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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MODE For Android Wear

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What's up guys lew here, back with another video

and as you can tell

i've got an abundance of goods here on the table

This is a good chunk of what's available in the android wear universe

a lot of these i haven't even looked at yet

The real purpose of this video

and experimenting with all of these different smart watches

is these guys right here

recently launched

the Mode system for interchangable watch bands

Google actually sent out all this Android Wear goodness

So that i could swap out some bands and see how their mode system operates

we got the Moto 360

the Huawei

what is the name of i think it's just watch

Huawei Watch

the LG Watch Urbane

the Fossil smartwatch

yeah, the Q Founder

and the Asus Zenwatch 2

that one, Asus would rather be pronounced asus(asoos)

but i feel much more comfortable saying Asus

And then a bunch of bands.

It's a whole universal program

Interchangeable with a lot of different watches, whatever your style is and different styles of bands too

I'm gonna unbox...


Holy jamoleos

Smartwatch universe, practically

For some reason, I'm gravitating towards the 360.

I like the design since I first saw it.

I can also see the interchangeable system there for the band that they've got on

This one's got this nice leather band on it but you

Might wanna switch out to a silicone band like this

one. You know you might be at the gym

Sweating it out you know-uh-doing the body pump

Ok so Moto 360,

Now set up as you can tell

Objective here is to show off some new looks!

This Italian leather over here in this tan color, in blue as well

and on the side of the packaging, a little measurement tool

For just how large your device is

in this case, I am looking at a 22mm device

There's also an 18. So you got support for multiple sizes

of watch bands. These are pretty standard measurements

in the watch band world if you are unfamiliar with them

This is very smooth. The sporty vibe indeed

This is the clasp. This is how it operates and as I push over you see it just kind of locks it in place like that

There's this little nub here on this one. Slide it over

Loosens up one side and just go ahead an pull out the other side

Ohh look at this. A little tool is included in the pack in you need it

Some pins for best fit. And just place it in there. Get it lined up

You can really use your fingernail for this. You don't have to use the little tool

Actually find it just fine with my hand

And just like that you are now ready

Fore the Mode system

Lock that on there. That's too easy

And the other side. So now we have a Moto 360

Custom perfect for sport. I will try this on. That's a comfy kind of fit there

Line it up like this. Lock it down and now it's a completely different look honestly

I mean it looks like a different watch

I'll pick something like the Huawei watch here. Two little poles and that guy comes out

This is acutally an 18mm system

There you go!

Boom. Boom

Now you've got a leather Huawei watch

Life is better with options

Simple. Interchangeable. Modular


You can use a system like this to take the personalization even one step

further so if you guys wanna check out Mode, I will have a link in the description

You can see even more options than all the ones I have shown you here

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