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Finally, after eight weeks of training

I succeeded in suggesting emoticon to katok.

You have suffered with 4 people who completed the emoticon education with me

I want to tell you

I've been together for almost two months.

I didn't know your name.

So uh

I hope to communicate with you in the comments

Panthers writer

Instructor Jung Yong-hoon and others

Copin Communications has been having a lot of education.

My katok is in Kakao

Can I get approval?

Then start right away

Katok first generation

Katok Friends


Since you can

The trend turned into bottle taste

Or something

Like onigiri,

But I like old

In the first generation concept

I've set up my character

In fact, these emoticons were five years ago

Emoticon to katok once since dating with wife

I promised to give you a suggestion.

Maybe the next challenge will be nail art

Like this

I don't know if I'm doing pole dance

Anyway, emoticon is the first generation, too

It's like a concept.

What I learned in class I learned in clip studio

After 8 weeks of lack of ability,

I created this app using this app

There's a channel called Um Gok on YouTube

I recommend you go there

In fact, before I released

I showed you the emoticon on Youtube

Yang Jun-il's emoticon as well

Not so long ago

I gave the review room a suggestion of emoticon review.

But you haven't answered yet

It seems to be close

The editorial was long

Emoticon I 30 in the katok

Working couples in their 40s

Or a child


Mom and Dad for the Home

Newlyweds for such a family with one child

I made it as an emoticon concept

I don't have many nicknames for me

Rabbit shows that wife

Our chicks give birth to our daughter

Anyone moving to suggest to my katok

3 and not moving emoticons

Now called sticon

You need 21 sticks. 24 characters in total.

Then, in earnest,

I will make an emoticon

After downloading the Procrete app

Press the plus button and set the canvas size to 360 *.

Set it to 360

And first and then the sketch is slow

After it's drawn here

Why are you laying this down now?

Now, using the pension

I need to think about it here

I'm going to go to Layer 1

And think about the final picture of layer 10

I'm thinking about how to make it today.

Then up to layer 5, about 534

In the middle, draw a drawing

If you want to be unenviable

By adding a few more layers

It would be nice to draw a more natural picture.

If you check the layer and press the Spanish shape

I check ten now

If you do, 10 checked canvas buttons

Tap to turn on the Animation Assistant

You can play it like this

Press the Settings button

You can also adjust the frames per second

There are ways like this

The second way

From the beginning, we are setting up frames

So by pressing the frame passion

There is a way to draw the moon.

I'm a more classic way of using layers

I was more comfortable

Generally, animations using frames

Make more

So now when the deputy and the animation are outlined,

I'm going to paint the color more

Drag the commute color as it is

Easily Where You Want

You can feel the color fill up in this case

Second color here when you do that color

Press the square button to have the eyedropper

So I wrote in layer

So that you can use the same color

There is a function to do it

In this way

I made three unicorns

To send emoticons made like this

Press the Spanish button

Press the share button and move to a moving gif

You will be able to adjust your export collection once again.

Save to Google Drive or another file in January

You can make an Anycall

Like Eticon up to the rest 21

Odds are much easier than Anyicon.

If only the concept is correct

It's not difficult to draw tens of thousands of sticks today

I made a few changes like this

I made 21 different kinds of ticos

I'm now too

I've only used it for about two months so I'm still dealing with it

There are many clumsy parts

If you are new to this press

I hope you learn the features well

And if you don't have an iPad, Clip Studio

I'm working with Photoshop after that

Among the artists who work with Photoshop,


2 minutes to Photoshop

Because you're working on it

I don't have an iPad

If you want to work only with a computer,

I think you should try it

Next, katok

In order not to do it now

Access Katok Studio on the Internet

If you log in here

What did you access from your phone?

I want you to authenticate.

I won't explain that

A rough summary of emoticon content

Key to the core of 24

I put emoticons on top to make it easier to see

In this way, once you have placed everything,

If you wait 2 weeks

Can I talk to my katok emoticon?

Katok emoticon on screening

The results I'm notified through community

I'll try

On YouTube, a lot of writers

Because you fall by challenging emoticons

That the probability of passing is very slim.

I know that

I hope you have good results.

Thank you for watching

please, thank you

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