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welcome to seo this is your alternative search news for week 41of 2020

without any further do let's go let's dive in

because we have a lot like a lot to cover

first in the news that's it the report is out

the subcommittee on anti-trust commercial and administrative law

of the committee on the judiciary basically the big tech hearings

handed out the report and it does not smell good

will they take away instagram from facebook? will they take away chromefrom google?

will they make apple and amazon stop spying on competition and clients theway they are?

451 pages you need to reador at least I will read them I went through onceand I need to go back and take some notes and make

a special edition video about this because it's huge it's the biggest news right now

next in the news google discontinues the daydream vr headset on forbes

virtual reality augmented reality is where it's at, it might be a little bit

years ahead for all of us the general public but it's big move because

the headset where you put in your smartphone has very very limited

possibilities it's not the way to go so they killed it and they are finding new ways to

help us enjoy the wonders of virtual realitywhat's next I don't know but i'm eager to see what comes next in vr and ar

next in thenews should you watch the social the dilemma on netflix?

the documentary got a lot of positive critics especially because it brought in to

the conversation some former employees of all these technology companies that we

are scared of you know i mean scared the problem of social media the impact of

social media in our lives is a big debate it might be the biggest debate of this century

and facebook responded 1.Addiction: facebook builds its product to create value not to beaddictive

2. You are the product: facebook is funded by advertising so it remainsfree for people

I'm going through all thearguments of the netflix documentary and theresponses from facebook

3. Algorithms: Facebook's algorithm is not "mad". Itkeeps the platform relevant and useful

4. Data: Facebook has made improvements acrossthe company to protect people's privacy

5. Polarization we take steps to reduce content that could drive polarization

6. Elections: Facebook has made investment to predict the integrity of elections

7. Misinformation: we fight fake news misinformation and harmfulcontent

using a global network of facts checking partners thank you facebook for responding

my point of view imo in my opinion the documentary former employees

be careful okay you don't know the context you don't know if that employee left

the company in good terms or is that some kind of revenge is that real well go investigate

take that person's name and look up the story if you don't find a story even be even more careful

i don't disagree with everything that facebook claims

but there's a middle ground here there's definitely some flaws in social media but

human beings make what it is it amplifies it accelerates human behaviors but humans do that

to themselves this is just a tool like anything in life if you abuse it if you fall too much into it

it can be devastating and it can destroy your life like anything else anything else

yougo too much too hardcore not good findbalance

next in the news we aregoing over a couple of news that cover the social dilemma thecuriousmaverick

has a theory about the fact that we are victims of stockholm syndrome on social media well it's

not a fact it's his approach but definitely worth the read and make some pre-compiling points

however like i just said well are you really a prisoner?

are you really like a hostage can you really compare social media to a situation

where you are hostage physically trapped a little bit of mind control and you're good

not like if you're really a hostage or you're a kidnapped

on the atlantic what facebook did to american democracy and why it was so hard to see it coming

another good read maybe i think that the main point yeah was impossible to see it coming because

it didn't exist before there is definitely most definitely some corrections made after

what happened in 2016's election so we'll see elections are coming up we'll see how what happens

let's meet up after the elections to debrief

next in news I love this title thank you for Bryan Braun to write this piece about the powerof a link it's not just a backlink it's not just

a link that carries some page rank from one page over to the next a link is

way more powerful it could be just a backlink for seo to rank higher on a keyword but a real link

a real link is a reward a real link is a bond a real link is a connection

whatever you do with a link don't underestimate the power of a link whatever is the ambition just

pagerank or building a real connection with somebody else it's all up to you

but this is where it's still at in 2020 and the years to come for sure

next in the news on twitter

John Erlichman sorry to misread your last name he's sharing a cool video aboutlarry page & sergey brin the founder of google

in 1998 they were 25 years old and are telling the story of how they started google just funnyseeing them so young

and the low tech back in 1998 it's only one minute long so if youknow about google you already know all the stuff they say

in the video but still cool video thank you for sharing john

next in the news if you want to look for clients call callings okay best way to run clients is warm when

word of mouth and how you can build connections well just previously said

but look a list of startups that just got funded is shared by funded ventures

what better prospecting list for digital marketing and seo in particular that this list this is a

great gift i give for you okay because you should most definitely prospect around this

startups that just got money and i guarantee you they are not taking seo in consideration

