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We had reports of geth in the Feros system

shortly before our colony there dropped out of contact.

The entire planet used to be one giant Prothean city.

Mostly ruins now.

The geth are making another push.

Fai Dan is preparing our defenses,

but he needs your help.

We've got geth in the tower.

Protect the heart of the colony!

It seemed like any other colony at first,

but ... it's different somehow.

But they should know... unh....

I mean, they are very important.

Time's up. Company's coming.

Ask Fai Dan. Ask him about the-- aaaaagh!

Some of the colonists are acting strange.

I'd prefer not to talk about it any more.

I'm here for the geth.

It's very important that I find out what they're after.

I don't know for certain,

but I'm guessing they're here for the Thorian.

Do you know where I can find this Thorian?

I might be able to,

but not with those geth crawling around everywhere.

All right. I'll look into it.

Stay put until the field is down.

Stupid machine!

Access encrypted files!

No, I don't want to review protocol!

I am unable to comply.

Please contact your supervisor.

Damn it.

Tell me what I want or I'll blast your virtual ass into actual dust!

Please contact your supervisor for a Level 4 security exemption

or make an appointment with--

Stupid machine!

If there is nothing else, please step aside.

There is a queue forming behind you for the use of this console.

ExoGeni Corporation reminds all staff that the discharging

of weapons while on company property is strictly forbidden.

Welcome back, Research Assistant Elizabeth Baynham.

What can I do for you?

What information was the last user attempting to access?

Fetching data.

The previous user was attempting to access details

on the study of Subject Species 37, the Thorian.

Tell me everything you told the krogan.

I was unable to provide the previous user with any relevant data.

Aside from lacking proper access,

there has been no new data available on Species 37.

All sensors monitoring the observation post at Zhu's Hope

have been inactive for several cycles.

What does Zhu's Hope have to do with the Thorian?

Species 37 is located within the substructure of the Zhu's Hope outpost.

Tell me everything you know about the Thorian.

The Thorian is a simple plant life-form that exhibits

a sentient behavior uncommon with other flora.

Through dispersion and the eventual inhalation of spores,

it can infect and control other organisms, including humans.

The Zhu's Hope control group has yielded interesting results.

Before sensors went offline,

almost 85% of all test subjects were infected.

Are you saying ExoGeni knew its people were getting infected?

It was deemed necessary to assess the true potential of Species 37.

That explains their strange behavior.

We should contact Joker.

Joker. Come in, Joker. Damn it.

That field's blocking us.

We must find a way around the field.

We must get back to Zhu's Hope.

VI, what can you tell me about the geth ship

and the field it's generating?

I have limited data on the geth.

They have effectively blocked all sensors within the facility.

I have detected unusual power fluctuations,

but am unable to determine the source.

We need to find that ship.

Let's get moving.

Going to standby mode.

It appears the geth are using these claws

to anchor their ship to the side of the building.

The geth certainly aren't subtle.

How do we cut the power if it's coming from the ship?

Perhaps it can be dislodged.

One of the other claws may have a weakness we have yet to detect.

This structure seems to have significance for the geth.

Is it possible they set up this room as a sacred temple of sorts?

You think the geth come here to pray?

Do synthetics even believe in god?

Same as before.

We don't have the ordnance to blow this claw.

Let's keep looking.

What do you make of this, Commander?

Looks like a containment lab.

We find a way to break even one claw and that ship is out of here.

All right! The door out will be open now.

We can head back and deal with this Thorian thing.

Well. That got the job done.

I repeat, Normandy to shore party.

Are you reading? Anyone there?

Normandy to shore party.

Come on, Commander, talk to me!

Is that you, Joker?

What's going on over there?

We're in lockdown here, Commander.

Something happened to the colonists.

They're banging on the hull,

trying to claw their way inside the ship.

They're freaking out!

They can't do any real damage.

We're on our way back.

Just hold your position.

Uh... yeah. Okay.

Well, we'll just wait right here for you, Commander.

This place will be crawling with geth in a minute.

Keep together and we'll get out of here in one piece.

There you are!

We should get out of here.

I don't think this place is safe.

I need some answers.

You knew more about the Thorian than you let on.

I-- I was afraid.

I wanted to stop the tests,

but they threatened me,

told me I'd be next.

When the geth attacked,

I stayed behind to send a message to Colonial Affairs.

I tried to tell them where to find the Thorian,

but the power cut before I could send the message.

