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>> Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks for joining us, and good morning.

I really love that video. We played it for the first time at the Developers Conference

in June and I wanted to open with that this morning because I think it does such an incredible

job of talking about our values. It reflects the unique way that Apple creates what we

believe are the very best products in the world. You're going to see some amazing products

this morning that could only have been developed in that unique way. We are really excited

to show them to you but before we dive right in, I've got a few updates beginning with

iPhone. As you may have heard, we launched two new designs last month. We launched the

amazing iPhone 5c in a range of gorgeous and vibrant colors. Harry McCracken of TIME Magazine

called it the perfect example of hardware and software integration. And we announced

the forward thinking iPhone 5s with its blazing fast 64-bit A7 chip, a stunning iSight camera

system, and of course Touch ID. Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal called it our--called

it the best smartphone on the market. And millions of people agree by the end of the

launch weekend, we had sold 9 million iPhones making it the biggest iPhone launch ever.

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The excitement and energy around the launch was absolutely palpable. And there was no

better place to witness it than in one of our retail stores. We prepared a brief video

for you this morning to share that excitement with you and I'd love to run it for you.

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I know I can speak for everyone in Apple that when we see customer response like this, it

makes all the hard work worthwhile. Both new iPhones shipped with iOS 7, a bold new redesign

with great new features and the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone. The reviews

have been tremendous. David Pogue of the New York Times called it some of Apple's best

work. And millions of customers, hundreds of millions of customers agreed. They love

the bold new redesign and the stunning new features. We made the updates easy and quick

to get in just five days after launch over 200 million devices were running iOS 7, making

it the biggest and fastest software upgrade ever. And I'm pleased to tell you that as

of today, nearly two-thirds of the devices are running iOS 7. Now, this is tremendous,

it blows away the other guys. And we love this because it makes, it gives our users

the latest software so they can enjoy the greatest features and the best possible experience.

One of the great new features that shipped with iOS 7 was iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio

is a fun and easy way to discover and explore new music. And it runs on iOS devices but

also in your Mac or PC through iTunes and even on your Apple TV. Artists loves iTunes

Radio. Justin Timberlake called it an amazing way to discover new music and debuted his

album on iTunes Radio. Now, even more importantly, customers love it. We now have had over 20

million users listen in on iTunes Radio and this number continues to grow. And they've

been really active. They've listened to over a billion songs. And this is just in the U.S.

in the last month. It's absolutely fantastic. Next stop, the App Store. The App Store continues

to grow in size and scope. We now have over a million apps on the App Store and our users

have downloaded an astonishing 60 billion times. Now, this is staggering, and the App

Store continues to be the best place for developers to be rewarded for their creativity. Developers

have now earned over 13 billion dollars. It's hard to imagine your life without these phenomenal

apps. It's been an enormous sea change. Next stop, the Mac. We have an amazing lineup of

desktops and notebooks. And we've had one focus since the beginning to build the best

personal computers in the world, computers that people just love to use. And we've done

that through a combination of incredible hardware and beautiful design coupled with OS X, the

world's most advanced desktop operating system and apps like iWork and iLife, phenomenal

apps for your productivity and creativity. And it all--Mac just works seamlessly with

all of your iOS devices with iCloud. And all of this comes together in this really delightful

experience that our users just love. Now, our competition is different, they're confused.

They chased after netbooks. Now they're trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into

PCs. Who knows what they will do next? Well, I can't answer that question. But what I can

tell you is we have a very clear direction and a very ambitious goal. We still believe

deeply in this category. And we're not slowing down on our innovation. We've been really

hard at work on the Mac, and we've got some exciting new products to share with you this

morning. To start things off, we'd like to start with OS X and to do so, I'd like to

invite Craig Federighi to the stage. Craig?

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>> Thank you, Tim. Well good morning. Well let's talk about OS X. So the team has been

hard at work on the latest release of OS X, our tenth release in the history of OS X.

And this one is a doozy. We really focused on three major areas in OS X. Some core technologies

to fundamentally accelerate the performance of your Mac, some features that smooth the

Mac experience, and some great new apps. Now, one of our biggest missions with Mavericks

was to fundamentally upgrade your hardware to get more charge out of your battery, to

get more out of your memory, and higher performance out of your GPU. Now, while we considered

going door to door with a bag of parts and we would love to meet you, we're software

guys and actually kind of shy. So, we decided to do it with some code. And we started with

power efficiency and made changes deep and broad across the systems and the result is

outstanding. Now of course, battery life varies by the model that you choose. But even if

you take our 13-inch MacBook Air, the latest which is just has fantastic battery life,

and all you do is install Mavericks, you get up to an hour longer web browsing on a single

charge and up to an hour and a half longer watching iTunes video. It's really fantastic.

We've also made big improvements with memory. Now, Mac users love to push their systems

to the limit, and that's great as long as you have enough memory. But when you start

to exhaust the system's free memory, things can slow down. And that's where our new Mavericks

feature called compressed memory comes in. With compressed memory, Mavericks can actually

compress almost instantaneously inactive parts of your--contents of memory making space for

new allocations. This allows us to fit 6 gigs of data in just 4 gigs of system RAM. And

what this means is you can run more applications and never slow down. Next, graphics. We've

made enhancements to the graphic system system-wide and we focused particularly on integrated

graphics. Now, some of our latest Macs include high performance integrated graphics where

the CPU is combined on the same die with the GPU and sharing the same system memory. Now

in the past, OS X allocated a static amount of memory set aside for graphics. But Mavericks

is much smarter. If you're running a task that needs lots of memory but doesn't need

much graphics, Mavericks can allocate just a little bit to graphics. But if you're doing

something graphics-intensive like playing many streams of high resolution video, Mavericks

can give the graphics subsystem everything it needs. And what this means is high performance

no matter what you're doing. Finally, we brought OpenCL to integrated graphics. Now OpenCL

takes compute-oriented tasks that would normally run on the CPU and instead, takes advantage

of the massive, parallel compute power of the GPU to make them run much faster. And

we see in benchmarks results of up to 1.8x acceleration for these tasks, and sometimes

2x and higher for image-processing tasks. It's really fantastic. Now of course, Mavericks

has many great enhancements for your Mac user experience as well. Things like shared links.

