Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENCORE SINGING CHALLENGE!

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Ladies and gentlemen

Boys and girls

children of all ages

Hello everyone

today i'm joined with Mr Josh Pieters and Conor Maynard

*sings* Hiiiiiiii everyone

Nailed it

So I thought we'd play a little game today

what i like to call The Encore Challenge

It's a new challenge I think

I don't know if anyone else has done it yet

if they have i'm sorry

How this game works: there is one microphone with speakers attached to it

it goes on a little table infront of me and Josh

Conor Maynard, as you're already a singer and actually really good at remembering songs and stuff, you're the judge

Conor's going to sit behind us with just a list of just simple one words

so for example, carpet, right

then between me and you, Josh, we have to try and think of a song that has the word 'carpet' in any lyric

The thing is my brain just instantly puts the word 'carpet' into songs

My carpet brings all the boys to the yard

And then to buzz in, Josh or I will grab the microphone and then you've gotta sing the line of the song you think

Conor, would you like to take position?

Where am I physically going?

Because I feel like if I'm that far back, why am I even here?

Also there's a penalty, if you grab the mic and you can't think of a song in 5 seconds, Conor gets to slap you in the face

You know my slaps are dangerous


First word


I know! ♫ My tea's gone cold and I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my window. Window! ♫

And I can't see at all! ♫ One nil

Some classics that you could have done: '♫ To the window, to the wall', to the wall, to the sweat drops down my... ♫

Next word



Bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt

turn around, stick it out, show 'em what you got, oh yeah

oh, oh, oh, oh

I'm on fire Josh, c'mon

You're really good at the- aah I'm so annoyed

Any others we could have used Conor?

That was one of the examples

The other one was, ♫ I'm forever blowing bubbles

Bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air

Ok, I'm gonna throw one in, this one's just gonna be about who can get the microphone the fastest I think

Oh don't say that

I've got good reactions Josh

Don't grab until you know


You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay

Josh is ginger, ginger, ginger, ginger, ay, ay, ay

Smashed it

Do a hard one G

Right. The word is


I don't like cricket, ay, oh no, I love it

Are you gonna let me sing? If you don't get it right, you've gotta keep your mouth shut

This is my big moment, I'm tryna impress Conor

How's the score?

Hands behind your backs


Who farted?

I got so excited

I do that a lot when I'm on stage, I fart a lot

Turn around *fart noises* ♫


I know what you were gonna say

Go on just sing it, just sing it, just sing it Josh

Sing it

London bridge is falling down, falling down, burning down

He said 'burning down'!

London bridge is falling down

Is that gonna count?

Of course it counts, I said 'London bridge is falling down'

But that's also a nursery rhyme

What- what was it again? London?

How come every time you come round my london, london, london... bridge

That was one of the examples

I swear, I swear on my life

It says there in brackets, 'wait 10 seconds'

Josh, I'm gonna be nice and let you have the point for that

Right here we go


Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend

No way, no way, think you need a new one

If I was your girlfriend- ♫


Oh it's boyfriend isn't it

If I was your girlfriend, I would be a girl

If I was your girlfriend, I would definitely cheat

Yep, you got that one

That was actually one of the examples

The other example was, ♫ don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me



Alright stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back

with a brand new invention

*they don't know the words*

Deadly, like a venomous poison

Mushroom going through your bloodstream

there's not much room

ice, ice baby

So you get this and you win, that's no fun

What were the other options?

No. That was it. Funny

I promise, I swear

The annoying thing is, I haven't looked

Right here we go, ready?


Feel like heaven in your arms- could be in heaven

I'm getting confused between songs

Put it back down, put it back down

Ohh, thinking about all the younger years

We were only with you and me

He's gonna sing the whole song

Is heaven the last word in the song?

Baby your all that I want

When your lying here in my arms

I'm finding it hard to believe

We're in heaven

What else could we of had?

I'm not gonna lie, I never heard of either of these

'If I die before I wake, at least in heaven I can skate'

If I die before I wake

How do you not know this? OPM

At least in heaven I can skate

Ooo baby, do you know what that's worth? ♫

Ooo heaven is a place on Earth

Guys, its four all a piece, which can mean only one thing on this channel

We're going into the sudden death, tie breaker

Hands behind backs, Conor hold his hands


Shake it, shake it, shake it, oh oh

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Shake it, oh oh, shake it like a polaroid picture

Heeeeeeey yaaaaaa, heeeeeeey yaaaaaa

I can't hear ya

Heeeeeeey yaaaaaa, oh oh, heeeeeeey yaaaaaa

Oh you think you had it, yeh you think you had it

But then I took the mic and just won oooooh oooooh

I never win anything on youtube

I don't

Everyone thinks it's probably like I don't mind too much

I'm a very competitive person

Well, I blimmin well enjoyed that

There you go guys

I hope you enjoyed that little game of encore

If you did, give it a thumbs up

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Cheers, thank you and goodbye

Why don't you 'ahh hoo' anymore?

ahh hoooo

Lets do it together, 1...2...3