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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Erika Jayne on Broadway!

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We love our first guest.

She's from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

and she's now making her Broadway debut in Chicago.

(audience applauds)

Please welcome back to our show the fabulous Erika Jayne.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

(dance music)

(audience whoops)

Doing well.

Thank you for coming back.

Thank you for having me.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)


Erika. Yes, ma'am.

First of all, shoe cam.

If you leave your feet down there

and look in there and model.

(twinkling music)

(audience cheers)


It's Erika Jayne, first shoe dazzle. (laughs)


Yeah, it's my collection.

Which means that they're very affordable.

They're very affordable.

And really see-through.

And very see-through and very sparkly.



(audience cheers) (audience applauds)


And I like this too. Thank you.

It's a coat, it's a dress.

It's sexy, it's easy.


Why not?


You look terrific as usual.

Thank you.

(audience applauds)

Congratulations on your Broadway debut as Roxie Hart.

Thank you.

Which is not just any character.

You're the star.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)


Well, you know, you were there.

I mean it's a tough job.

It really is.

And when I found that you were doing this show

and Broadway at the same time,

my hat's off to you because you don't realize

how tough a Broadway show is, and this show as well.

Well, 'cause you have to memorize your lines.

They insist that you go to vocal lessons.

Yeah, of course.

And they insist that you go to a good doctor.

A good doctor.

To stick a tube down your throat with the camera.

You have to do a lot.

But you don't have to do any of this if you didn't want to.

Yeah, but I love it.

Well, I didn't realize that until I--

That's my passion, my love.

Well, a lot of people say that.

Until I ran into a picture of a young Erika Jayne,

dreaming of being a star.

I know.


(audience applauds)

Yeah, there she is.

So you're really living your dream.


I encourage myself to do everything I want to every day,

and I encourage everyone to live their dreams.

I think it's very possible.

(audience applauds)

I think it's very possible.

For me, I'd get off the set and I'd go right home.

I didn't even have time to hang out with everybody

so I made the most of friendships backstage in the theater.

But I'd go home to go to sleep to come back to the show

but you're from LA.

Well, you live there now.


So you're here in New York.

Did they put you up, 'cause you're Erika Jayne,

it's kind of a big deal.

No, I'm living in a really modest two-bedroom apartment.

And I love it.

It's like being 18 years old again,

when I moved here for the first time.

So it's actually really cool.

I enjoy it, yeah.

20th anniversary with you and Tom.

That's right.


(audience applauds)

Aw, sweet.


And Erika, I would imagine there will always be

small-minded people that you come across

who insist that you've married him for his money,

'cause you came from humble beginnings.

She came from humble beginnings.

I did.

And now, you're married to Tom for 20 years.

Tom is wealthy beyond wealth.

(audience laughs)

Erika does not have to move a fingernail, honey.

Erika knows that well.

Thank you, but--

With no pre-nump?

No, no pre-nup, yeah.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Another dream that can be realized. (laughs)

But, I was reading some place that you said

why bother with a pre-nup when you guys got married

'cause he's one of the best lawyers in LA.

That's right, so no matter what I was,

yeah, you gotta know, yeah.

(audience laughs)

He would know how to get around it.

You gotta know who you're marrying because yeah.


He'd get around it.

He'd get around it.

Why do you still bother with the Housewives?

I mean it's a fun time to watch on TV.

It's very entertaining to us.

But Erika Jayne,

you don't really need that drama.

(audience laughs)

Thank you.

You're very sweet.

Just sayin'.


I'm sitting on this couch because of Housewives.

(audience applauds)

While there is a lot of conflict and a lot of stuff,

it's also brought me a lot of things.

My book, I get to come be with you.

I get to do things like Chicago.

So it has its pros and its cons.

It's all in the way you look at it

and what you maximize out of it, I think.

You maximize your experience.

(audience applauds)

Does Tom ever say to you,

Erika, leave the show alone?

Does he even watch?

He's 80.

He's 80, will be 81 June 1st.

Yeah, I love that. (laughs)

(audience applauds)

He does watch.

He mostly watches New York, instead of Beverly Hills.

So he likes the New York girls.

I know.

It's my favorite franchise.

Is it really?

Low key, mhm.

No, high key, what are you talking about?