So in Safari, you can discover new links on the web from people you follow on Twitter

and LinkedIn. We've enhanced notifications so now you can respond in a notification right

there while staying in the app that you're already in. In the Finder, we now have tags.

It's a great way to organize files no matter where they are, whether on your Mac or in

iCloud. And we made big improvements to our handling for multiple displays so you can

take an app full screen on any display and get at your dock and menu bar just like it's

your primary display no matter which display you're using. We've also brought some great

new apps to the Mac as well. We have a fantastic new Maps app. It's a native app, high performance,

Multi-Touch gestures, turn by--or driving directions, and flyover looks great on your

big Mac display. We've also brought iBooks to the Mac. You have your whole book library

there and your iBooks textbooks as well. But of course, the best way to appreciate and

experience Mavericks is with a demo, excuse me, and I'd like to give one to you right

now. All right, let's take a look here at Mavericks. And of course, the Mac has no equal

when it comes to a tool for getting projects done. I'm going to work on a project right

here and open up pages, and open up a document for "Mission to Mars." And what's really great

now in Mavericks is I also have access right here on my Mac to iBooks. So I have my book

library here, I can open one of my books, this is a textbook on Mars. Of course, you

see these beautiful interactive textbooks. I can just use Multi-Touch gestures to move

between the pages of a chapter just like this. Of course, they're these great interactives.

There's a video here I can play.

>> 3, 2, 1 start, 0 and lift off. The Atlas V .

It's really, really nice. It's a great way to learn but it's also a great way to

work. So if I have a quote for instance that I want to move into a report that I'm writing,

it's a citation, you can just click, drag that quote right into my document just like

that, and now, it's much easier to organize my content as well with tags. So you see here,

I have the contents in my documents folder. It's a lot in here. But I've been able to

categorize my topic with tags. So if I want to see on my content related to Mars, I could

just access it right here. So I'll drag an image out that I want to add to my document

just like this. That looks pretty good. And tagging your own document is really easy as

well. I can just click here on the title bar and add a tag. As you can see, I can select

from any tags I've already created like Mars. And I can also tag a single document with

multiple tags. So, this one also has to do with school. I'll tag it just like that. And

you'll notice, it appears here under Mars as well as under school. Now, Mavericks is

also really great for keeping track of what's going on even when I'm working. So for instance,

if a notification comes in, like this, let's see. Oh, yup, I can actually respond right

here to my wife. Let's see. OK, well, let's see, Phil is my fashion guru. So you can just

respond right there. It's really convenient.

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Now, we support a new kind of notifications in Mavericks as well which is website notifications.

If I've signed up for a particular site, I can see a notification like this. Here, we'd

see Major League Baseball sent me a notification. Zoom back out here, you can see, I get a story

right here. I can read it like this. I have another notification from a website, this

one for an item I'm following on Gilt. Get a notification. It's available. That looks

really like just what I need. So, I can buy it right now. And what's great is with iCloud

keychain in Mavericks, my passwords are synced across all my devices so I can log right in

without having to remember or type my password. And that also works for entering my payment

information. Just click here into the card number field, my credit cards are listed,

you want to write down that number right now, and along with my expiration date. But you

don't have my security code. I have to enter that in manually for extra security. Now,

while we're here in Safari, let's take a look at our great new top sites view. And on the

left here, you see shared links. So I can click to view an article. Here's a nice one

about Apple's new campus. I for one look forward to working in outer space. So I can gesture

back right to my list and do searches. So for instance, I can search for stories shared

that have Mars in it, I can click in like this. And we have a great new reader view

as well. It looks really nice. And as I scroll through the articles with Safari's accelerated

scrolling, I can go right from the end of one article right into the next just continuously.

It's really just a fantastic way to read. As you can imagine, this is about a good time

for another notification. Here's one right here for my friend Mina who's just in town

and she wants to apparently meet at Coit Tower. Now with data detectors, I can actually just

click on this and get a view right of the time and appointment. But what's great is

when I go into our great new Calendar app, you notice it's also extracted the location.

It's even shown me a map of that location and the weather expected for that time. And

because Calendar is completely location aware, it also knows where my previous appointment

is and it can actually let me know how long it will take to travel from one spot to the

other. I can drive or walk. It looks like it's going to be a nice day, so I'll go ahead

and walk. You notice it marks out the travel time right here on my calendar. I can ask

to be alerted on my phone and computer when I need to leave. Now I'm just going to click

right into this map, be taken into a great Maps app. So of course we have Multi-Touch

gestures. We see Coit Tower here. I can zoom. I can pan the map around like this. And we

have a satellite view with of course flyover, and it just looks gorgeous. Looking into the

city here, you can see the route that I can travel up the Coit Tower. And when I'm ready

to go, I can just go right up here to the Share menu and send it to my iPhone where

it appears on my lock screen. I can swipe right in to turn by turn directions from my

route. So that's a quick demo of Mavericks.

[ Applause ]

So that's Mavericks. It's a fantastic release that extends your battery life, gets more

out of your memory, accelerates your graphics, has great features across the system and some

really fun new apps. But, you know, for those of us that work on Mavericks, what's most

important to us is seeing the software in the hands of as many Mac users as possible.

We want to get them all the latest technologies, the most innovative features and the kind

of robust security that's only possible through deep and infrastructural enhancements. And

so in the last--for the last several years, we've been on a mission. We've reengineered

our development process so we can put out regular major releases that renew your Mac

all the time and we've reinvent--reinvented the way we distribute OS X. So now, upgrading

your OS is as easy as downloading an app from the Mac App Store. Today, we're going to revolutionize

pricing because the days of spending hundreds of dollars to get the most out of your computer

are gone. Today, we announce a new era for the Mac because today we're announcing that

Mavericks is free.