and if they are they are not doing it well guaranteed

next in the news a little piece of code

Scoper by RameshAditya it's allowing search in the caption of a youtube video

okay not in the video but in the caption and you can

find out when the keywords you selected

pop up in the video it's on github it's free thank you for sharing

another scripting news GPT-2 writing comedy sitcom when GPT-3 from Open AI is all the buzz right now

and will be in beta soon and will be expensive when it comes out GPT-2 is free it's on github

and here is a script shared by i don't know what is his name data skeptic

yep don't know his name sorry

so it's not okay it's not even gpt3 is not a script that can write exactly like a human

it's not not yet maybe one day it will occur but it's not right now it won't happen with gpt3

it's not with GPT-2 but still very impressive

go play with it it's fun

the verge a TikTok competitor Triller found allegedly inflating its numbers the company said

it had 13 million monthly active users last october but former employees said different

i didn't report on TikTok recently because it's just all like games about

they're gonna shut it down now they're gonna buy it out

i'm waiting for some real news to hit to report on TikTok the way it should but Triller is

claiming 13 million monthly active users and 60 million app downloads well in fact apparently it

has only 2 million monthly active users on ios and around 4 184 000 monthly users on android


what do you think Triller or not Triller i haven't downloaded the app so far

and i just opened the TikTok account for seoconspiracy so

don't jump in too early unless you want to be a early adopter and an influencer on the platform

wait a year and a half two years don't jump in too late

but don't jump into early don't invest time and or money in everything because there's so much

next in the news Microsoft Bing Blogs Microsoft Bing the search engine that givesback

with give with Bing it's a good thing they help out non-profit

very easy the french search engine that i use to support i don't support it anymore

and in fact they close down qwant causes which is the equivalent of give with bing and i don't know

what they're doing at qwant but what i know isthey're doing the right thing at being and doingthe right thing is always the right thing

nextin the news some more microsoft news

10 appstore principles to promote choice fairness and innovation on the official microsoft blog well

i love it the top 10 list that's most definitely had head-butting apple straight up

trying to do the opposite of what apple is doing well i got news for you microsoft it's

not by beating down on your competition that you will build something relevant especially

something as complicated as an app store not the right tactic it's the right move you

should have these kind of values behind yourproject but what else okay what else don't baseyour strength on negativity like this

next in thenews on smashing magazine there's been a while

since i reported something or even found something worth mentioning on smashing magazine not that

smashing magazine is not good but i don't relate too much anymore to the content that they produce

but here developing for the semantic web week after week after week a pound on structured data

they wanted to take this opportunity to say hey the semantic web is not semantic seo semantic web

is part of semantic seo we do use structured data what is the goal here the goal is to make

the web understandable by both algorithms that don't understand what they read they are

dumb they are not like human beings even google especially google the brain of google is like a

like a worm okay or a dinosaur that level

so thank you smashing magazine for explaining in very clear termswhat the semantic web isall about

next in the news barry schwartz reports on twitter

google is testing a new user interface for the search tools bar

yes they are by and they are not only testing this they are testing all over the place

and you will be happy because you will have a lot to report on all those changing

changes google are making especially the integration between search ads and voice

google is broken next in the news on the official search liaison twitter account run

by danny sullivan a former seo colleague if you go through it's been a tough year for google

they have had many many many technical issues i told you my theory and especially

this year because there is a big shift at the head of google there's a new cowboy in town a new boss

he is the head of search ads and voice and of course act fast break things that's what he'sdoing

that's the way it should be done sucks when you are taking into this bermuda triangle

where your site is exploded on google serp it will work out okay just be a little patient they

he the boss and his crew will figure it outif there is one guy who can save google is Prabhakar Raghavan the new boss

nextin the news and final news

SEMrush blog outbound links: do they affect seo? I didn't need a blog post on SEMrush or the tweet

that they are displaying from danny sullivan to be convinced that outbound links are a good thing

if you don't believe that linking others without the rel=nofollow without the rel=sponsored

or rel=ugc don't use them make real links make outbound links like you mean them

like you're part of the web like you understand how google algorithms

works and how you are relevant because if you don't build outbound links you

cut out yourself from the entire spirit of the web from how google algorithms work and it's even

life in general okay the power of the link you want them give them give them to receive

and that's it for the news this week you can find all the links i mentioned on the website just look up the post for the alternative search news week 41 of 2020

thank you for watching until next time take care

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