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Started out with this nice 1974 74" FXE superglide.

It was in pretty fantastic shape aside from the

Fallover on the right side. I rode it home 50 miles after

I bought it and it didn't skip a beat.

I shipped the frame to haifleys and got it back a few weeks later.

They added a cool feature to their hardtails with the

Rear trans crossmember cover and lower fender mount.

I decided to try and use as many OE harley parts

As I can on this build, and since I'm running a spool

Up front it only seemed appropriate to go juice drum.

For this build I'll use a 67-72 setup on a midstar hub

To take advantage of sealed bearings.

I had to buy two different sets of OE juice setups

So I could get both an original chrome drum and

Late backing plate. I also got a 67-72 axle setup complete w spacers,

Which I will probably need to modify. The haifley tail has HCI

Axle plates w the mechanical stay. Since I'm running juice

I am relocating the brake stay mount to the underside

Of the axle plate; it was also causing interference with the

Backing plate, so it was a necessary job.

I freshened up the backing plate w a new wheel cylinder.

Shoes look relatively new so they are good to go.

For anyone using a 67-72 juice setup, replacement

Bearings use OEM #8503RS and replacement wheel

Cylinders can be found by Raybestos under part #WC9004.

Here are the headlights I'm going to use.

These are old Hella fog lights off a Porsche or VW or something.

Pretty common, nothing too special.

I'll make a headlight bracket that will tuck these in nice and tight.

Erick from Jakes Customs painted it and offered it for sale in classifieds.

I jumped on it bc I wanted to try the narrow sportster tank.

I struggled to find an original horseshoe tank in decent condition,

So I picked up a repop. I think this is older, maybe from the 90s or something.

I am building up a set of wheels using polished 18/21 Morads

On a bob's triple peak spool hub with 5/8 bearings and SS

Spokes and nipples. As mentioned previously, rear wheel

Will be using a repop 67-72 midstar hub in chrome.

I bought a set of Firestones for this build,

Because I wanted to try the ANS as well as that cool

New 2.75" front ribbed tire they're making,

But after 3 months of waiting, I said fuck that trendy

Tire and just ordered Avons instead.

I measured trail out to 4", so it shouldn't be that bad in the handling dept.

The fender is one of those 4-3/4" manta ray fenders from lowbrow.

I'm actually super pleased with it. Very burly, and the fit was spot on.

I am working to get the fender and sissy all buttoned up

So I can get to the seatpan next weekend.

First order of business was to get the rear

Wheel centered in the frame.

The late juice drum sets the wheel ab a 1/4"

Or so to the non drive side, so I dished the

Wheel over to get everything square. Jims Transmission Rebuild Kit 33031-36 ANDREWS C/R 4SPD GEAR SET 36-76BT 210150 ANDREWS MAINSHAFT 70-L80 12.47" 208700 PBI Sprocket C/S 23T 279-23 88-9936 DS-191083 50-27923 2502-771 100 Pack 9084 Needle Roller Bearings Harley Big Twin 45" 1941-1977 STD Size #261 Saddlebagrail Ray O ring main drive spacer KOYO 6305ZC3 Ball Bearing, 25mm x 62mm x 17mm I finished the seatpan. Started off making the seat Section out of 1/8". I decided on 4 mounting points for this seat The front mount is just a 3/8" tongue to a mini hat top bung, Then cut a section of 1/8" to run up the sissy bar. Joe Hunt Magneto ROCKER BOXES: -OEM - 17511-66C -S&S Roller Rocker Arm set - 900-4320A -Jim's USA Rocker Arm Shafts (x4) - 17611-66B -Colony Machine Rocker Shaft Plug and End Nut kit - 8224-8 -Old STF Top End Oil Line kit Stainless - STFS66 -Eastern MC Rocker Shaft Shims, .005" (x10), .007" (x10) - 6767-A -Eastern MC Rocker Arm Spacers - 17452-66

CYLINDER HEADS: -S&S 74" Super Stock - 90-1496 -Colony Machine Head Bolt Kit - 8221-20 -Autolite Spark Plugs (x12) - 4265 (long reach) VALVETRAIN: -Andrews B2 Camshaft - 212353 -S&S Lifters - 330-0380 -S&S Pushrods - 930-0051 CYLINDERS: -OEM +.010 overbore - 16484-66 Front, 16492-66 Rear -Colony Machine Cylinder Base Nut Kit - 8104-16 PISTONS: -Wiseco Forged +.010 9:1 (3.447" bore) - K1606 OIL PUMP: -S&S Assembly W/ Breather - 31-6294 -Standard Motor Products Oil Pressure Switch - MC-OPS1 LOWER END: -OEM Flywheels - 23919-72 -S&S Rod Kit - 34-7004 -Koyo Cam Bearing, Sonnax HDNB0002 - HD 9058 -Eastern MC Timken Crank Main Bearings - A-9028 -Colony Machine Crank Pin Lock Plate kit - 2413-6 -Jim's USA Sprocket Shaft Seal Spacer - 24002-70 MOTORCYCLE SHOVELHEAD PANHEAD KNUCKLEHEAD CHOPPER BOBBER HARDTAIL EVO ENGINE SPORTSTER BIG TWIN SPRINGER FRONT END FLATHEAD MOTORBIKE CAFE RACER CHOP CULT CHOPCULT WELD WELDING MIG TIG METAL FABRICATION CUSTOM FABRICATION APE HANGERS 70S STYLE 1970S STYLE BRAT TRACKER


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