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Today, I'm here with HeatherAsh Amara and we're talking about Wisdom and Authenticity.

HeatherAsh, tell me Authenticity philosophy.

What does that mean to you?

Authenticity is not something that we can figure out or make happen.

It's something that we remove what's not authentic to let the authentic-self come forward.

I believe we're always connected to our authenticity.

It's not that it's gone some place, it's just that we've forgotten who we really are.

So, why is it important to reconnect to our Authenticity?

When we connect to our Authenticity, we're coming back home to ourselves and we're shredding

all the habits and patterns and things that we've learned that really keeps us in jail,

keeps us limited.

And it's from that place of releasing that our life gets really fun.

And that we actually engage in our life in a much deeper way.

So instead of just getting by, we learn to really relate to ourselves from a place of

depth in become more intimate and present with life as it moves through us.

So, the next step in that would be Wisdom.


And wisdom comes when we consciously begin to shift away from our thoughts in trying

to figure everything out and come down into our heart.

And it's fascinating, modern science now is connecting what Shamans have known for thousands

of years.

And Shamans are people that are deeply connected to the earth.

And, what science are finding is that we have neural cells in our heart as well as our belly.

So, this idea of I have a gut feeling or I'm experiencing something through my heart is

actually true.

And that is what, for me, Authenticity is about and Wisdom.

It's about coming back to the wisdom of our heart.

It's about coming back to the wisdom of our bellies.

And instead of figuring everything out, that we have to understand it to move towards knowing

from our wisdom.

HeatherAsh, Authenticity and Wisdom are something that really come together.

So, talk to me about what it means to be a Wisdom Goddess.

A Wisdom Goddess is a woman who has come back into relationship with the core of her being.

She's come back into her center.

And for me, a Goddess is an energy.

The Goddess is an archetype, and that archetype is around being really powerful, really present,

really full, really bright, really shiny.

And so, when we connect with our Wisdom Goddess with that wise part of our self, we're connecting

with our deepest knowing and with our hearts.

And we come back into relationship with all of life.

Thank you, HeatherAsh.

Thank you.

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