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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Windows 10 Start Menu | Search not Working | Blank Screen | Broken | February 2020

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I'm Sam from Sheridan computers and there's a problem going around at the

moment with Windows and the Start menu not working properly

more specifically when you search for something it just comes up with a

blank window, if you're having this problem I'm going to show you how to fix

it. The problems directly related to Bing search and it's a Bing search which

breaks it, and it's an update that's been released by Microsoft today by the looks

of things. I've seen a few people having it, so if we switch over we need to make

some registery changes. If we right click new "Windows PowerShell (Admin)"

(Drag this across) and we need to go into regedit so type in "regedit"

to get into regedit. We need to go into the "Current User Key", "Software", "Microsoft" go to

"Windows", "Current Version" under search, which is here so if you've got this

registry key "CortanaConsent" which I have, and it is set to one in this case, you

need to double click it I set it to zero. If that doesn't exist you can add it in

the same way that I'm going to add this next one. So we need to add one,

which is new d-word 32-bit "BingSearchEnabled" and set to zero.

So after you've done if you reboot your machine you'll

find your search bar is now working. I hope this helps for anyone that's having

problems with this because I knowit's been quite extensive and I've had a

few clients with the same problem. If you liked this video, please hit the

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The Description of Windows 10 Start Menu | Search not Working | Blank Screen | Broken | February 2020