Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Frames for Fluency Oral Language Instruction Demo

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we have this man who's an artist and

this artist loves to go travel he loves

to go traveling and he also wants to go

to the zoo so when he goes on his

travels he he likes to paint pictures of

the things that he's seen and he paints

pictures of kangaroos foxes Tigers the

hippopotamuses the Lions giraffes and

right now he's painting a picture right

now he's people picture penguins so we

know that in these different habitats we

have different types of animals when

they introduce you to some of these

animals this is a camel and the camel

has this camel has one hug sometimes

they have two lumps it's able to to

maintain itself without drinking water

and why do you think that is because

it's an animal that lives and which

habitat the next and what we're gonna

learn about this the beer and the beer

is very shaggy he's got a shaggy furry

coat he must be very hot in the summer

but in the winter the bear gets stays

very warm because he has this very warm

coat one interesting fact about the bear

is that it sleeps almost and they call

that kind of sleep higher variation so

say that with me hibernation there

hibernate in the winter time what I want

to talk to you about today is how are we

going to say if we want to name these

animals there's a there's a way that we

can see and I want you guys to practice

that today just you can put your hands

down there is a bear at the zoo

say that with me there is a beer there

is a bear at the zoo yeah there is an

alligator at the zoo there is a there's

a camel at the zoo there's a just say it

with me there's a snake Zoo there's a

Fox at the zoo there's a deer that gives

you okay now what I want you boys and

girls I want you to do is I'm going to

pass out some picture and word cards and

I want you to talk to your partner about

the animal you have and just name it and

not just the animal you have you can

also use other animals that you see up

here there's a snake at the zoo and if

you decide you want to you can take out

at the zoo and put in the forest in the

grassland there is a camel in the desert

okay okay so now I'm turn to the partner

that you have turn to your partner and

just practice this there is a and you

can see other play other things other

places that they are parrot

that's good you can also say in the

forest there's a hippo in the forest

okay okay boys and girls now I want you

guys to share some of your sentences

with me

okay you can stand up here and just

maybe you can take your picture in your

picture card and put it on top of where

the word isn't we can we can work

together to help you find that okay

let's see your animals this is the

longest word up there bottom this is

that the one all right so do you want to

show your sentence okay the hippo is in

the forest and then excellent and we can

also say let's use this one as well

there is let's say that one with me

there is a hippo at the zoo excellent


okay so there's a hippo in the forest

and there's a hippo and there is a hippo

at the zoo okay so um Jaden you want to

come up why don't you come up and just

we can stand right here okay there the

parent there is a there's a parent in

wildlife and let's think of what habitat

that might be which wildlife there is a

parrot in the forest can you say that

with an example in the forest in the


I don't you say it with me you guys in

there for okay there's a parent and the

forest there is a parent

that's okay good job


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