I-- I never meant for this to happen.

You did what you could.

I'll help them if you can tell me where to find the Thorian.

The Thorian is underneath Zhu's Hope,

but the entrance is blocked.

The colonists covered it with the freighter just before the geth attacked.

But why are the geth after the Thorian?

What could Saren want with it?

Well, it does have unique mind-control capabilities.

That's what ExoGeni was interested in.

Normandy to shore party. Come in.

What is it, Joker?

We're getting a lot of geth comm chatter.

Looks like they're headed your way.

Thanks for the heads-up, Joker.

You heard the man; let's move out.

I'm coming with you.

I might be able to help.

Undo the mess I helped create.

... anybody. Is there anyone picking this up?

Get away from that radio.

What was that all about?

This is Julianna Baynham of Feros Colony.

Please, help us.

That's my mom. Stop. Stop the rover.

You can't do this, Jeong!

Everyone shut up! Let me think!

What's going on?

You won't get away with this.

Get her out of here!

Get away from her, you son of a bitch!


Damn it! Come out where I can see you!

All of you!

Hah, Shepard. Damn it!

I knew it was too much to hope the geth would kill you.

I found some interesting facts about you in the ExoGeni database.

I know what happened on Akuze.

This doesn't have to end like that.

What do you think you're doing, Jeong?

Communications are back up.

ExoGeni wants this place purged.

This is a human colony, Jeong.

You can't just re-purpose us.

It's not just you.

There's something here far more valuable than a few colonists.

Are you going to tell them about the Thorian, or should I?

The what?

It's a telepathic life-form living under Zhu's Hope.

It's taking control of the colonists there.

ExoGeni knew all along.

You won't get away with this, Jeong.

So you keep saying.

But nobody's going to miss a few colonists.

I won't let you hurt these people any more.

Drop your weapon or be prepared to use it!

If that's the way it has to be, then come on!

As if we don't have enough problems.

Now we're shooting each other in the back.

Can't you see the inherent potential in this colony?

Think of the promotional opportunities!

Opportunities? What the hell are you talking about?

They recovered from an alien attack on a frontier world.

Add that to your company profile.

Well, yeah.

No one's ever gone broke playing the "champion of humanity" card.

Sadly, you'd probably make a killing.

But if it will let us get back to our lives, I'm for it.

It just might work.

Wait, no, but the infected colonists will throw a bit of a wrench in that plan.

No, no. They need to disappear.

You can't just kill the colonists. It's not their fault.

You're a bean-counter, Jeong.

I'm a Spectre.

Tell me, how good are those odds?

A Spectre? That's a load of crap.

There aren't any human Spectres. Right?

Is that really a chance you're willing to take, Jeong?

ExoGeni will send more assayers.

They'll know what happened.

Tell them the geth destroyed the Thorian.

Yeah, but the infected colonists can't be here when the company men come.

It's my fault.

I knew what was going on and I didn't do anything.

Don't you start.

You do good work and you know it.

So what now, Commander?

I need to find out why the geth are after the Thorian.

The colonists won't let you near the Thorian.

They'd die first. They're under its control.

What else am I supposed to do?

There's got to be another way.

I think there is.

You could safely use a nerve agent to neutralize the colonists.

Like a gas grenade!

Releasing clouds of nerve gas doesn't seem like a particularly good idea.

It's not like it's weapons-grade.

The insecticide we use in the gro-labs

contains trace amounts of Tetraclopine, a neuromuscular degenerator.

If their nervous systems are already weakened,

it may act as a paralyzing agent.

A reduced-capacity concussion grenade might suit our needs.

Sounds good. I'll do what I can.

Anything that gets between me and my goal is fair game.

Excellent. Thank you so much, Commander.

We'll stay out of your way until you clear a path.

Good luck.

Any luck finding my workstation out in the ruins?

I managed to find the data and transfer it to your OSD.

That's very good news, indeed. Thank you.

I was there anyway.

It was the least I could do.

Well, I appreciate it. Here.

You've certainly earned this.

Thanks again, Commander.

What is that? There's no way that's human, infection or not.

No hitting the colonists,

even if the Thorian makes them fire on us.

That's what the gas grenades are for.

You got it, Commander. Let's do this.

I want a clean sweep.

Nothing hostile lives to take a second shot.

We did acquire nerve grenades from Dr. Baynham.

