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all right let's get to our prophecy update today's update is one that I will

need to kindly ask that you bear with me I'm going toa draw your attention to the

developments of prophetic significance of which there are many so much is

happening so fast and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up

with everything and just this morning in fact I woke up at 2:30 to update the

update because that's how fast everything is moving particularly

concerning Israel and so what I sense the Lord would have me to talk about

today is what I see as a prophetic window of opportunity if you will by

virtue of Israel's inability to form a government

now I don't know for those of you who have been following the latest

developments on this but I'll begin with this Times of Israel report on Friday

about how after four hours of talks between the two parties Likud and the

Blue and White party after four hours it ended with no progress and instead it

was just back and forth blaming the other party for the collapse in the

negotiations you have to understand this is unprecedented never before in the

history of Israel have they had two elections when a prime minister duly

elected was unable to form a government that's never happened before yesterday

The Times of Israel also reported that on Sunday that's today in Israel

well now it's p.m. it's by the way Assad the new year Rosh Hashanah is tonight it

starts tonight in Israel so this morning in Israel which

was last night for us they resumed talks and it was reported that if those talks

which took place this morning failed that Netanyahu would likely return the

mandate that he was given back to Israel's president Reuben Rivlin just

this morning Arutz Sheva reported that today's negotiations ended in yet

another deadlock now we are in unchartered territory all eyes are on

what happens next there is some talk about a third election which nobody

wants there's also this discussion about a joint leadership as Prime Minister

between Gantz and Netanyahu but it's important to understand that there are

those in Israel that not only don't want Netanyahu reelected they want him

indicted just as there are those here in the United States that want to see

president Trump impeached don't you find that kind of interesting maybe just a

little bit on the heels of Israel's second election and the prospects of an

unprecedented third the UN General Assembly took place last week in New

York and it was ah what's the word I'm looking for well for lack of a better

word it was interesting

present at the UN was none other than Iranian president Hassan Rouhani who

according to Sky News was it is saying that his country's message

to the world is peace and stability aww

speaking from New York where he was attending the UN General Assembly Hassan

Rouhani added quote we want to tell the world that the situation in the Persian

Gulf is very sensitive oh that's that's an understatement

that's an understatement of all understatements well that was on Monday

the day before Hurriyet Daily News published a report about Turkey's

president Erdogan saying that he would address international peace and security

issues at the UN General Assembly on the first day of the general debate on

September 24th by the way Netanyahu because of the week prior election

results was not at the United Nations General Assembly this year that's a

first as well I suppose it should come as no surprise that Iran

Turkey and Russia are now seemingly emboldened in the wake of not only the

political division in Israel but also what's happening here in the United

States is it just me or are there I'm going to use the word powers and

principalities in the spiritual realm that are literally hell-bent I don't say

that as hyperbole that are doing everything they can to destroy Israel and

the United States and are we surprised you have to understand that Iran

considers the United States to be the Great Satan and Israel to be the

little satan now how are you going to destroy Israel you have to get rid of America

first and what is the textbook way that the enemy destroys its textbook divide

and conquer divide and conquer look the division I mean I maybe it is just me but I have

you know I have these TVs in my office they're on mute more so now than they

have in the past been on mute every once in a while I'll unmute them to hear what

they're saying and I mean I'm looking at the news

coverage and I'm saying to myself they want to impeach President Trump and they

want to indict Benjamin Netanyahu that

sounds to me like exactly what we're told will happen at the time of the end

in Bible prophecy what do you mean well let me explain how I get there in

Ezekiel 38 we're told that Russia Iran and Turkey will be at the helm of an

alliance of Nations that will invade Israel from the north vis a vis Syria

there in the Golan to take a spoil it's a very detailed prophecy in Ezekiel

38 and conspicuously absent from this prophecy is any mention of any nation

chief of which is the United States of America coming to Israel's defense you

know what that means that means that something has to happen to the once most

powerful nation in the world with a pro-Israel president

like we've never had before prior to this Ezekiel 38 prophecy being

fulfilled there's another very interesting detail in that prophecy and

it's in verse 13 where we're told that by their ancient name Sheba and Dedan

Saudi Arabia along with Tarshish and the young lions thereof will merely protest

question this invasion of Israel by Russia Turkey and Iran and this other

Alliance of Nations well isn't that interesting because if I'm not mistaken

Iran has been launching strikes against the oil facilities that Saudi Arabia has

that's interesting and even more interesting is the threats that continue

to come from Iran they just had another summit too by the way did you know this

Iran Russia and Turkey I think it was the fifth one they've had in Syria

without Sryria I mean it was about Syria without Syria let me say that again

because it's jet lag I'm going to use jet lag that's my story I'm sticking with it

