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The line number three of Mumbai Metro is currently under construction

and is expected to be completed by 2020

it will connect Colaba to SEEPZ

and covering a distance of over 30 kilometers

it will be the city's first underground metro

except it could have been much earlier

and a lot more earlier than Kolkata or New Delhi

now the idea of underground transportation for Bombay

was thought of as early as 1924

but it never materialised

because the government thought it was impractical

In 1947, NV Modak an engineer

and Albert Mayers an American architect

published an unofficial report

called 'Outline of a Master Plan for Greater Bombay'

now this report not only had recommendations

for development of suburbs, housing, traffic

but it also suggested an underground railway systems

for Bombay as well

only this report was unofficial so no further action was taken

some years later

a study group was appointed

under the chairmanship of one S G Barve

to reexamine the proposal of the Modak and Mayer's report

Barve also endorsed the idea of underground railways

but the plan didn't fructify either

simultaneously the BEST brought up the idea in 1956

when a geological survey was conducted

by a Japanese firm

and a plan was drawn

to build the line between the Dadar and Colaba

but the government wouldn't give the required finances

In 1962 another plan was drafted

by a BEST employee called P G Patankar

Patankar was especially sent to Milan and Berlin

to study the underground railway systems there

and his plan was a detailed one

he envisaged five underground lines

a network of 30 kilometers

and details such as dimensions of railway coaches

signalling systems, ventilation, power supply and tunnelling methods

but when the final plan came up

the project cost had risen to around 5 crore rupees

and due to want of this huge capital investment

this project was also shut down

for several years

the idea of underground railways kept coming up

like in 1974 by the Indian Railways

and in 1997 by TCS

and it's only now that work on this project has finally begun

we can only hope that by the year 2020

this long-drawn vision finally comes true

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