I love you guys, I love the OC, I love--

Listen, you love who you love.

It is what it is.

But there's somethin' about the New York girls.

You know why, 'cause they're just (slaps hands) about it.

It's just very quick.

I like it too.


So he watches New York.

He watches New York.

He'll watch our show from time to time.

He appears a couple times a year.

And he's very supportive

and that's what you want in a partner.

That's nice. Yeah.

(audience applauds)

He's very supportive.

That's nice.

I ran into a picture of you and the Housewives

on your opening night.

Oh my God.

I thought that was real supportive.

They were very sweet.

They came on their own

and I did not expect them to come on stage.

I knew they were there.

But when they came on stage with flowers,

I got a little emotional.


(audience applauds)

It was nice of them to do that.

They didn't have to, they really didn't have to.

So thank you, ladies.

So, all right, Erika,

I'm sorry, we have to talk.

(audience murmurs)

(Erika clears throat)

(laughs) Let me get in my usual talking position.

Yes, let's do this.

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards' alleged affair.


Denise says it never happened

and Brandi says oh yes, it did,

and you liked it.

I liked it?

No, not you.


(audience laughs)

Oh, I was like, I liked it?

I like it? (laughs)

I don't know.

Who do you believe?

Okay, so let me say this.

There are two sides to every story.

The viewer will get to hear both sides and see both sides.

I have my opinion, based on what I've seen.

I'm gonna keep it to myself.

I'll tell you privately

but I know exactly--

Don't tell me 'cause I might slip.

You won't.

(audience laughs)


You won't.

(audience applauds) (Wendy laughs)

But I think that it makes for a very interesting season

and I think it makes for a very interesting dynamic

within the group.

And there's more to just the affair.

It's about the way

Denise relates to us in the group.

It's not just them.

Erika is from humble means.

Can you give us the synopsis of how you grew up?

Yeah, I'm a middle-class kid from Atlanta, Georgia.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

And I was fortunate, yes, exactly in the back. (laughs)

I was fortunate enough to,

my mother was an artist and I was fortunate enough

to go to a performing arts high school in Atlanta.

How'd you meet Tom?

I was a waitress in Beverly Hills.

I was a cocktail waitress.

(audience murmurs)

(audience applauds)


I know.

He was my customer for a year before we ever went on a date.

So we got out all the small talk,

so when we got together, we actually really knew each other.

I knew his law partners, I knew his family.

So it was a nice, slow way to get to know someone, honestly.



(audience applauds)

You don't have to answer if you don't want to

but I have to ask the question.

So back in the day, before you met Tom,

had you ever been with a girl?

(audience gasps)

You know the answer to that. (laughs)

I know, but I know the answer but--

Well, and I think this is coming up

because it's brought it up on the show this year,

we talk about the threesome. Exactly.

And so I wrote about having a threesome in my book

30 years ago.


I was lookin' really good.

Yes, it's the only time I've done it,

but yeah, I have, yes.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Straight talk makes for straight understanding.

I like you a whole lot.

Thank you, baby.

I like you too. (laughs)

(audience applauds)

Lisa Vanderpump, do you miss her?

I don't think so.

(audience laughs)

I personally do not miss her.

I don't think that the show,

listen, here's the thing.

Everybody was it's not gonna go on.

Everyone is replaceable.

we all know that, the show always goes on.

(audience applauds)

Doesn't matter.

And I mean I think we have proof

that the world keeps spinning.

The Housewives will forever go on.

Now how is Garcelle doing, Beauvais?

Now they're currently taping,

so we haven't seen Garcelle on TV.

Yeah, you haven't seen Garcelle but I like Garcelle.

I think she's gonna make a great housewife.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Your first year is always the introduction

and then the second year is when they really

let you have it.

So we'll see what happens.

(audience laughs)

Who's your favorite out of all the girls?

Well, I'm closest to Lisa Rinna.

I was hoping you'd say that.

I love Rinna.

I mean, yeah.

That's my closest cast member

because we have a lot in common.

We did Dancing With The Stars together.

She did Roxie on Chicago.

And we're friendly, where our birthdays are a day apart.

And I like her, she's cool.

(audience applauds)

Feel, feel, feel it

Feel, feel it-it


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