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So, today we are going to introduce our house

For the first time

You can see there is our new car

And Isabelle's daddy's car

And here is Isabelle

Actually, this village is not too noisy

So, it's good for us


This is our first house

We bought it 7 or 8 months after we moved to America

I was pregnant

And we looked at, like, ten houses

And this is the first one that was a good price

And three-bedroom, and looked comfy

So, we got it.

But, we're going to show you some old pictures

When we bought this house, it was kind of disgusting

But, luckily, this guy fixed it

So, you can see his hard work

I did really... it was hard but

I mean, still I have to do a lot of stuff/things

Yeah, not finished

Not finished

Almost finished

We got the hard stuff done

Okay, let's see inside

That's a nice car

And, I like this big porch



I'm thinking about making a garden here

But it's a lot of work

Come inside


This is "L" because my last name is Lee

Actually, you guys already saw our living room, right?

But this living room used to have so many drawings on the wall


And the floor was gross

And show them the ceiling



It's just white

But, it's really tall (high)

It's like 9 feet (actually more like 16 ft)

It's chandelier

It's just fan

Ceiling fan

I scraped our whole house ceiling

It was popcorn ceiling

It's sort of old-style ceiling

I scraped all of ceiling

Maybe it was a little dangerous because it's so high


Hi, Hello!


Hair is wild

Isabelle, why don't you introduce your house?

Isabelle, introduce our house

Like, here's my toy

There is your toy

Anyway, here is our living room

And here is our wedding picture

And this is our kitchen

This sort of is dining room here, right?

It's small, but it's enough for us

Just the three of us

So, this is our kitchen

When it bought it

It seemed like everything worked, but then everything was broken


I made the first time video here

I made Isabelle's milk here

And this is our refrigerator

This one also broken, but I fixed it

And microwave

Nothing matches

Usually, in American homes, we like to buy matching appliances

But, this house....

Well, the market was really hot

And the price was fairly cheap, so they didn't care about selling it

But if you want to sell for high price, usually you buy new appliances

Yeah, it's good

Yeah, and unfortunately

The water heater broke a month after we moved in

So, Isabelle's daddy had to fix that

My dad found a really cheap one and that was our Christmas present

I guess

And dishwasher machine also broken before

And my friends came here to fix it

He helped. We fixed it.

This room is laundry room

I didn't clean up. I mean, I painted

Because the water heater broke... we had to, there was a wall

Maybe you can see

You can see the edge

And so, we didn't fix the ceiling there

Yeah, I didn't fix here.

So, it's another project

For me

Hold my hand

You can see the original floor here

And all the bathrooms had the same floor

Yeah, and this one is broken, too, now

I have to fix


It's hard owning a house

This room is master bedroom

We call "an-bang"

Do we?

Let's go an-bang

No, it's Korean word



It's a little big too big for us, but it's nice

This room is purple

Because, my wife wanted purple color


It's pretty, no? A little pretty

Yeah, it's good

This furniture came from my mom

She said she didn't need it, so she gave it to us

Good for us

So, we got that, chest of drawers, two side tables

She also gave us those lamps

Where is door handle?

Ta da!

The most important room, our closet

This is Isabelle's daddy and this is Isabelle's mommy

And then we also have a private bathroom

Private bathroom!?

Nice! No kids allowed.

Isabelle, always wants to try to come in here

And touch the toilet

It's pretty nice

Got two sinks

I changed this faucet and the lights

Parents-in-law, they bought for us

And there is still some work to do

Yeah, not 100% finished


This is a present from my mom. It's a real Korean pot.

Yes, it's beautiful

I love it

Oh, there is, looks like Korean stuff

This is from Isabelle's daddy to me

When we were dating

So, do you guys know this one?

Of course, I do

Taegukki (Korean flag name)

We bought this one from Gyeonggu

Yeah, it's a love turtle

See, there are two turtles

They are kissing

And this is American fancy temperature controller

And make air conditioner system

Well, luckily, even though this house is built in, like, 2005

The air conditioning unit is from 2018, I think or 2017

So, it's pretty new

So, you guys maybe already saw this room

I made video

It's not very changed

This one is her birthday dress

Oh, no!

Let's move! Move, move, move!

Here is middle section

You can go to toilet

If you visit us, you can use this toilet

And not our toilet

Isabelle, you can use here

That toilet

Do you know what this guy is?

He must be peed

He wet the bed


Look at this beautiful floor

Yes, somebody worked on it

Also, this one was a little tricky

But, I did it

Isabelle's daddy did all of the floor

Well, he did everything, but the floors were very hard

We spent over $4,000 for the floors

It's bamboo floor

This one is guest room

If you come visit, you can stay here

I'm not going to charge a lot of money

You guys can see outside

How nice?

This one has a big closet

I think it's kind of messy

So, this is my secret room

You can pull

Open the ladder

And we can keep some non-essential things up there

There is the door

Ah, we have a back door. Nice.

And, a week ago, daddy and I fixed this door

Now, it's great

And hopefully this summer we can buy a barbecue

Wow, fabulous

I hope you guys watched Isabelle's daddy's video about him building that shed

If not, you can watch it now

So, that's the one he built and this one came with the house

It's not beautiful, but it was free

Also, I have to paint this one

So, we bought this house a year ago

More than a year ago

And, it was horrible inside

It was dirty and messy

Weird smell

You guys can't imagine

And even if we put some pictures

Maybe we already did

But, it was way worse

Like, the pictures could not show

Anyway, we used some paint to try to cover up any smells


And Isabelle's daddy had to work really hard

On the floor and the ceiling

And just made it look really cute

So, I'm really happy

So, this house was $170,000

Which, maybe was a little bit too much

But, the market was too hot (yeah, so it was crazy, really)

Every time we looked at a house, it was sold within 24 hours

So, we really wanted this house because it was in our price range

And a good size and I liked the location.

It's really close to work

It's close to the highway, close to the grocery store

It's really nice.


If you're a little curious, you have to get a mortgage

So, we had to figure out interest rates.

We had to figure out how much money can we borrow.

It was a little complicated

and he didn't have any credit history in America, so they didn't want to lend him money

But, we got it worked out and our interest rate was ok

I hope you liked our house

Come visit us

Don't come here

Don't come here. Go somewhere cool

Well, just so you guys know, too, this house is kind of just cheap house

This is not a rich person's house

This is not a well-off person's house

This kind of a normal house

Bottom of lower

Kind of bottom, okay, kinda of lower middle class

Or even lower than that

I'm sure around or in the city is more expensive

Yeah, like Seoul

You can choose. You don't have to live in city

It's not necessary

You can enjoy. You can live wherever

you want

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Telling us the cutest part of our house

Maybe none

Or the ugliest part of our house

It's okay

And we'll see you next time


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