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On today's Star Wars legends lore video we discuss the disturbing secrets of Jabba's palace

Jabba's palace is one of the most famous locations in the original Star Wars trilogy, and one of my favorites however

There's a lot

We don't see in Return of the Jedi it has a long interesting history going back almost a thousand years the palace which was actually

originally a

monastery was built by the

monks of the B'omarr order it was built far into the Dune sea to avoid the attention of others on the planet and it was

Built on Tatooine to avoid attention from others within the galaxy Jabba after discovering the palace would eventually move in

Valuing its isolation as did the B'omarr monks and making it his headquarters

even after Jabba's death and despite constant

Intrusions by burglars former members of Jabba's Posse and other huts the B'omarr monks would remain once again the sole

inhabitants of their monastery who however were the

mysterious group known as the B'omarr monks in my opinion the two best sources of lore in this area are Darksaber which is

the second book of the Callista trilogy and the brain spiders

Which is part of the galaxy of fear series in dark saber? We get the following quote

"I'm not sure anyone pretends to understand the B'omarr order" Luke answered. "From what I've heard

when they reach their greatest state of enlightenment each monk undergoes some kind of surgery that removes his brain and

places it in a life-support jar it keeps them from being distracted by physical diversions leaving them to ponder the great mysteries."

Luke is actually pretty much spot-on the monks generally focus on cutting themselves off from the physical world

Once they've achieved the appropriate level of division other monks would help them remove their brain and put it into a jar

Jabba's palace throughout his history had both new

full-bodied monks

And the decraniated enlightened ones. Once in their new form basically a brain-in-a-vat

B'omarr monks mostly spent their time thinking about the universe and

Recording their thoughts in the great room of the enlightened when they needed to move about they would use

BT 16 perimeter droids

Notably of course you can see one of these during Return of the Jedi

Is this really disturbing though? Most B'omarr monks are at peace with the transformation and actually yearned for it. When done

consensually the whole thing is certainly a bit weird and creepy

But not exactly disturbing however the removal of brains through the B'omarr

Transformation was often done against the will of living beings again in Darksaber

We learn of Jabba's rival Mazor? I've got a few fun quotes about him. "The thing that emerged was neither entirely a droid nor

entirely alive. A set of sharp mechanical legs moving, staggering, as if with poor muscular control. And

slung under the legs where the bloated body of a spider would have been, hung a

spherical jar filled with clear fluid that bubbled and gurgled pulsing life-support into the

convoluted spongy form of a human brain."

This is Mazor? who explains that after losing a confrontation with Jabba his brain was removed and placed into a vat.

He says that it took his brain a year to adjust to the new circumstances and to stop

continually screaming. Jabba of course found this all very funny

So he kept mazor around the palace as somewhat of a joke the removal of a brain and its placement into a vat is

Generally only tolerable by the B'omarr monks because they spend their entire

Lives preparing if the transformation is done to a being who has not successfully removed their connection to the physical world

Terrible side effects occur including this brain screaming which mazor described and just a general

Absolute sense of horror and dread Mazer does describe that the monks do whatever they can even after the transformation

To try to help people adapt to their new scenario, but it's still certainly not easy Bib Fortuna

Also, had well some interesting interactions with the monks

We learn in his story from tales of Jabba's palace that well alive

He wanted to work with the monks in order to initiate a coup against the Hutt despite that he could not help

But be totally disgusted by the spider brains on one occasion he uses B'omarr surgeons to quote-unquote

Save one of his friends from death by stealing his brain

And there we learned that the B'omarr monks are not only capable of removing a brain, but also

Transporting it into a different body. Bib's plan was actually to put his friend Nats brain

Into the body of Han Solo which would have been interesting to say the least there was some difficulty however

Because NAT was going insane due to the lack of the body and screaming non-stop

The monks were actually worried that he was going to die

The idea of brains being switched between bodies is also examined in the galaxy of fear book which I mentioned earlier

Later the monks turn on bib and actually force him to undergo enlightenment as well

It seems like with the death of Jabba

This is actually a practice that became more and more common criminal smugglers and the like who entered the palace would achieve enlightenment

against their will and the ranks of the B'omarr monks would continue to increase and that is the disturbing backstory of

Jabba's palace

What do you guys think how would you feel about becoming a brain in a jar?

Let me know all that and more down in the

Comments section if you haven't already I highly recommend that you've read not only bibs story

But all of the stories from the tales of Jabba's palace book

They're a lot of fun as are the other tales books

Anyways until next time guys this has been EckhartsLadder may the force be with you

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