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Good morning to you, I'm excited! We've got a great ride today...

...but we must take account with certain things.

As everyone knows, the coronavirus appeared, so I've taken precautions and so did the customers.

We can't shoot at all places, that must be taken into consideration.

So no handshakes for today.

We're already in front of the dock, we're going in: seven pallets, two addresses... I'll see you inside!

We've got two different deliveries, one is Enrico...

...that came from abroad, all kind of peppers and Mediterranean food.

We've got three pallets of these and than we got four more with Oliehoorn.

We're done here!

Some of you might have already seen it, I'll explain... I've got the 334, that's the trailer of a colleague, he's driving a LHV today.

My trailer is for maintenance, so we switched.

So he drives LHV, I have his trailer, mine is for maintenance and that way everything keeps rolling.

We're ready here, got the bar behind the cargo.

He's already checking the goods, I'll get the papers and then we'll move on.

All pallets has been checked and already got new labels on it, just need a signature and then we're good to go.

We arrived at the next stop in Veghel.

We had to be at the previous stop between 05:45 till 06:45, but we were there at 06:15 AM... right on time!

Because of that we're a bit early at this stop. We were here at 07:15, but we have to wait till 08:00 AM.

So we've got some time to reveal something awesøme... I'm really happy with it!

Here they are!

I can finally show them to you...

...the Redbrick Schitterønt-safetysneakers!

Really awesøme! I've tested them it all out, I tried them for almost ten months.

From the heel to the sole, I've tested it all!

The shoe is made of KPU, it is an excellent, durable material and scratch-resistant.

It's a class S3 safety shoe, very important, I've had many questions about it...

...S3 high model, so you can wear them everywhere.

I'm so happy with it, I'll put them on right away!

You want to walk in my shoes? Check the link below.

Let's get inside to unload, now I can finally use them!

Four plastic pallets with buckets.

I hope they're here, so we can move on!

It's a little before 08:00, but luckily we can already unload the truck.

Here they've also taken precautions because of the coronavirus...

...normally I just drive all the cargo inside, everything gets checked and I take back the returns...

...but now I'm only allowed to drive up to the door and from there they take the pallets inside.

Look, nice to see...

When you do this, you'll go that way and the arrow will change...

...and than suddenly it goes that way, you'll go to the other side.

The arrow tells you which way you go, but you also got switch for front and reverse...

...or you go diagonally that way, or you go diagonally the other way, fun to watch...

...and when you drive forward and turn all the way around, it goes backwards at a certain moment.

Perfect, thanks a lot!


That is the way it goes here in Brabant, houdoe!

How do we get out of here?

It involves a lot of measures the coronavirus, holy moly!

Meanwhile in Helmond.

Let's open the doors.

The returns are already prepared, including three full kegs...

...probably a wrong order, so we take it back.

A huge pallet for here...

..three layers.

These two pallets we've to take back, here are the three full kegs.

I've put these empty kegs to the side, because I couldn't put the three full ones here and lift it up, because then it will flip a side... I'll put the full kegs in the middle to keep the pallet stable.

Everything is a workout!

Ho, it almost fell!

Because all the kegs and crates are standing loose...

...and especially those crates, because they're full with glass bottles...

...they're all kind of sizes, all stacked in a row. This way it will not end up well.

And the trailer will get full with other returns, so we need to secure this.

Bar behind.

Ramp out, let's get the papers...

The three P's: Paper, Pallet, Pump truck.

We arrived in Liessel, we have to unload two pallets. I jackknifed the combi...

...we'll pull them back with the forklift.

That's one...

I could also use the valve to unload these pallets, but this way I don't need to disconnect the trailer...

...we slide them to the back, the forklift can take them off and voilà!

Well done! Roll up the strap so it fits on the floor perfectly.


No returns this time, nice!

All doors are closed, the combi is ready to go!

The cargo is getting checked and if everything is right we're off to Ospel.

That's it!

I already get the pallet truck out of the box.

Huppah, shovelling some snow...

Over here the gravel is hard enough to drive over, but back there it's really loose.

Look, I leave the pallet truck like this.

I give the cameraman some instructions, so he can put his arm up...

...I'm gonna drive the valve right over that edge...

...and you have to say stop!


This company is based in some kind of residence building...

...they need all these buckets with Oliehoorn sauces for their kitchen.

We're going to deliver through...

...well, it looks like a front door...

...all these pallets have to pass trough this door, I put them over the doorstep and she takes them further in.

I parked the trailer on the side of the street.

We have to unload with the motorwagon, because this is a so-called valve address... so here we go!

Well, we did it!

I got the signed papers back, everything is done.

Thanks and thanks for the coffee as well! I'll take it for you.

The (un)loading area is completely full, there is one truck in front of us who's already done.

The quy behind us almost parked his van against the valve...

...we have to unload two rollcontainers and take one back with returns.

Afrika, back in the jungle, we live expensive in the Benelux

We arrived in Venray at Mr. Hop...

...they have all kinds of beer.

First we have to unload this pallet and maybe we can take a look inside!

"Good job guys!"


So that's done! I'll just get the truck ready, all closed up...

...and than we'll have a quick look around inside!

We're already inside.

We start off with a real kicker!

This is one of the thougest beers on earth due to the promilage...

...there's 67,5% of alcohol in this beer and you get it including this little glass.

This glass is so tiny...

...there's also a warning label on it: no more than 35 ml each time.

So no standing keg challenge with this one, you definitely will go K.O., I wouldn't recommend that for sure!

There are around 1400 a 1500 kinds of beer in this shop right now, but when it's a quiet period there are around 1200...

...and when it's really busy, around summer time, there are around 1900 kinds of beer in here!

This shop is a real beer Valhalla!

They also have a lot of beers with strange names... they have the 'fiery nun', or the 'porno blond'...

...and when you can't stand this any more, you just say 'thick dick 3 beer'! (name of the beer)


Let's put this one back.

Papers are signed, times are on it, we've had a fun look around inside and now we have one more address to go in Horst.

So let's go!

On the brakes!

We parked the truck, we arrived at the last stop for today, let's check in...

...through the front door.

Well! We started the day with rain and we ending the day with rain.

Ho, look out!

What a joke!

I think he'll cut this out the video, but I had to laugh very hard...

...there wasn't a car here a minute a go...

...and Lars just walked behind with the camera, and suddenly BAM, there is a parked car behind him!

That's it! This was our last stop, we've made quite some hours.

Let's pick up the trailer and then we'll go back to the Tender.

Poah, than we have quite some euh...

Look at this, Fast and the Furious... pang pang pang mang vang pang!

No kidding! Let's move on!


We've had a great ride today in Brabant and Limburg!

We're now on our way back to the Tender.

Please give me a thumbs up if you like this video.

And what do you think about the safetyshoes?

...let me also know down below in the comments if you have any questions...

...I see you in the next vlog!


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