[ Applause ]

Free is good. So we're doing free in not a small way, whether you have our latest release

Free is good. So we're doing free in not a small way, whether you have our latest release

Mountain Lion or even if you never upgraded and you're still running Lion or if you're

a complete laggard and you're still back on Snow Leopard. In a single step update, you

can get to Mavericks. And we wanted this to run on as many Macs as possible. So whether

you have a Mac Mini introduced in 2009 or even an iMac introduced way back in 2007,

you're entitled to Mavericks. And again, it's available for free. And the best part, it's

available today. Go out and get it.

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Thank you very much. I'd like to hand it over now to Phil to tell you a little bit about

the MacBook. Thanks.

>> Thank you, Craig.

[ Applause ]

Well good morning everyone. I have the great pleasure to talk to you about MacBook. The

MacBook lineup is the best lineup of notebooks we have ever had. As you know this summer

at our Developer Conference we introduced an entire new generation of MacBook Air and

it's the best we have ever made, faster with incredible all-day battery life. Customers

have really fallen love with them. And the reviewers have been, well, just remarkable.

Wired wrote, the 13-inch MacBook Air is as close to perfection as a consumer notebook

gets. It doesn't get better than that. Well, unless you wrote this, the greatest laptop

ever made. Or this, Mind. Blown. Poof. Imagine it. It is safe to say that the MacBook Air

may be the best reviewed Mac we have ever made. And today we're happy to now turn our

attention to MacBook Pro. As you know, the MacBook Pro is the first personal computer

with a Retina display, a display with the pixel so small that in normal working distance,

your eye can't discern them and the images are gorgeous. And now we've brought out both

a 13-inch and a 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro, and both are having major updates today.

First let's start with the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It is an incredible machine, and now

it is even lighter under three and a half pounds just 3.46 pounds. And the new 13-inch

MacBook Pro is thinner as well, just 0.71 inches thin. It's beautiful and thin and light

and it's incredibly fast, too. New 13-inch MacBook Pro is powered by an Intel Haswell

chip. This is a fourth generation dual core chip and that chip includes Intel Iris graphics,

integrated graphics that are even faster. In fact, they're up to 90 percent faster than

the previous generation for faster performance, faster graphics, and it gets better battery

life too, now up to 9 hours of battery life for all the things you love to do, reading

your mails, surfing the web, doing productivity and even watching movies that you've downloaded

from iTunes. So if you're a fan of the "Black Knight" as I am, you can watch the entire

trilogy on one charge. Yes.

[ Applause ]

If you're a closet Batman fan, you don't have to hide it. It's faster too in terms of the

Flash storage, PCIe-based Flash that's 60 percent faster than the previous generation.

Wi-Fi is faster too. It has 802.11ac that delivers up to three times the performance

over 802.11n at similar distances. And expansion is faster too with the new Thunderbolt 2.

It's up to twice as fast as the previous generation Thunderbolt. And all this performance and

battery life comes in a brand new MacBook Pro that's running Mavericks. Craig just told

you all about the incredible features and performance of Mavericks and the work of hardware

and software together to deliver an incredible notebook experience. The previous generation

13-inch MacBook Pro started at $1499. We're really happy to tell you today that this new

13-inch MacBook Pro starts at just $1299.

[ Applause ]

That's for a configuration with a 13-inch Retina display, 2.4 gigahertz dual core i5.

Four gigs of memory, Iris graphics and 128 gigabyte storage. And best of all it starts

shipping today. Next. Yup. Thank you.

[ Applause ]

Next, let's talk about the 15-inch MacBook Pro. This all new generation MacBook Pro is

powered by an Intel Crystalwell chip. This is the fourth generation quad core processor.

It includes Iris Pro graphics. Now this is integrated graphics that for many tasks over

the same performance has discrete graphics but it does it at a quarter less power. And

for those who do want discrete graphics, there are models with the new GeForce GT 7850M,

and this is a graphics power with two gigs of video memory twice as much as before. So

again, faster processing, faster graphics and longer battery life as well, up to eight

hours of battery life. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro also includes the faster PCIe-based Flash.

It also includes the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It also includes new Thunderbolt 2 storage.

So it's just better across the entire system. And of course it comes with the OS X Mavericks.

And the previous generation 15-inch MacBook Pro started at $2199. You can guess what's

coming. The new MacBook Pro now starts at just $1999.

[ Applause ]

That's where configuration with a 15-inch Retina display, 2 gigahertz quad core i7,

8 gigs of memory, Iris Pro graphics and a quarter terabyte of Flash storage. And best

of all, it's also shipping today.

[ Applause ]

As you know, we work really hard to make all of our products environmentally friendly and

these are both as well. Energy Star 6, EPEAT Gold, arsenic-free display, mercury-free display,

BFR free, PVC free and highly recyclable, with all that beautiful aluminum and glass.

So this is our notebook lineup, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with a Retina display, two displays

sizes on each, 11 inch and 13 on Air, 13 and 15 on MacBook Pro starting at just $999. So

by far, the best lineup we've ever had in incredible upgrades across the whole line.

And that's our news for MacBook today.

[ Applause ]

Next, we'd like to tell you about Mac Pro. Somebody was hoping we would.

[ Laughter ]

Mac Pro, as you know, we gave a sneak peek at our Developer Conference this June. And

it's not a stretch to say people have been blown away by this incredible new design.

It's anodized aluminum enclosure with diamond cut chamfered edges, so many innovations like

the cooling system that is a single fan. The previous generation had eight fans in it,

where the innovation of the unified thermal core at its center. It is a computer that

packs an incredible amount of power into something that's 1/8 the volume of the previous generation.

That's simply remarkable. It is our vision, the future of the Pro desktop. And today we'd

like to tell you even more about it. So inside this new generation Mac Pro is the fastest

processor we've ever put in a Mac, a new generation Intel Xeon E5, comes in 4, 6, 8, or 12 core

designs, 30 megabyte L3 caches, super-fast buses at PCI Express generation 3 bus.

