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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 햄스터 전용 지하벙커 (Hamster Shelter)

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Please don't try this at home. (Me and my hamsters are professionals.)

I decided to make an underground bunker for hamsters this time!

I designed an underground bunker that can go from the third to the first floor.

(I want to give up already because the scale is too big.)

Start cutting along the floor plan.

The process of making a stair entrance.


The process of making a Conveyor Belt.

Bearings for rollers

Making rollers.

It works well.

(Use colored paper to give black line effect.)

The belt is well made.

It is B3F.

Draw draft and install the tiles.

The empty area is the seat for the column.

Make artificial lighting.

Make artificial lighting so that plants can grow in underground bunkers.

Install the elevator shutoff door using the motor.

It works by pressing a button.


(mistake LOL)

B2F is almost complete when the lights are installed.

And finally, I'll finish the first basement floor.

Start installation!

Detail Up is one of the necessary tasks.

(Some of the making did not come out due to problems with the length of the video.)

B3F is a food storage and a place to grow plants.

Plants are hamsters' favorite broccoli.

B2F is convenient for public baths, health, etc.

B1F has a small BAR and a bedroom.

Finally, it's done!

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Warningexternal life detection

Nana: where is this?

Nana: I don't know where, but it's delicious!

Program: Checking... Please wait a minute.


Nana: hm?

Disinfecting room

detection of external contaminants Test result: failure

Step 1: Dust Removal

Step 2: Eliminate Germs


Commanding Nana

B3F: Food storage and plant storage room

Nana: Is this heaven?

Nana: Oh!

Nana: Why is it so small?

(The canned food must be out of date.)

Nana: !

Nana: It's fresh!

Nana: It is also fresh!

Nana: It is not.

Nana: It is so delicious.

A broccoli connoisseur Nana

Nana: I'm full...

Nana: What is this?

-(I'll open.)


Nana: Wha... What?

Nana: What is this place?

Nana: Sports equipment?

Nana: bathhouse?

Nana: Wait! This feeling is...

Nana: Goooood...

Nana: I love Bunker.

Nana: Where is it?

Nana: I can't find the secret device.

Nana: Here?

Nana: Here?

Nana: This is the last one.

Nana checks carefully in case of emergency.

Nana: No problem!

Nana: Let's Go!

Dummy: Hi Nana~

Nana: Hi~!

Dummy: Hey, you're not allowed in here.

Nana: Ops!

(She doesn't miss the food.)

Nana: lol It's fun

Nana: LOL~

Nana: LOLOL~


Nana: I'll go now~

Nana: I'm tired.

Nana: I need a break.

(She's getting ready to sleep.)

(She looks uncomfortable on the first floor.)

(She falls asleep at once.)

Nana decided to come out to see the situation outside after a long time.

Kkomang: What?

The Description of 햄스터 전용 지하벙커 (Hamster Shelter)