Do you want us to use them?

We don't have time to waste on these people.

There's a galaxy at stake.

It is regrettable, but if you say there is no other option,

that is just the way it is.

They are definitely protecting the Borealis.

We've got to move one of its cargo blocks.

There's the crane.

Can you make sense of the controls, Commander?

I tried to fight it, but it gets in your head.

You can't imagine the pain.

I was supposed to be their leader.

These people trusted me.

It wants me to stop you... but I... I won't.

I won't!

Okay, by the numbers.

We just need to find... to find....

What is that?

We are going to need bigger guns.

Invaders! Your every step is a transgression.

A thousand feelers appraise you as meat,

good only to dig or decompose.

I speak for the Old Growth, as I did for Saren.

You are within and before the Thorian.

It commands that you be in awe!

You gave something to Saren.

Something I need.

Saren sought knowledge of those who are gone.

The Old Growth listened to flesh for the first time in the Long Cycle.

Trades were made.

Then cold ones began killing the flesh that would tend the next cycle.

Flesh fairly given!

The Old Growth sees the air you push as lies!

It will listen no more!

I won't let you keep your thralls.

Release them. Now!

No more will the Thorian listen to those that scurry.

Your lives are short, but have gone on too long.

Your blood will feed the ground and the new growth!

Here, Commander! There's a... node... or something.

Worth looking at.

That's a start. We'll bring it down yet.

That thing has to drop soon.

I'm free.

I-- I suppose I should thank you for releasing me.

How did you end up inside that... thing?

My name is Shiala. I serve-- I served Matriarch Benezia.

When she allied herself with Saren, so did I.

Benezia foresaw the influence Saren would have.

She joined him to guide him down a gentler path.

But Saren is compelling. Benezia lost her way.

Are you saying Saren can control minds?

Benezia underestimated Saren. As I did.

We came to believe in his cause and his goals.

The strength of his influence is troubling.

Benezia sought to turn the river and was swept away.

Asari Matriarchs are among the most intelligent

and powerful beings in the galaxy.

How could one fall under Saren's control?

Saren has a vessel.

An enormous warship unlike anything I've ever seen.

He calls it Sovereign.

It can dominate the minds of his followers.

They become indoctrinated to Saren's will.

The process is subtle. It can take days, weeks.

But in the end, it is absolute.

I was a willing slave when Saren brought me to this world.

He needed my biotics to communicate with the Thorian,

to learn its secrets.

Saren offered me in trade.

I was sacrificed to secure an alliance between Saren and the Thorian.

Then why were the geth trying to destroy the Thorian?

After Saren had what he needed,

the Thorian became a liability.

Saren knows you are searching for the Conduit.

He knows you are following his steps.

He attacked the Thorian so you could not gain the Cipher.

What's the Cipher? And why did Saren need it?

The beacon on Eden Prime gave you visions.

But the visions are unclear, confusing.

They were meant for a Prothean mind.

To truly comprehend them, you must think like a Prothean.

You must understand their culture,

their history, their very existence.

The Thorian was here long before the Protheans built this city.

It watched and studied them.

When they died, it consumed them.

They became a part of it.

So the Thorian taught Saren to think like a Prothean? How?

The Cipher is the very essence of being a Prothean.

It cannot be described or explained.

It would be like describing color to a creature without eyes.

To understand, you must have access to endemic ancestral memory.

A viewpoint spanning thousands of Prothean generations.

I sensed this ancestral memory--the Cipher--

when I melded with the Thorian.

Our identities merged, our minds intertwined.

Such knowledge cannot be taught;

it simply exists.

I need the Cipher.

There is a way.

I can transfer the knowledge from my mind to yours,

as I did with Saren.

Try to relax, Commander. Slow, deep breaths.

Let go of your physical shell.

Reach out to grasp the threads that bind us,

one to another.

Every action sends ripples across the galaxy.

Every idea must touch another mind to live.

Each emotion must mark another's spirit.

We are all connected.

Every living being united in a single, glorious existence.

Open yourself to the universe, Commander.

Embrace eternity!

I have given you the Cipher, just as it was given to Saren.

The ancestral memories of the Protheans are a part of you now.

What just happened? Are you okay?

I saw... something. It still didn't make any sense.

You have been given a great gift:

the experience of an entire people.

It will take time for your mind to process this information.

We should get you back to the ship where you can be monitored.