they had another summit the fifth summit this is Russia Iran Turkey Erdogan

Rouhani and Putin and it's about Syria without Syria Bashar al-Assad is nowhere

to be found and it was very interesting this last

summit you can find it on YouTube with the closed captions in and the

translation Putin actually quotes from the Qurann he quotes from the Quran in

his defense of this alliance that they have together Russia Iran and Turkey

well breaking Israel News on Monday had a report in which they quote the

representative of Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei as saying that Iran has the

ability to turn Israel into dust in quote half a day I can't help but notice

the irony in all of this because according to the Ezekiel 38 prophecy

it's the Russia Turkey and Iran alliance that will be turned into dust

within what some believe will be less than one day it's going to be very

decisive very swift and it will be God and this again is another detail in that

prophecy that we see beginning to come to pass but no nation is there the only

reason that this alliance of nations is dealt a decisive and decimating blow is

because God intervenes and he says I'm gonna do this so that they will know

that I am God I alone will get all the glory for intervening on behalf of My

people Israel have you have you seen a map of the Middle East

lately I mean it needs to be a big map or else you cannot even fit the name

Israel on the sliver of land they have to put it off on into the Mediterranean

Israel with an arrow pointing to this little sliver of land and then here's

Russia here's Iran

here's Turkey et al all of these nations and they're going to invade Israel

and be defeated within a 24-hour period or less I believe personally how is that

possible oh I can just imagine God's saying hello Me I did it I am God you know

throughout the Old Testament it's replete where God declares I am the Lord

your God the emphasis being on I they're not your God that's not your God you're

not your God I am the Lord your God on Wednesday CBN News published an article

written by Ray Bentley I've had the privilege of meeting and getting to

know pastor Ray Bentley he's the pastor of Maranatha Chapel in San Diego this is where my

son goes to church thankfully listen to what he had to say about this attack on

the Saudi oil fields Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at odds for quite some

time but this latest saga in the ever-growing tension between the two has

led me again to the passages of Ezekiel chapters 37 38 and 39 there we find a

twenty-five hundred year old prophecy that's quite specific Ezekiel tells us

that there will be coming a war on one side of that war is Persia students of

history will remember that Persia is the ancient name for the land now occupied

by modern-day Iran on the other side of that conflict where God Himself will

intervene is what referred to as Sheba and Dedan which

is now ruled by you guessed it Saudi Arabia

listen I

how do I say this I'll just say it I know what a novel idea I'll just say it

if this isn't Ezekiel 38 I don't know what is if this isn't the beginning of

the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 I don't know what it is but God but God God is

having the final word in the Middle East particularly in Iran what if I told you

that the greatest revival that is taking place in the world today I've shared

this before and I'm really excited to share this with you again today what if

I told you that more Muslims in Iran are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus

Christ than it anywhere else in the world in Iran I'll bet you'll never hear

about it but it's happening so Fox News has this article about Iran now having

the world's fastest growing church and it's about this new film that tells the

story of how in the world this church these believers our brothers and sisters

in Christ in Iran are underground and persecuted and this movement is in a

country known for exporting radical Islamic terrorism in Iran people in Iran

a muslim-majority nation are fleeing Islam in droves as believers bow their

knee to Jesus and become aggressively pro-Israel it's happening in Iran as we

speak you know what struck me about this

article and there was a couple of different news agencies that covered

this but what really struck me was the prominent and pronounced role of prayer

in winning these Muslims in Iran to Christ they pray about who they're to

talk to about Jesus share with the gospel of Jesus Christ it's always

birthed out of prayer I'm going somewhere with this and I bet you don't

know where I'm going I bet you actually do I want to talk about our prayer

meeting Tuesday night and I want to share with you that at our last prayer

meeting we had one of the most powerful probably the most powerful prayer

meeting we've ever had as a church together and we uploaded the first 30

minutes was actually it went for an hour and a half nobody wanted to leave I love

