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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: More precise measurement results and reduced costs due to wobble compensation

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Precision is when measurement objects are viewed individually...

... and independently of their intended use and clamping devices.

Unwanted wobbling movements almost always occur between workpieces...

... and the clamping devices or workpiece holders.

Here you see an exaggerated representation.

This has an impact on your measurement result.

Our wobble compensation is a patented high-end technology which eliminates this effect.

As a result, the workpiece holder used is no longer important,

because the measurement results now relate to the measurement object itself,

for example to the shaft or to the individual cutting edges.

The dependency on the holder and the clamping device is eliminated, which reduces costs.

With the help of specialised algorithms, the wobbling movement of the workpiece is detected.

The workpiece and the sensor control of the WMM are then calibrated to each other.

The sensor system adapts to the detected wobble of the measurement object and follows it exactly.

The measurement edge always remains in focus and in the centre of the measurement window.

In the case of extreme eccentricity or wobbling, the compensation may be carried out in two steps...

... to ensure the highest possible precision.

The wobble compensation ensures that the actual deviation of the measurement object can be detected,

measured and compensated for, regardless of which sensor is used for the measurement.

This is not only the basis for reliable measurement results,

but also for the combination of optical and tactile measuring steps within a measurement program.

It is our ambition to be the best supplier of solution-oriented measurement technology.

We call this SIMPLY PRECISE.

The Description of More precise measurement results and reduced costs due to wobble compensation