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Today, we're going to be talking about parachuting in Player Unknowns battlegrounds

I got the hard numbers for you guys

So let's break it down in the beginning of the game when the plane flies over the island it chooses a random

Direction and will then fly over the island coming in from a random position

This can make each game unique in the flight path when you eject from the plane you're actually removed from the plane placed behind it

At a random height behind the plane with a variance of a few meters

combine that with the fact that you can land on uneven terrain say a mountain versus the ocean you're not always going to

Travel the same distance to the ground because of that consider that the numbers

I'm providing you today

Have some variance to them after you exit the plane you're going to travel towards the ground at immense speed and about

300 meters above the ground you're going to auto Deploy your parachute if you haven't chosen to deploy it early already now

That's 300 meters above the ground that you're currently over which means that you will deploy your parachute

considerably higher if you're over say a

mountain than if you were over an ocean it used to be that you would actually maintain some of your momentum if you release the

Forward key in a nosedive towards the ground right before the deploy animation

That's no longer the case and you can keep the forward key held down

You will maintain much of your momentum as you slowly decelerate after the chute is opened

so let's talk about speed both vertical and

Laterally when you exit the plane you're in a skydive a freefall if you apply no input to your character

He'll slowly accelerate to

180km per hour

all of the speed units in this video will be in kilometers per hour because that is what the rate of descent meter is in

The game in a freefall if you apply no movement to your character though

You will accelerate downwards you will not move laterally at all if you hold the back button

while you're in a freefall your character will slowly decelerate to

126 Km/h

Again, you will not move laterally one bit however holding forward while you're in a skydive is actually dependent on which Direction

you're looking at if you're looking straight at the ground your character will begin accelerating towards the ground reaching a maximum speed of

234 Km/h

And not moving laterally at all however if you look straight up your character will actually fall at

126 Km/h and depending on the direction of your compass Rose will move in that direction at around

122 Km/h

Laterally, this is useful for traversing massive distances, and it's important to do because if you don't look straight up

you won't move laterally as fast as if you did once your shoot is deployed which you can do early if you so choose if you

Apply no input to the parachute you will drop at around 54 [Km/h]

And you will not move laterally at all if you hold the forward key

Independent of where you look you will travel at a maximum of 64 Km/h

And move laterally at around 47 Km/h

Spiraling has no effect on this speed

And if you hold w while turning you'll actually still fall out approximately the same speed

And you'll hit the ground in about the same amount of time if you hold backwards however something

unusual happens something that I've had trouble pinning down you can fall while holding backwards in a parachute anywhere between

14 Km/h and 34 Km/h

It's not clear to me exactly what causes this difference in my testing I tried testing it with Direction

if there was wind speed if it was the height of the land that you were over and if you were over water or

Land the only thing I could find somewhat consistently is it seemed to happen more when over water than over land

But even that was not absolute if you know why this difference occurs leave a comment below

I'd love to know it in my testing. I simply wasn't able to pinpoint

Why holding backwards in a parachute created such a variable fall speed however you will always move forward

at around 14 km/h, so you're always going to move at that same rate

Laterally, so that can actually cause you to travel great distances

or fairly short distances depending on that rate of descent that is variable there is one other form of movement in the

parachute that is not immediately obvious and that is an oscillatory movement between holding forward and

releasing forward that will have you moving vertically between 28 and 35km/h

and have you traveling laterally at around 47 to 54 Km/h

That's actually the fastest way you can traverse that gives you the best glide ratio in the game

So what does all that mean and how can we break it down?

What's the takeaway here if you want to get to the ground as quickly as you possibly?

Can look straight down and hold forward and don't stop until you're on the ground

It'll take you around 35 seconds on average to hit the ground that's assuming a near sea level

Landing and you will only have traveled laterally around 200 meters those all of those 200 meters only

occurring after you've deployed your

parachute if you want to stay in the air as long as you possibly can perhaps to survey the land and see where your

Opponents are going you can hold back

immediately and Deploy your chute as soon as possible to stay in the air from anywhere between

three and three and a half minutes

depending on that variable rate of descent as we talked about you can travel laterally anywhere between about 500 and

1,000 meters during this lengthy descent if you want to travel as far as you possibly can

The best thing you can do is to immediately look up while holding forward in the direction

You want to go in and as soon as possible deploy your parachute

then begin that

oscillatory Movement we discussed

until you hit the ground

that can have you in the air for around 2 minutes and 15 seconds assuming a landing of around sea level and you'll end up

traveling around

2,100 meters and finally if you want something

That's a little bit in between a good compromise is to not Deploy your chute early

But to look up to hold forward in a direction you want to travel while skydiving and once your chute is forced to deploy

begin that

Oscillatory movement of your parachute you'll end up in the air for around a minute a minute and 10 seconds

And you'll end up traveling about

1,500 meters

Which is pretty considerable, so I'm going to throw up on the screen now comparison of all of the different movements

And how they vary and I'm also going to throw up a picture of the map

Illustrating the distances you can travel utilizing the different methods of traversal

Specifically this is showing that first type of traversal where you can skydive

Laterally as far and as fast as you can that's going to get you

1.5 kilometers away from the plane and it's going to be a relatively quick drop the other type is pulling your chute as

Early as possible and using the oscillating movement all the way down that's going to have you in the air much longer

But you're going to be able to cover 2.1

Kilometers of distance this should help you determine if you can reach that high loot area that seems

Maybe slightly too far off the flight path guys

I'm trying to learn how to do a quicker outro, so check the description

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Content and I'd like to give a big shout out to Jessica Schwarz for all her help on the graphics you've seen in this video

I'm MagnumDopus keep crunching those numbers

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