting them.

So these apps have allowed us to revitalize small languages,

and it's a way to put the language

back into the home where it belongs.

How cute!


My grandmother told me.

She said, you can do anything in this world,

but never forget where you come from.

[iPad voice: Salud!]

Salud! Okay.



Good job!

Enrique is ten years old now.

He had been nonverbal his entire life

and then we came across Proloquo on the iPad,

and on the very first day he says, hi, mom, I love you.

That was the beginning of my son speaking to me.

[I love you.]

I love you!

And now after nine years, I know who my son is.

I found out he's funny.

[I am so cool! Don't you think?]

He is a typical child now.

I think it's very gratifying to be able to make the tools

that really help people like Enrique and his family.

It's really nice to see how having an app

that allows you to communicate

can really open up the world in so many ways.

[My name is Enrique Mendez.]

In a way it's almost like magic, what's happening.

[Can I give you a hug?]


I am pretty happy that I found something

that can actually have a really direct impact on people.

You need help? I'll help you.

Enrique has taught me that given the opportunity,

anybody could learn to do anything.


I wish I could change all of healthcare.

It's not going to be possible.

Can we move the needle in one specific area?

And we are.

I don't have a background in programming.

I'm just a guy who saw a problem

that needed to be solved.

I wanted to make my dent in the universe.

I wanted to change people's lives including my own.

And it's just amazing to be able to do something you love,

which is developing apps,

and achieve something

that is so meaningful to so many people

in all parts of the world, in all walks of life

by doing what you love.

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