it when that happens but the first half-hour we actually uploaded to

YouTube for the benefit of our online church many of whom have asked us to

pray for them about some very intense things and I want to share with you a

praise report because at that prayer meeting and since that prayer meeting

I've been asking God for praise reports to come in in other words what God did

because we prayed and I want to share with you a bona fide miracle that took place

as a result of our prayer meeting a few weeks ago I sent in a prayer request for

a high school student in critical condition after a rollover accident

while driving his truck according to an x-ray his spinal cord was severed as

well as other injuries to his brain aorta

and collarbone shortly after the prayer meeting at your church the doctors

decided to do surgery on his spine to repair what they could but told the

parents that he would never walk again to their amazement the spine turned out

to be completely whole this miracle has spread throughout our community and

across state lines and God is getting all the glory

after three weeks he's still in the hospital but is gradually healing from

all his injuries this young man comes from a Christian home and loves the Lord

God bless you and your church body for sharing our burden to pray for Ethan

he's a very close friend of our granddaughter's and this miracle has

impacted her life also thank you thank you for clapping all the glory goes to

the Lord I'm holding in my hand one two three four pages it makes me want to cry

of people's prayer requests they have sent these prayers in to us asking us to

pray for them it's two-sided so that's eight pages of prayer requests from

people pleading with us to pray for them you know what kind of stuff's on here

husband comes home 35 years of marriage wants nothing to do he's gone 35 years

of marriage stage 4 cancer stage 3 cancer weeks to live

my daughter's identified as LGBT my daughter's cutting herself my son

just killed himself and the list goes on and on and on drug addiction mental illness

mental illness I don't know what to do please will you pray if not us who if

not here where if not now when don't you want to be a part of what God

is doing and is able to do I'm sorry for raising my voice no I'm not I'm actually

not I hope you'll come on Tuesday night

you know it seems that the last year or so there's been a heavy emphasis on the need for

prayer you know how many by the way so we have our prayer meeting on Sunday

mornings before this service from 7:45 to 8:15 half-hour and I lost count but

there were numerous requests from people praying specifically asking us to pray

specifically by name for people's salvation I mean that they list and pray

for their salvation and they list the names what a privilege it is to pray for

these people

I want to bring it to a close with the gospel of Jesus Christ the good news of

salvation found in the person of Jesus Christ what is the gospel the gospel

Paul says to the Corinthians in 1st Corinthians chapter 15 is basically this

that Jesus came that He was crucified that He was buried and that He rose

again on the third day and He's coming back again one day that's the gospel the

good news why is that good news because He came to die for you and me He came to

pay in full for you and me and for all of our sins so that He could offer us

the free gift of eternal life that's why we do the ABCs of salvation it's a

simple childlike explanation of salvation the A is for admit or

acknowledge that you sinned and that you need the Savior this is what it means to

repent it's a change of mind an about-face a 180 if you will where you

turn from your sin and you turn to the Savior for forgiveness of sin Romans

3:10 says there is no one righteous not even one Romans 3:23 says all have

sinned and fallen short of the glory of God we were all born sinners which is

why we must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven

Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death that's the bad news we've all been

sentenced to death eternally because of our sin because all sinned that's the

bad news but here's the good news the gift of God

is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord that's the A here's the B the B is for

believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the

dead that's what Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you believe in your heart that God

raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved and the C the C is for call

upon the name of the Lord or as Romans 10:9 and 10 also says if you confess

with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised

Him from the dead you will be saved for it is with your heart that you believe

and are justified and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved and

lastly Romans 10:13 this is what seals the deal all who call upon the name of

the Lord will be saved it's that simple and aren't you glad aren't you glad it's

not complicated aren't you glad that it's child-like simple why don't you all stand

we'll pray

Father in heaven we see what's taking place in the world today and in our own

country today and in particular what's happening in Israel today and as we

connect the dots with what we see in Scripture it's becoming abundantly clear

that it's coming to pass exactly as You said it would You told us what was going

to happen before it happened so that when we would begin to see it happen

non-believers would believe and believers would look up and lift up

their heads knowing that their redemption draws nigh Lord I want to ask

You for anyone that might be in this church or watching online that has never

called upon You believing in You putting their trust in You for the forgiveness

of sins that today would be the day of their salvation while there's still time

before it's too late Lord thank You Maranatha come quickly Lord in Jesus name Amen

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