Inside it is the fastest memory we have ever put in a Mac, 1866 megahertz, DDR3 ECC memory

on a broad 4-channel controller, massive bandwidth and up to 64 gigabytes inside. Probably one

of the most remarkable things about this machine, the team set a goal to have a breakthrough

in graphics. It's the first Mac that come standard with dual workstation graphics, AMD

FirePro D300, D500 or D700 graphics, fast buses, huge amount of VRAM up to 12 gigabytes,

over half a terabyte of bandwidth to it and up to 7 teraflops of compute power. That's

power that can be used both for graphics as well as for compute-intensive tasks using

the open CL technology that Craig mentioned earlier. Storage inside is all flash based.

Simply put, you cannot put a hard drive in anymore that's as fast as this flash. This

PCI-based generation of flash is 10 times faster than a hard drive if we put one in.

1.2 gigabyte per second reads, a gigabyte per second writes, up to a terabyte of flash

storage. It's an incredible storage system. If you want to expand it, while external expansion

begins with Thunderbolt 2, you can add expansion chassis, storage arrays and so much more.

That's massive throughput, you can bond them together with channel bonding and up to six

devices per port. And this is the heart of being able to create a true next generation

video work through model with a desktop computer, 4K video, 16 times the pixels of 1080 HD video.

You can have up to two displays plus a third HDMI display for broadcast monitoring. There's

never been a system that can do what the Mac Pro will be able to do for 4K video. Expansion,

it has a really cool feature. When you move it, there's a motion controller. And the I/O

illuminates to show your way. And there's a lot of great I/O, dual audio out, four USB3,

six Thunderbolt 2, dual gigabit ethernet, HDMI, the new generation HDMI up to 4K, Bluetooth

4.0, 802.11 AC. This is packed and built for expansion. Now we have amazing customers and

we've built this so that they can do things that we can't imagine. And we've been dying

to get a few of them an early look at it and their hands on it and so they could tell

us all what they think of this new Mac Pro. I just want to tell you about three examples.

First, video editing, we have a new generation version of Final Cut Pro X designed to take

advantage of this new Mac Pro. We put one in the hands of Dean Devlin, filmmaker, you

may know of him from "Independence Day", "The Patriot", and "Leverage". He got the chance

to use the new Mac Pro and what did he have to say about it? "The Mac Pro makes real time

4K video editing a reality. It's more powerful than I ever imagined and will change the way

I make movies." Photography, a new version of Aperture designed to take advantage of

the throughput of this incredible Mac Pro. Put one in the hands of Lucas Gilman, you

may know him, he's an amazing photographer, works for Sports Illustrated and National

Geographic. Here's what Lucas have to say, "The new Mac Pro cuts my editing time exponentially

giving me more time in the field shooting which is where I need to be." Last, music,

love this shot, it's so cool. Who doesn't want to be sitting next to that, Mac Pro.

[ Laughter ]

We gave one to Stuart Price, music producer for no one less than Lady Gaga, Madonna, and

The Killers, here's what Stuart had to say about it, "The new Mac Pro is blazing fast

and shockingly quiet. You have to not hear it to believe it. This is the perfect computer

for the recording studio." They seemed pretty excited. And we can't wait to get this in

the hands of more customers so they can show us what they can do with it. So the new Mac

Pro will cost $2,999 and that's with configuration with the 3.7 gigahertz quad-core Xeon,

12 gigabytes of ultra-fast DRAM, dual FirePro D300s with 2 gigs of video memory each and

a quarter terabyte of high speed SSD. Now, if you know what D300s costs and that high

speed flash, you're actually super impressed with this pricing.

[ Laughter ]

It would be available before the end of the year. Like all of our products, we're making

it environmentally friendly. For a Pro desktop, it's Energy Star 6, EPEAT Gold, BFR free,

PVC free and highly recyclable, so recyclable that I'm sure if you don't want one, someone

else will die to get their hands on it.

[ Laughter ]

It's also energy efficient. It's up to 70 percent less energy consumption than the previous

Mac Pro. And this chart proves it. If you look at even sitting at idle consumes just

43 watts compared to that the previous generation Mac Pro. It's incredibly quiet too. This is

really amazing. The new Mac Pro just puts out 12 decibels at idle. The team hit their

goal. They set a goal to make it no louder than a Mac Mini sitting on your desk. That's

astonishing for this kind of performance. The Mac Pro is an amazing new generation desktop

for pros and all of us and we're really proud that it's designed by an incredible team at

Apple in California. It is going to be assembled here in the U.S. In fact, there have been

over 2,000 people spread across 20 states helping us to prepare to build this incredible

new machine. And it's built with technologies and processes unlike anything we've ever done.

We've created a brief video to give you a peek inside what's it's like to create the

new Mac Pro.

[ Pause ]

[ Music ]

>> At Apple, manufacturing and design are inextricably linked. To make a product this

advanced as the Mac Pro. We had to pioneer entirely new processes. The end result is

a computer unlike any we've ever built. It's pretty amazing to see it all come together.

[ Music ]

[ Applause ]

So that's the new Mac Pro and that's our news today for Mac Hardware, the all new generation

MacBook Pro and the upcoming Mac Pro. Next, I'd like to turn it over to Eddy Cue.

[ Applause ]

>> Thanks Phil.

[ Applause ]

It's great to be here this morning to talk about apps. Our apps teams have been busy

updating both our creativity and productivity apps and these are the biggest updates ever.

So let's get started with iLife. This is the amazing apps that let you do great things

with your movies, your music, and your photos. And we've got brand new versions of iPhoto,

iMovie and GarageBand, all redesigned to take advantage of iOS7. And we've got brand new

versions for the Mac. Designed to harness the power of Mavericks. They're all 64 bit

you get fast performance and of course, they're integrative with iCloud. And we don't have

time to go through all of the new features, but I want to highlight just a few. Let's

take a look at iPhoto. Browsing your photos has never been faster or smoother than now,

thanks to 64 bits. And if you've got iOS, iPhoto has got a brand new look, it's clean,

it's beautiful, it's a great way to enjoy your favorite photos and albums. Now, photo

books have been hugely popular, but they've only been available on the Mac. Well now,

we're bringing it to iPad. And with iPhoto, it lays out your book and with Multi-Touch,

you can easily move your photos around or change the pages to make them look exactly

like you want. It then uploads it to Apple, we print it and we send you a beautiful coffee

table book right to your home and all of this right on your iPad. So a great update to iPhoto

for both Mac and iOS.

