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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kuruluş Osman 10. Bölüm 2. Fragman | Alişar Beyin Ölümü

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Alişar bey Osman from the brain ... Hello, friends. Will Osman be exiled from Oba? How

will Alişar bey die? Who is the commander of the Mongols? Why did the Mongols Alişar

send gold to the gentleman? Why did Dundar bey spin? Will he marry Osman Aygül? The

answer to this and all your questions is in this video. Listen carefully to our analysis

video, where we will open the glaze, without skipping. Our analysis continues to keep at

full speed. Hold on tight and sit back because I will blow you a bomb on the bomb. I will

give you a great hint before how Alişar brain dies. First of all, the Mongolians are coming

right in the middle of the castle of Kayı oba Alişar bey kulucahisar. Worst of all,

they are enemies. It will heat up first and then it will mix well. When we say where to

start, let's start from Aygül first. When Osmandar Bey Osman said Aygül I would like

to give my daughter to you, Osman Bey will answer exactly. Saltuk Alp went inside and

said that he was ambushed that the brain was injured during the day. But even though Saltuk

Alp did not enter, Osman bey Dündar said, "Uncle Aygül is my brother." He would give

an answer like that. In other words, there is no such thing as the marriage of Osman

bey and Aygül being head-to-head. Before the Mongolians sent gold to the alisar gentleman,

Alisar Bey appointed the Ottoman army assistant. Why did Osman want to exile in the trailer?

Because this place is very important. First of all, Dundar bey Osman wants to keep the

gentleman under his control. In time, he gave him the duty of helping him beside the brain

so that he would not face him in the holy race. And if she marries the girl to Aygul,

she won't say ohh Miss Dundar. But Osman Bey will be married to what device. Neither will

he settle for his assistant to keep his uncle under control. Dundar Bey knows how Osman

will be a strong opponent in the future, Osman Bey knows well that the brain is helping to

keep himself under control. But this moment just keeps quietly. However, in the trailer,

Osman removes that he had a brain wheel, and Osman would say he would drive from the camp.

Dundar Bey, who says what we do, is not afraid of anyone other than Allah, who stood at the

end of the 9th episode of Alişar Bey, does not get upset while Alişar Bey pushes and

threatens him. First, Dundar's bravery burns quickly like a flame of straw. It goes off

quickly. We have seen this in previous chapters. But this time the reason for the wheel is

very different. In the trailer, Alişar bey Dündar comes to his brain partner and asks,

"Did you come up in my land?" Not only thanks to Yannis's mute man, Abdul's mute man, he

may have learned that the new alpine distributes gold from the new market, from his own people,

Nizamettin, or from the people, and made sure that they bought gold. Alişar may have ambushed

his brain soldiers and may have learned that alşar may also have learned. Yesterday without

r Bey Alişar wants to drive the gentleman with the pressure of the brain. So what do

we understand here? Alişar bey will be threatening the lord with riding the whole apricot or

getting the head of all of them, so if Dundar is either an obama or Osman, I will choose

an obami. So again, there is a cowardly and courageous Dundar bey. Now let's get to where

the real issue begins. Mr. Alişar Bey Osman is very well-informed. First of all, there

is a power war. He took Sofia in front of the brain. Completely without intelligence.

Bala also knows that he wants to take his chick. In other words, Alişar Bey is also

aware that Osman brain gradually laughs. Now let's come to the conquest of Kulucahisar

Castle. Because Alişar brain death is closely related to Kulucahisar Castle. In my opinion,

Osman bey will conquer the Kulucahisar fortress with 300 Alp with Osman Bey as his alpba,

when the obese of his sister Selcan line arrives. With the conquest of Kulucahisar castle, there

is another market in that region, outside of the new market. Osman Bey will strengthen

it by reviving it. Mr. Alişar will also want to collect tax from there. But in Eskişehir,

which is no longer within the boundary of the germiyanogullari principality, is the

principality of Osmanoğulları, and the kulucahisar fortress and the alşar brain word are not

mentioned. However, as Alişar Bey wants to take tax from these, there will be a little

war with Osman Bey and Osman Bey will kill Alişar. Already in the forthcoming episodes,

when he hears that he has an eye on Bala's line and even wants from the calligrapher,

the gap between the two will be completely disconnected. [04:31, 10.02.2020] Ben Yunus

Çelik: From now on, everything will be played openly, not secrets from the secrets. Osman

Osman Alişar does not want to get Aygül to marry him because he does not want to get

stronger and if he has to take his life in the future. Osman brain has an important saying

in this section. That word, which also indicates the conquest of Kulucahisar fortress, "I will

step into my seal, I will dig my name." Soze is. The fortress of Kulucahisar, which he

calls my seal. With his conquest, it is the principal seal

in his name and the first coin to be made in his name, that is, gold. He will slowly

declare his independence in this way. What a place needs to be a state and a state. Flag

own currency, these are priority things. The thing that broke Osman Bey in Seljuk is that,

as alisar brain says, there is nothing left in Seljuk name in Konya anymore. The Mongols

rule everything and they decide. Why did Alişar send gold to the Mogols? I think that there

will be no rebellion in order to restrain the men under his own principality. But it

can also be for different purposes. Alşar the only problem in the brain would not see

the starboard of Dbzeval. Mr. Alişar wants the supreme one to be stronger than him. Now

I will give you a very important tip. Alişar in his brain mansion "Osman Bey, who says

that I will be with you when going to the bottom of the city walls in the Kulucahisar

fortress, is actually lying there politically. The important thing here is that Mr. Dundar

will behave in such a situation. Yannis says that his daughter Sofia put a man next to

everyone who will put you in danger. Then he must have a man in the apricot. Who do

you think this person is? Please specify in the comments. She is the one who is saying

that we will not give the opportunity to those who are satiated in the territory of the Muslim

land, and that he is the master of the Mongols, literally. We had a traitor spy. Where did

he go? Now that the Mongols have come, Aybüke will reappear. Already Osman was not made

by the order of the brain. The Mongols were sent. Even if Osman Bey cuts the hand of that

commander, even if Commander of the incoming Mongolian unit, Bala is looking at the line,

I think Aybüke will

be released in this section. g Finally, Alişar Bey had called Tekfur Yannis, who he knew,

to the Abdülli mansion. Yannis can reveal his own spy Nizamettin with his own hand.

This can be achieved by self-confidence, which is due to the fact that the brain has gained

full trust and is close to its suspicion, which is already over time, and

that Nizamettin is not far from being exposed. This is a small guess. If 10.000 likes come

to this video, I

will explain the Mongolian commander. Do not forget to like the video, comment and subscribe


the channel. May God be with you. Welcome to see you in the next video.

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