Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ??☃️Time for Christmas Jammies!!!??☃️

Difficulty: 0

- Please? - No.

- Please? - No.

- Please?

- There you go.

Um, yeah, sure, babe, whatever you want, that's cool.

- [Woman] PatPat's new app makes ordering anything you need

quick and easy, before anyone--

- Wait, wait, what'd I just agree to?

- Can change their mind. - Nothing babe.

Enjoy the game.

(cheerful music) - Babe?

Babe, what, what'd I just agree to?

(shutter clicks)

The PatPat app.

Making festive easy.

(shutter clicking) Really easy!

The Description of ??☃️Time for Christmas Jammies!!!??☃️