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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG)피아노 전공생은 얼마나 어려운곡 까지 쳐봤을까? TOP3 [음대생들]

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I cant really do this

The toughest songs top 3 that piano students have ever played.

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Even music sheets by Liszt makes fingers hurt

Piano students practice those musical note everyday

They bare the aftermath that Tarantella (Liszt) leaves behind

You guys should try it!

Im not gonna do that though.. (From Towmoo PD)

The toughest songs Ive ever played is Tarantella (Liszt).

This piece contains continuous hits and many forte which makes players being short of breath.

I easily get trapped when I play the pieces that require us to be ostentatious.

Liszt composed a lot of difficult pieces

Among those, there is a pieceEtudes Dexecution transcendante’. As you could see in its name, it is terribly difficult.

One of the pieces, there isMazeppa’, the forth

Wait.. did I say the 4th? I dont really know about classical music

I will try it!

(I dont know if I could successfully complete this song)

(replaced by recorded one from Towmoo PD)

As you can see,

It seems like Lizst is just showing off it is only him who could perfectly play this piece

So..thats why it is so difficult, IMAO.

I have been going through difficulties while playing Schumann Fantasied op.17

Ill show you guys.

(Still feel awkward upon recording)

While left hand is busy,

While left hand is busy, the movement of right hand is elaborate

As you could listen to, while my left hand is flustering, my right hand works on calm and beautiful melody.

Balancing those two is really difficult for me and..I guess for everyone

Well, the toughest songs Ive ever played is..

Piano music is all difficult and tough. There is no easy piece out there.

But, especially Chopin.

Among Chopin, especially Piano Sonata No.3 1st movement has been the most difficult piece so far.

What have been the most difficult moments that you try to get digits from ladies so far?

I havent. Just forget about it and lets get it started.

How does Chopin like which seems to be more difficult to get ladiesdigits?

(Peep!) Common mistakes that even maestro makes

Do you guys know pianist Kissin, right?

He also made this kind of mistakes.

Love ya, the Great Kissin.

He plays the piano with all his heart as he did for all the ladies.

*Hands of Casanova

This piece has its peculiar trait, ‘Allegro Maestoso

It is really difficult to sing with mouth, not to speak of with fingers.

You guys know my problem, right?

Yes, they said

Next piece is.. this one is pretty popular, so you guys might know this.

Chopin Etude op 10 no 4 is really hard to perfectly play

This piece is unwelcoming guest for entrance examination song..

If you are familiar with this piece, you might be college prep students

The next toughest song is Hungarian Rhapsody with the same composer.

The finale of the second song was once on Tom and Jerry.

It is pretty difficult. Ill show you

His fingers seem like Jerry bunging off after making Tom angry.

You might come up with one of those scenes from Tom and Jerry.

It has been an year for me not practicing the piano.

And you are giving me a piece of chicken to play the piano again?

I am soooo happy

Unbelievable performance fee from Towmoo

So my arm warms up and little mistakes get magnified

But professional pianists made trivial mistakes while they are playing..

Not to speak of me..

Bad example of piano major students

Wait.. what is this feeling?

Are we on the 19th century in Germany?

While my left hand is busy, there are a lot of chords.

It is really hard for me to connect all those chords to melodies.

On top of that, the same rhythm repeats relentlessly, so it is players issue not to play on the same string


These are all octaves. It takes a lot of energy.

If you play this, you will be able to consume 2000kcal.

Ladies, I recommend playing the piano in place of diet

Go, Ladies!


shake it shake it

Umm.. I have no idea what it is while I am playing it

This is kind of disturbing

So it is harder than ever

Next song please.

What should I do?


What? Petrouchka?

(korean bad joke)

Bad example of piano major students 2

How will it be like?

It is actually pretty good

Can I just run away?

He WAS really good as recently as last year

The last piece is the 3rd movement of Schumann

I s0metimes..

pl@y..da pian0..

I d0Nut like me n0t wanting to play ma gal..

It hUrts.

Pl@ying da pian0 iz

$uch a treasure.

I donuT have to be emotion@l

to play the pian0

I lovey-dovey piano


I love ME playing the pian0 with @ll my heart

Now if you are piano student, you might understand.

Calm and peaceful music takes us far more efforts than magnificent piece.

Thats why I think the 3rd movement is the most difficult.

Well.. I havent played piano for three days..

This 32 vibrations have 32 vibrations (?), those are all very difficult.

It is really hard to express each of their own traits.

You guys know my problem, right?

Yes, they said.

Korean Music students

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