[ Applause ]

And we've got an amazing new version of iMovie with a ton of cool new features. We've completely

redesigned it, making it cleaner, simpler for iOS7 making it easy to browse and share

your videos with your family and friends. You don't need to create a project, you don't

need to edit, you can just select and tap share. But of course, iMovie lets you take

your videos and create incredible movies and we are bringing desktop class effects that

let you speed up or change the speed of the video to picture and picture all on an iPhone

or an iPad. On the Mac, we have a new design, makes it even better to browse your library

and share your favorite moments and of course, it's really easy to speed up or slow the video

which is great for the high frame rate video that you capture on your iPhone 5s.

[ Applause ]

We've got new cool feature called iMovie Theater. And this is like having a private screening

room right in iMovie. It takes all of your movies, your trailers and your shared clips

and puts them in a single place for you to see. And because it's integrated with iCloud,

when you create a movie on your iPhone, it's automatically available across all of your

devices. And of course, even on Apple TV. Next, GarageBand. This is the most popular

music creation app in the world and like iPhoto and iMovie, it's getting an all-new look for

iOS7. We're going from eight tracks to 16 tracks. And if you have a 64 bit device, you

can now do up to 32 tracks of music. So 32 tracks on an iPhone or iPad, it's incredible.

Your favorite album was probably created in 24 tracks. On the Mac, we've got a new look,

new design and a new sound library that gives something for everyone whether you play the

keyboard or need a killer guitar amp. There's one cool feature that I'd like to show you

right now and I'd like to bring up Zander Zon up to show you.

>> [Background Applause] Thanks Eddy. Good morning everyone. I'm just thrilled to be

able to show you the brand new GarageBand. Now, thanks to iCloud support, you can start

a song on your Mac or even your iPhone or iPad and you'll always have access to the

latest version. So, here we have a little song idea and it's built around a guitar riff.

Why don't we open it up from iCloud and let's give it a listen.

[ Music ]

OK, I think that has some promise. What would make it a lot more exciting is some killer

drums. Now, there's a great feature in GarageBand called Drummer and it gives you a virtual

session player that will play along with your songs but takes your direction. And it's really

fun and really easy to use. To use Drummer, you just go and create a new track and in

addition to all the apps as you've had before in GarageBand like your software instruments,

audio recordings, guitar amps, now you can create a Drummer track. And when I do that,

it starts me off with Kyle along with a set of these performance controls that's going

to let me tell and shape Kyle what--you know, what I wanted him to play. So the next time

I hit the spacebar, Kyle is going to start jamming along with the song until I tell him

to do something different. So, let's check this out.

[ Music ]

[Background Music] So that's a little tame. Why don't we grab this puck here and you increase

the energy and complexity. OK, that's more I like it. And we can change the drum that

he plays on. You can have him go to the toms or have them hit the crash cymbals. We can

even crank up the fills for a really big finish. OK, that's more rock and roll, sounds way

better. All right.

[ Applause ]

So you probably noticed it sounds incredibly realistic because Drummer is powered by performances

of some of the best session players in the world. So, these are the same musicians that

play with artists like Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and Adele. And if you ever want

a different sound or a different style, you can just try out a different Drummer. Now,

every new Mac comes with GarageBand and a great set of starter content including Kyle

and you can add 14 more drummers and a whole bunch of loops and instruments with a single

In-App Purchase. So, what I'll do here is change to alternative and you can see that

we've got Nicki and Aiden, let's check out Gavin and see what he brings to the song.

[ Music ]

Brings a whole different approach to the track.

[ Music ]

So you just play along until you find a drum groove that inspires you. So, that's just

a quick look at Drummer, it's one of the many new features in GarageBand and musicians are

going to love having these great drum grooves to play along with. Thank you.

[ Applause ]

That's good, Eddy.

>> Thanks Zander. That was awesome. I love GarageBand. So Drummer, just one of the hundreds

of new features available in the new iLife. So, amazing new versions for iOS, new versions

for the Mac and best of all, we're making them all free with the purchase of any new

Mac or iOS device.

[ Applause ]

And these updates are all available today.

[ Applause ]

And that's iLife. We can't wait to see the amazing things that you're going to do with

it. Now, our iWork's team has been hard at work at updating all of our productivity apps.

Pages, Numbers and Keynotes have all been redesigned to take full advantage of iOS 7.

And on the Mac, we've completely rewritten them from the ground up, all brand new, the

biggest updates of iWork ever, it's going to be great. The first thing is, we've got

full file compatibility. So now, you can open a document on any of your devices or any of

your platforms. Full file compatibility in iWork and because it's 64 bit, it's never

been faster. Now, you're also going to notice a brand new UI and the best part of this is

it's easier to do things while at the same time being more powerful. So let's take a

look at Pages for example. So, I'm editing a document in Pages, the keyboard comes up.

Now, I get a new tool across the top that makes it easy for me to tap and just change

the format of the text. On the Mac, we've got a new format panel on the right hand side

that's content sensitive. So, it shows you the right tool based on what you're doing.

So, let's say for example, I select some text; the panel on the side now lets me change the

style, the font. If I change and now select an image, the panel switches and now I can

change the arrangement, change the border. What's great about this is we're not cluttering

the screens with a lot of controls like you see in other apps. We let you focus on the

content you're creating. Numbers, we reinvented spreadsheets with Numbers and they're getting

even better. You can create gorgeous spreadsheets with our three object-based design. And of

course, they can have beautiful charts. But what's great is these charts can now be interactive.

So you can see how you're expenses are changing on a quarter by quarter basis. So a great

update to Numbers. Next, Keynote, the gold standard of presentation house. And we've

got some incredible new effects and animations. Some of you may have noticed some this morning

because we've actually been running the new Keynote in this presentation.

