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Those are creepy eyes right there.

Alright everybody Diamond was nice enough to send me the new 4890

and it is here. Check this puppy out, the latest and greatest,

it is the RV790 GPU which is actually pretty much an RV770,

pretty much everything is the same as a 4870 except it's not.

For some reason, I don't know what they did,

some magic, it's still 55nm but somehow they, this voodoo,

the same thing they got they got the glow in the eyes.

They use that same technology to give you a card

that overclocks further, tweaks better,

has a better efficiency and can almost get you

into the very high 900 megahertz GPU core clock area.

So very very fast card, lots of good stuff.

Some new stuff as well with drivers,

using the Catalyst 9.4 is the latest drivers.

It comes with the AMD Fusion which actually lets, it's like a program.

Pretty much what it does is that, you run the program, the application,

and it starts shutting down all the background processes.

Shuts down your sidebar and your gadgets

and all these widgets and it makes sure that you have

as much CPU and as much memory as possible

so that it can be dedicated to the game. Now using that software,

depending on how much "junk" you have on your computer

you'll actually get a good performance increase. Like on my computer

it was ridiculous how much performance gain I got using it.

On the benchmarking system though,

since it's got a clean OS copy, very slight.

So still really good stuff. Now let's talk a little bit

about the core clocks and stuff.

Now the regular 4870 had a 750 megahertz core clock,

this thing has an 850 megahertz core clock,

so they gave you an extra 100 megahertz of GPU core clock

just by going to the 4890 which is a big deal.

Gains at 850 is big enough but you can actually go about 900, 950

depending how good the card is that you have in particular,

you know it's not, every card is not the same.

You do get lucky, you get a Wednesday card,

you get a Monday card, you get a Friday card.

Monday cards suck, Wednesday cards are the miracle cards,

everyone's happy, it's hump day, they're about to get somewhere.

Friday cards are usually like 'oh I want to get out of here'

and so the cards don't come out as good.

That's just the way it works, same thing with engines,

same thing with anything in life. This video it's being done on a Friday

and I kind of just don't want to do it

that's why you're getting this low quality video.

So let's keep talking about it. 1 gigabyte of GDDR5 memory

which is very fast, clocked at 3900 megahertz

which is actually 975 megahertz normally,

effective though it's 3900. 40 texture units, 16 ROPs,

it is 55nm, the ALUs are also matched to the GPU frequency

so these are running 875 megahertz or 850 megahertz.

This one in particular is the standard reference version

running 850 megahertz for the ALUs and the core clock.

DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1 this is new because it uses OpenGL 3.0,

that's a new one, so that's on the latest drivers.

UVD which lets you do blu-rays and 1080P videos.

You've got dual DVIs right there, those are dual-links,

they're DVI-Is, they have power by dual 400 megahertz RAMDACs

and you also got that 7-pin digital s-video cable right there

which can do component or composite breakaways

or you can just use s-video which I don't know why you'd use.

Obviously it is a double slot cooler,

it is Crossfire-ready as you can see right there

so if you want to run Crossfire you can

and in the box they also provide you a bridge.

Speaking of things in the box, let's talk about

what you got in the box besides that.

This is very nice, this video card has what they call UVD.

UVD gives you HDCP and it gives you HDMI support

which lets you do 7.1 channel lossless audio

through the DVI into the HDMI converter

and out to your television all through one cable.

7.1 channel lossless audio through your receiver is going to sound great,

you're pretty much not losing anything by going through the chip,

the audio chip on your motherboard or your separate sound card

so it's lossless, there's nothing happening,

you hear the pure stream of audio. Also included in the box

is a composite breakaway cable or component breakaway cable sorry.

These will 1080 out to your TV with RCA cables.

You also get a composite breakaway which will do 480P to who cares

and you get a VGA to DVI and that's pretty much it.

So that's the stuff that's in the box, cool graphic on the front.

Let's talk a little bit about benchmarks, I've got a few.

Just so you know the game that comes in it

which I was unaware of until right before I did this video

is Stalker: Clear Skies. So if you want a game like this

very cool first person shooter, a little bit like Half Life.

I actually have never played it but Eric played it

and told me it was pretty cool. Let's talk about benchmarks.

First of all two games, three games sorry,

Crysis Warhead, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and Tom Clancy Hawk.

I am retarded because that's 4 games,

and I can't even count today, again it is Friday.

Two resolutions, 22 and 24 inch that's 1680 and 1050,

1680 by 1050 and 1920 by 1200 the resolutions that we tested at

versus the GTX 260, the 4870, the 4890 and let's get started.

Oh the system, thank you. Man you're on the ball today.

Core i7, 4 gigahertz, 1866 megahertz triple channel 6 gigabyte DDR3 kit,

clocked at 1600 megahertz, 7-7-7-24 1T latencies

with 1T command line. Two X25s in RAID 0, the M's,

Vista Ultimate 64-bit, that's it. That is the system,

Rampage 2 Extreme 965, with that card.

Now let's talk about the games, first of all Tom Clancy Hawk.

1680 by 1050 this card did score 62 frames per second

compared to 4870 which did 57 and the GTX 260 which did 54

and 1920 by 1200 it actually got 49 frames per second,

totally destroying the GTX 260 that only got 37 frames per second.

Now in Far Cry 2 though the results were flipped.

The GTX 260 got 45 frames per second at 1920 by 1200,

whereas the 4890 only got 38 frames per second

so a very very very advanced game but it leans towards NVidia architecture,

not towards the ATI so you did see less performance there

but moving on to Crysis Warhead we saw some nice gains.

The GTX 260 at 1680 by 1050 did 42, the 4890 did 44

and 1920 by 1200 or your native 24 inch resolution

the GTX 260 did 34, the 4890 did 35.

Now here's where it gets really interesting.

Game of the year Fallout 3, 1680 by 1050

the GTX 260 did 63 frames per second,

the 4890 did 72, 9 frame per second increase,

totally decimated the GTX 260 and even better at 1920 by 1200

47 frames per second for the GTX 260, the 4890 did 64 frames per second

so against destroying it. That is at 8x, AA,

ultra high settings, HDR on, pretty much maxed out

and just so you know on Crysis the last benchmark,

it was DX10 gamer settings with no eye candy.

The ones before that were maxed out, everything highest, 10.1 DirectX 10.1,

16x AF and 8x AA. So very impressive benchmarks,

great card, good price and it brings a little bit more refinement

to the RV770 chip and that's a good thing

because even though it was good before

this finally does what the XOC Black Edition was supposed to do

with the 4870, what everybody was waiting for.

This will oveclock, if you're lucky, into the 900 megahertz

for the GPU and for the ALU so very very good at overclocking,

very tweakable and it wastes less energy

because it underclocks itself very well manually.

If you go turn on GPUZ, you leave your frame up,

you leave your desktop up you'll see everything go, power down

and you save a lot of power. And if you have a kilowatt meter

you'll see it, you'll see the wattage go down.

So very nice card, good stuff, the 4890,

Stalker Clear Sky is in the box. If you have any questions email me

and I'll see you guys next time.

For more information on the Diamond Radeon HD 4890

1 gigabyte video card type in D10-4890

into the search engine of any of these major retailers.

For ComputerTV, I'm Albert.

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