I am sorry if you have suffered, but there was no other way.

You needed the Cipher.

In time, it will help you understand the vision from the beacon.

Now that you're free of the Thorian,

what are you planning to do next?

If you allow it, I would like to stay here with the colonists.

They have suffered greatly, and I played a role in their suffering.

I would like to make amends.

The colonists will need all the help they can get.

They'll be happy to have you on their side.

Thank you, Commander.

May fortune smile upon you.

You change sides too often.

I have no choice. You must die.

So be it.

If this is the fate you feel I deserve,

then I will not resist.

You did it.

With the Thorian gone,

we can start rebuilding for ourselves again.

And we're free of ExoGeni's threats.

We're back to being just a little nowhere colony.

You tried to do for us.

Saved a few.

It's more than most would have done.

Anyway, thanks.

We'll start again.

Just not here.

Thank you, Commander.

I will do what I can to assist the colony in this difficult time.

I am ashamed of the damage done to the lives of these people.

Tell me more about this ship Saren has.

Sovereign is alien.

I do not know how it was built, or where it comes from.

Its design does not match that of any known spacefaring species.

It dwarfs any vessel in the Citadel or Alliance fleets.

Its weapons are devastating;

its defenses, virtually impenetrable.

With it, Saren believes he is unstoppable.

You said Saren uses it to manipulate his followers.

The indoctrination. There is an energy about Sovereign.

You feel drawn to the ship.

It makes Saren's arguments more persuasive,

more compelling.

Spend enough time in Sovereign's presence and you will lose yourself.

There is no other way to explain it.

I want to know more about Benezia.

Benezia was greatly respected among our people.

A powerful biotic, even for an asari.

She was widely known as a teacher of philosophy and religion.

She always sought the paths of peace and harmony.

She joined with Saren because she hoped

to turn him away from his path of destruction.

What else can you tell me about Saren?

There is little I could tell you that you do not already know.

He is powerful.

He is charismatic.

And he is dangerous.

Once I followed him, blind to his true nature.

But now I see he is leading the galaxy into

an age of darkness and suffering.

Farewell, Shiala.

Farewell, Commander. I wish you well in your hunt.

Finally, that damn thing is out of my head.

I can think without pain.

And with the power cells you brought,

I can get this place up and running again.

Thanks, Commander.

It will take time for things to get back to normal around here.

Commander? You look... pale.

Are you suffering any ill effects from the Cipher?

The Cipher shook me up a bit.

I might be able to help you.

I am an expert on the Protheans.

If I join my consciousness to yours

maybe we can make some sense of it.

Do it. Hurry. We don't have much time.

Relax, Commander.

Embrace eternity.

That was incredible!

All this time. All my research.

Yet I never dreamed...

I'm sorry. The images were so vivid.

I never imagined the experience would be so...

... intense.

You are remarkably strong-willed, Commander.

What you've been through, what you've seen,

would have destroyed a lesser mind.

Come on. Get to the point.

What did you see?

The beacon on Eden Prime must have been badly damaged.

Large parts of the vision are missing.

The data transferred into the commander's mind is incomplete.

You sure you didn't come across any kind of clue or hint?

Something we might have missed?

Everything I saw you already know.

You were right about the Reapers.

The Protheans were destroyed by a race of sentient machines.

I think it's obvious there's a connection between the Reapers,

the Prothean extinction, and the Conduit.

But I didn't see anything that would help us find it.

What's our next move?

I was able to interpret the data relayed through your vision.

What was there, at least.

But something was missing.

Saren must have the missing information.

Maybe he found another beacon.

If we can find the missing data from your vision I can-- whoa!

I'm sorry. The joining is... exhausting.

I should go to the medical bay and lie down for a moment.

We're done here. Dismissed.

I've sent off the Feros report, Commander.

You want me to patch you through to the Council?

Patch them through, Joker.

Setting up the link now, Commander.

Commander. Exogeni should have told us about the Thorian.

It would have made your job much easier.

You might have been able to capture it for study instead of destroying it.

Exogeni tried to study it.

Look how that turned out.

Perhaps it's for the best, then.

At least the colony was saved.

Of course it was saved.

Shepard would go to any lengths to help a human colony.

Being human had nothing to do with it.

They were in trouble.


But sometimes Spectres have to make sacrifices.

I hope you're willing to do that when the time comes.

Goodbye, Commander.

We'll be waiting for your next report.

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