[ Applause ]

We've added object-based animation so that you can do things like this, write on an iPhone

or iPad. And all of the transitions have been updated with more realistic physics and we've

got new ones. They're great. And best of all, they're even fun. No one lets you do what

you can do with Keynote in any other app. And there's one more feature that I'd like

to show you. And I'd like to invite Roger Rosner up.

[ Applause ]

>> Thank you Eddy. Good morning. I'm super excited to show you folks the new iWork. So

imagine I've been working on a poster for Eddy's new album. You can fire up Pages here.

Open up this gorgeous poster.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

We're just getting started. It gets better. What I love about these apps. They are the

most powerful iWork apps we've ever made, but they're also the easiest to use. So I

can click on an object and you see my Format panel, it updates and it gives me just the

controls I need for that particular object. We have also styles now for every kind of

objects. So I can just click there, select some text, to choose a style. Really easy

to make my document [laughter] look just the way I want. And of course it wouldn't be Pages

if it didn't have awesome image handling. So I'm just going to drag in an even better


[ Laughter ]

>> You know Roger, I was going to wear that shirt today. Almost.

>> Another really great feature we have is we've made it super easy to share documents

with people. So I can click the Share button here in the Toolbar and we see a new menu,

"Share link via iCloud." And I'm going to choose to email. And what it's done is created

an email message for me and it just put a link to that document, right in the body.

I'm going to send it here to Eddy. What's really cool is when Eddy gets that link, he

can just click on it and the document opens right up in iWork for iCloud beta. It can

do it on any computer, a Mac or a PC. He doesn't need Pages installed. He doesn't even need

an iCloud account. It just opens right up. Super easy to share documents. But let me

show something super, super cool, move over to Safari here. You know, we introduced these

iWork for iCloud beta apps just a few months ago and millions of people have tried them

and we've just got an over the charts, off the charts feedback about how great they are.

The number one piece of feedback we got in terms of feature requests was Collaboration.

So, I am really proud to tell you today we are adding Collaboration to iWork for iCloud.

[ Applause ]

So, I just opened to an exact the same document in Pages for iCloud. And here I have a Share

button in the Toolbar. When I click on it, it shows me who's editing this document. Right

now, it's just me. But as soon as Eddy clicks that link I sent him, and there he is. Now,

we're both editing the same document at exactly the same time.

>> I think we can definitely improve this, Roger. Let's go ahead and change the text.

I want to change the--go a little bit more modern here on my name. And let's switch it

down here also.

>> That's looking good Eddy but I actually think we ought to use your stage name.

[ Laughter ]

>> No Roger, you know, I have actually gone back to my third grade stage name.

[ Laughter ]

And let's go ahead. I've got this killer album. And I'm going to go ahead and name it.

[ Laughter ]

>> All right. Well, I have an even better photo on my computer here. I'm just going

to drag it in from the Finder.

[ Laughter ]

And I move this text object up out of the way. What do you think?

>> That's awesome.

>> Thank you. That's the new iWork, the new iWork for iCloud. Thank you very much.

[ Applause ]

>> Wow is all I can say. Collaboration just one of the hundreds of new features available

in the new iLife. So now, you can create your document on your iPad. Edit it on your Mac

and even collaborate with a friend who stuck on a PC. Now others would have you spend a

small fortune every year just to get their apps. But we want to do something bold. Something

that changes the rules of the game and you know what's coming. We're taking all of these

productivity apps and making them available for free with the purchase of Mac and iOS.

[ Applause ]

And of course you can download them today.

[ Applause ]

So brand new versions of iLife, brand new versions of iWork, the biggest updates ever

and all free. And they're joining the more than 20 Apple apps being updated today for

both Mac and iOS. So I hope you can see why today is the biggest day ever for apps. Thank


[ Applause ]

>> Thanks, Eddy.

[ Applause ]

I can't wait to hear the new album.

[ Laughter ]

These are really incredibly rich apps. And we've only scratched the surface and what

you can do with them. So I encourage to check them out. And now they're all free with Mac,

iPad or iPhone. Now, when you combine this announcement, with the announcement that Craig

made earlier, that OS X upgrades are free, we are turning the industry on its ear. But

this is not why we're doing it. We're doing it because we want our customers to have our

latest software and access to the greatest new features. And we think all of our customers

from consumers to educators, to enterprise and small business are going to love this

new experience of owning a Mac or an iOS device. Next stop, iPad. We'd launched the iPad three

and a half years ago with a very clear goal and a very ambitious objective. We called

iPad our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device.

But not everyone saw it this way. Some didn't see the need for it.

Still others didn't think it could compete with the netbook. Who remembers netbooks?

[ Laughter ]

Still others doubted it would have any impact in the industry at all. But--[laughter] But

we've really believed in our vision. And iPad has gone on to become one of the most successful

products in Apple's history and one of the most successful in the industry.

[ Applause ]

And I'm pleased to tell you that earlier this month we sold our 170 millionth iPad.

[ Applause ]

This is an incredible number and I can't think of another product that's come so far, so

fast. Now, everybody seems to be making a tablet, even some of the doubters are now

making them. But regardless of what you might hear or read about how many are bought or

sold or activated, iPad is used more than any of the rest. And not just a little more,

a lot more. iPad is used over four times more than all of those other tablets put together.

And this is what is important to us. Because when you make a great product with the great

experience, this is how you know it, people use it. And what's even more rewarding to

us is that people love it. iPad is rated number one in customer satisfaction and has been

since the inception of the ratings. And the reason is because iPad combines into an incredible

experience. Hardware and amazing software and intuitive services, into an experience

that no one else can match. And iPad has become a great platform for third party developers.

We now have over 475,000 apps on the Apps Store. And these have been custom designed

for iPad, not the stretched out smartphone app that our competitors are doing. No one

else is close to this. But it's not about quantity, it's about quality. iPad offers

amazing ways for you to be creative or productive or educated or entertained wherever you might

go. So when you think about the combination of hardware, software services in this incredible

selection of apps. It's no wonder that iPad has had such a profound experience in such

a short period of time. Tech.pinions called iPad the biggest shift of our generation.

