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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Barbecue (BBQ) Ham and Eggs | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.6 S1

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(fire crackling)

(water running)

(birds chirping)

(insects buzzing)


(pen scraping)

- Bugs are just starting up again today.

It was a cool night, down to nine degrees Celsius

or eight degrees, I think, this morning,

so the bugs are very bad early this morning

but now I see the mosquitoes are starting to come out again.

But anyway, you saw my regimen now with the permethrin

and the other measures I take to avoid bugs

but one thing I really haven't tried is

putting more of this cream on that I make.

I'm just wondering, a couple people,

well, lots of good suggestions from people around the world

about what they do to combat fighting insects.

Cali, don't do that for a minute, please.

And some of the suggestions were putting olive oil

and stuff like that on the skin as a barrier.

Since I make this cream and it's animal fat-based,

it's got beeswax and lard

and a bunch of probably what could be considered repellents,

natural repellents, magnesium and things like that,

I'm gonna try this as a barrier.

So I'm gonna spread this all over my face and my neck

and see if that helps

without putting any other bug spray on.

I'll tell you later in the day how it worked out,

especially once the deer flies and mosquitoes get going

later in the day.

Late afternoon.

(water pouring)






(water pouring)


(saw scraping)


(saw scraping)







(fire crackling)


(fire crackling)


(water pouring)


(water pouring)


(fire crackling)

(birds chirping)

Give me five.

Good girl.

Okay, good.

(utensils scraping)


It's eight o'clock,

so Cali's telling me she's ready for bed.

I think I might be pretty soon too.

Doing masonry is not the easiest job

when you're not used to doing it.

Gonna finish up this steak, asparagus, and the chaga tea,

go ahead and wash up, and then maybe read for a little bit.

Go to bed early and get up in the morning

and get back at second column on the stove,

on the countertop pillars.

Okay, Cali, okay.

Gotta make sure I clean up well tonight.

Checked the trail camera yesterday

and down in the valley where I get the water,

there was a wolf one day in the morning.

The prior evening, a bear came walking through.

So gotta make sure that I keep Cali...

She stays indoors every night anyway.

No fear of her running around at night.

But I'll just make sure if she does hear something

and wants to go out, that I don't let her out tonight.

(insects buzzing)

Cali, coming in?

(insects chirping)



(fire crackling)







(fire crackling)


Give me five.

Good girl.






(water pouring)





(fire crackling)

Man, that's nasty weather.

Nice to get it though.

It was starting to get pretty dry around here.

The stream down below's starting

to almost dry up completely.

Thanks for watching that video.

I hope you enjoyed that one.

Make sure you tune in next Friday.

I'll be continuing with the kitchen

and also have cleared a little spot beside the cabin

that I haven't shown you yet

that's going to allow me to plant a little vegetable garden.

So hopefully I get to that this week as well,

I don't see why I won't.

So a couple other things.

Underneath this raincoat, I'm wearing the Cabin Life shirt.

You've seen me wear this many, many times

over the last several months

and so many of you have been asking for them.

This week, we finally came up with a temporary solution

for shipping worldwide.

So if you click on the description below

or you go to my Facebook page or Instagram page,

you'll see links or see videos

of me talking about the shirts

and you can go there and order.

It's 100% cotton T-shirt.

There's short sleeve, long sleeve.

There's mugs and there's carrying totes.

Oh, and there's a pullover.

It's actually, I had to order a couple for my daughters,

so you can get those in any sizes,

right from small for kids all the way up to triple

or quadruple X I guess they go up to.

So if you're interested in that, click on the link below.

That's probably gonna be the easiest path to the shirts.

So another thing I just wanted to talk about

very, very quickly, I guess, is self-reliance

and what that does mean to me.

You're still entering the workforce,

you're still building a life, building a family.

I think it's so important for us to stop relying

on the system, stop relying on people

to do things for us.

We're supposed to, as men, go out there

and make life better for ourselves, for our families,

and for our communities,

not have it handed down to us

by previous generations or from the elite.

We need to be better men.

We need to work hard and we need to innovate,

we need to take care of ourselves,

learn to do things, learn to do these (mumbles) skills

like I'm doing here, not because we have to

but because we should want to

and we should want to become more self-reliant

so that we're more confident, we're more capable,

and we're more resilient.

My wife and I had to search the entire province

to find areas that we could build something

as simple as this log cabin.

It's harder and harder to find somewhere to live like this

because government regulations are preventing it.

Sorry, I'm swatting at mosquitoes

'cause they're really coming out now,

it's starting to rain harder.

So that's one of the downfalls of letting government step in

and rule our lives.

Yes, we have great systems and we're benefiting from that.

We can't let it go too far.

We can't let government start to take complete control

of our lives to the point where we lose freedom of speech,

freedom of thought, and freedom of action.

And this tiny home movement

that's trying to pick up momentum

is getting killed everywhere

because governments are stepping in,

saying "No, we want you on the grid.

"We want you to live in a house

"that can be safely turned over to new occupants

"in the future without any risk of financial collapse

"more than anything."

They want to keep increasing value

and they want to keep increasing their tax base

and that's not for the individual,

that's more for the collective.

And that's great, we live in great safe society

as a result, but let's not let them take that too far.

And one of the ways we can combat that

is becoming more resilient, more skilled,

and more self-reliant,

each and every one of us as individuals.

So that's my message,

that's what the message of the channel is.

I want to continue, like I said, to remind myself

and remind you why I'm doing this

and hopefully I can make more videos

that show more of that mindset.

And certainly on the Shawn James channel,

I'm gonna continue to do that.

I'll probably push the limits a little bit,

probably get a little bit more political over there,

a little bit more opinionated,

and a little bit more controversial, but so be it.

Starting to really pour so I'm gonna get back

inside the cabin, finish editing this Friday's video

and a couple other videos.

So thanks for watching,

thanks for sticking around and listening to me ramble on

at the end of this video.

Really appreciate you guys

and I look forward to seeing you up at the cabin next time.

Take care.

(water rushing)

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