But what's most rewarding and inspiring to us is all of the amazing ways our customers

are using their iPads. We designed iPad to be the best tool for the things that you do

most often. But honestly, we could have never imagined all of the ways that our customers

would be using them. To celebrate our customer's creativity and genius of using their iPads,

we prepared a short video that I'd like to run for you this morning.

[ Mechanical Sounds ]

[ Music & Noises ]

>> Hi five.

>> You need a chicken for table 3?

[ Music & Noises ]

[ Applause ]

It's really an amazing video. And each of those scenes has an amazing story behind it.

We want to help our customers create even more amazing stories. Because we know that

this is just the beginning for iPad. And so we've been busy working on the next generation

of iPad. And to tell you all about it, I'd like to invite Phil back up on stage. Phil?

[ Applause ]

>> Thank you, Tim.

[ Applause ]

iPad is delivering a new vision for mobile computing unlike anything that has come before.

It all began with this amazing 9.7 inch, Multi-Touch display, and the incredible power that enabled

for software. The ability to hold the internet in your hands as you surf the web and do you

email, and make FaceTime calls. And over just three and a half years, the team has been

on a relentless path every year updating it with newer and better versions each delivering

further on this incredible vision of mobile computing. It's quite remarkable what they've

done. And today we think we have the biggest step yet in delivering the vision that is

iPad. We'd really love to show it to you right now.

[ Music ]

>> Vision iPad thinner, lighter more powerful than ever before and incredibly excitingly

new in so many ways that it deserves a new name.

[ Pause ]

[ Applause ]

We call it--

[ Applause ]

Yes, we call it iPad Air. That begins with that 9.7 inch Retina display. As you look

close you see that the bezel around it is smaller than ever, dramatically so. Let's

bring the previous generation in next to it. So you can see the bezel is 43 percent thinner

than the previous version making it more comfortable to hold in your hand. When you look at it

from the side, see how amazingly thin it is. Again, let's bring in the previous generation

next to it. It's dramatically thinner. Just 7.5 millimeters thin. That's 20 percent thinner

across the entire device. And to make an iPad this thin took a huge amount of work over

years. The team has just been remarkable in finding every tenth and hundredth of a millimeter,

from every level of the system, from the bezel to the Multi-Touch surface, to the display

and battery, and enclosure, shaving every hundredth of millimeter. And the benefits

are not only making it thin but lighter, too. The previous iPad weighed 1.4 pounds. The

new iPad Air weighs just 1 pound.

[ Applause ]

That makes it the lightest full-sized tablet in the world. The smaller bezel, lighter feel,

when you hold it, it will be a dramatically different experience than the previous iPad.

In fact, this happens every now and then. We have an Apple product that we introduce

where all the words and pictures don't quite do justice to how amazing it is. Until the

moment you pick it up the first time and feel it for yourself. And when you get to do that,

you'll understand why we are so excited about this iPad Air. Now what's inside is just as

amazing as what's outside, 'cause inside is the brand new Apple A7 chip that we just launched

with the iPhone 5s. And it's blown everything away in performance. In fact, Gizmodo wrote,

"Forget the specs, it blows everything away." And it does. It's a 64-bit desktop class architecture

in the palm of your hands. It's an amazing chip with over a billion transistors. We also

included the new M7 motion coprocessor as well. And the CPU performance is twice the

previous generation. And the graphics performance is double as well. We've charted that performance

over time. You can see from the original iPad which started with the very fast chip to begin

with as you may recall. And now we're up to eight times faster, half of that performance

coming now with iPad Air. In graphics performance, look at this increase, 72 times faster than

the original iPad.

[ Applause ]

Again, half of that coming with the new iPad Air. And you're going to feel that across

so many of the things you use, playing games, a two-fold increase, the ability to do great

3D rendering. Professional applications, we're opening large files and doing complex operations

can be up to twice as fast. This is a screaming fast iPad. It's faster at Wi-Fi, too. For

the first time, we use MIMO technology in an iPad. That gives multiple antennas. So

it can get up to twice as fast 80211n performance as before. We've also expanded the ability

to have broadband wireless access in more places around the world with expanded LTE

coverage with more and more carriers. And throughout the entire product, just all of

the things that make a great iPad experience. A 5 megapixel iSight camera that also captures

HD video. The new Front Facing FaceTime camera with better low light illumination. And for

the first time, dual microphones for better audio capture, as well as Siri voice recognition.

All these performance, this thinner and lighter design and it still delivers amazing all-day

10-hour battery life that our customers love. The new iPad Air comes in silver and white,

and space grey and black. And like all of our products, it's made incredibly environmentally-friendly.

The new iPad Air will replace our top of the line full-size iPad start at the same just

$499 for 16 gig Wi-Fi config; and with cellular technology, $629. And we have an iPad 2, it's

available at $399. We're going to keep that there because there are a lot of customers

that like getting access to a full-size iPad at just $399. So this is our full-size lineup,

iPad 2 at $399, iPad Air at $499. iPad Air will start shipping very shortly, November

1st in a huge list of countries around the world. You'll notice one country for the first

time on our wave one is China, will get the new iPad Air with Wi-Fi right at the start

with the rest of these countries. This is our--probably the biggest leap forward ever

in a full-size iPad. We have a video to tell you a little bit more about it.

[ Pause ]

[ Music ]

>> We're often faced with a paradox to meet design, to make products smaller and lighter

while at the same time more powerful. The more we reduce a product's physical volume,

the more difficult it becomes to increase its power and maintain its battery life. But

if we can overcome these challenges, we can make something without compromising. iPad

Air is just 7.5 millimeters thin and weighs only 1 pound. We actually started work on

this product years ago. Designing and engineering the primary technologies that would be necessary

to make it. The new A7 chip is incredibly powerful. And also very power efficient. Because

of this efficiency, the battery could get smaller yet critically without any loss in

battery life. And of course, by reducing the battery size, the product became significantly

lighter. We reduced the dimensions of the bezel with less mass. The iPad S still retains

its structural rigidity. There's a simplicity to it, but there's nothing precious about

it. This integrity, this durability inspires confidence in a product that's meant to be

taken places, handled, and really used.

[ Music ]

>> With the iPad, we set out to redefine mobile computing. Up until now, 64-bit architecture

is something you'd normally only find in desktop computers. The new Apple-designed A7 chip

brings 64-bit technology. All of its advanced computing graphics to this ultra-portable,

1 pound device. But even with all of this added processing power, iPad Air still has

an impressive 10-hour battery life. iPad Air is the first iOS device to support MIMO, or

Multiple-In, Multiple-out. It actually delivers twice the data transfer rate as the previous

generation. And the support for more LTE bands than on any other tablet because with a device

this thin and powerful, you will want to take it anywhere and always stay connected.

We've also improved the FaceTime and iSight cameras adding new processors and sensors, so you

get much clearer, sharper images and video. iOS 7 is essential to the iPad experience.

It's at the core of everything you do with iPad Air. And we're now making iMovie, iPhoto,

GarageBand, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers available for free because we believe that with these

amazing apps on this amazing device, possibilities of what you can create are limitless.

>> The iPad has always been a tool defined by the ways people actually use it. The iPad Air

is so capable and powerful. And yet, with its breakthrough size and weight, it's the

thinnest, lightest, and also the most advanced iPad we've ever built.

[ Music ]

[ Applause ]

>> So this is the all new generation of iPad Air. Next, let's talk about iPad Mini.

iPad Mini has been a big hit with customers because it delivers the complete iPad experience in

an even smaller design, 7.9 inch. It lets you do all the things that you would love to do

with iPad, to surf the web, do your email, make FaceTime calls, read books, watch movies,

and use all of hundreds of thousands of applications. Customers love the complete iPad experience

the iPad Mini delivers. The one most requested feature to add to iPad Mini is a beautiful

Retina display and that's what we're going to do today.

[ Applause ]

3 The 7.9 inch Retina display, that's 2048 by 1536 pixels, the same number of pixels

as in iPad Air so it runs all the same software. When you use it for everything you do from

looking at photos, the pixels are so small that you can't see the individual ones at

a normal distance. Or text as sharp as the finest printed newspaper or magazine, the

experience is just amazing. And the new iPad Mini with Retina display is also powered

by this brand new A7 chip with its 64-bit architecture. This delivers a huge jump in performance for

iPad Mini up to four times faster at CPU tasks and up to eight times faster a graphics tasks.

You're going to feel performance across everything you do that's so fast. And still that great

all day 10-hour battery life. The iPad Mini with Retina display also gets the new two

times faster Wi-Fi with MIMO antennas. It gets the expanded LTE support for more carriers

around the world. It has everything you love about iPad, a 5 mega pixel iSight camera,

the new FaceTime HD camera. It comes in silver and white, and space gray and black.

And the new iPad Mini with Retina display would be priced at just $399, that's for 16 gigs

with Wi-Fi, and $529 with cellular technology. It'd be available later in November, and we're

going to keep the original iPad Mini on the line as well because as you know it starts

at just $329. But what we're going to do is at the same time lower the price of that iPad

Mini to just $299.

[ Applause ]

So that's the lowest price yet for an iPad giving you a full iPad experience for under

$300. And so here's what our lineup look like going into the holidays. You have iPad Mini

starting at $299, iPad Mini with Retina display at $399, the full size iPad 2 at $399, and

the brand new iPad Air at $499. Just incredible lineup unlike anyone else has in the industry,

something amazing in every price point. Now, in addition to that customers love protecting

their iPad with covers and cases, so we have new ones of those, too. The brand new iPad

cover made of polyurethane it works for both the iPad Mini and the new iPad Air comes in

these beautiful colors for just $39 each. And there's the iPad case that protects the

front and the back with a beautiful leather case and these amazing colors at $79 on iPad

Air and just $69 for iPad Mini. And both the cover and the case come in gorgeous

product (red) versions as well.

[ Applause ]

So that is the new iPad Mini with its Retina display and the all new generation iPad Air.

Now let me turn it back to Tim.

[ Applause ]

>> Thanks Phil.

[ Applause ]

It's been an incredible period for innovation in new products. Just in the last few weeks,

we've had our largest iPhone launch ever with the colorful iPhone 5c and the Forward Thinking

iPhone 5s. These are the best smartphones in the market. And we launched iOS 7, the

biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone with its bold new design and great new features.

And just today, the new MacBook Pros with stunning Retina displays, and incredible battery

performance. And the Mac Pro jaw-dropping, radical, it's the most powerful Mac we've

ever shipped and the future of our Pro Desktop. And of course all of our Macs have run with

OS X Mavericks, the most advanced desktop operating system. We also announced new versions

of iWork and iLife for both OS X and iOS. And we couldn't be prouder of both new iPads,

the iPad Mini with Retina display and the incredible thin and light iPad Air. We're

so excited about the new iPads that we've made a cool new ad that I'd like to run for

you now on the iPad Air.

[ Pause ]

[ Music ]

>> It's an extremely simple tool, but also extremely powerful. It could be used to start

a poem or finish a symphony. It has transformed the way we work, learn, create, share.

It's used to illustrate things, solve things and think of new things. It's used by scientists

and artists, scholars, and students. It's been to classrooms, board rooms, expeditions,

even to space. And we can't wait to see where you'll take it next.

Introducing the thinner, lighter, more powerful iPad Air.

[ Music ]

[ Applause ]

>> These amazing products are great examples of the type of innovation that only Apple

could deliver. This is what we mean by designed by Apple in California.

Other companies would be incredibly proud to just have one of these products,

but we couldn't be more pleased to be able to present all of them to you in time for the holidays.

I'd like to thank all of the people at Apple that work so hard in bringing all of these products to life.

It's a privilege of a lifetime of work alongside of all of these folks. We have a hands-on

area for the press and I would encourage you to get your hands on these products.

They're fabulous. Thank you for joining us.

[ Applause ]

The Description of Apple Special Event. October 22, 2013.