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- Rihanna shows Megan Thee Stallion some love,

Chris Brown turns down Timberland's next Verzuz

and Beyonce's "Black Is King" arrives Friday.

Hey it's Tetris and these are your top stories

for Wednesday, July 29.

- And still unlike any other.

- Beyonce has partnered with Disney+

to give us new film "Black Is King"

as a visual to her album "The Gift"

that accompanied last summer's "The Lion King."

The powerful imagery in the trailer

shows the lead character's journey

as Beyonce narrates and inspires the viewer as only she can.

We even hear some of the iconic lines

used from the original film.

- [Cast] I laugh in the face of danger.

(dramatic music)

- [Cast] Don't be led astray.

- [Cast] Runaway and never return.

- The highly anticipated project

arrives July 31st on Disney+.

People are also ready for a new Verzuz battle,

and we know who's next.

Fell in love with a real one this a dedication

Had 'em patiently waitin' for a revelation.

- 2 Chainz will try to rule the world

as he goes head to head with Rick Ross

in the next Verzuz battle, and the internet is ready.

The official Verzuz Instagram

announced that the battle will be going down

Thursday August 6th at 8:00 PM Eastern standard time.

Who the fuck the snitch you're tripping with

Yes am the boss

745 white on white that's Rick Ross

But the internet is begging to see

two very specific RNB heavyweights.

If you can run it run it

Girl indeed I can run it run it

- Can Chris Brown running against Usher?

The two names trended heavily on Twitter

as fans argued over who would be the easy winner.

But with CB beat down, he hopped on his IG story to say,

"I could do a vs off features alone, so I'll humbly decline.

"I'm busy doing nothing."

Sure Chris.

Let it burn let it burn let it burn

Gotta let it burn

- Usher's just gotta let that burn.

And now Jordan in New York

has Rihanna and Megan Thee Stallion.

- I love you hotties

and I love you to everybody who has been sending me messages

and sending me flowers and gifts.

- Megan Thee Stallion gets by with a little help

from her fellow hotties.

As Meg continues to recover from a shooting incident

involving Tory Lanez earlier this month,

the Houston native is being showered with well wishes.

On Tuesday Megan took to Instagram

to show off some new Savage by Fenty lingerie,

along with a note from Rihanna and co. who wrote,

"Just know you've got a whole crew over here

"sending good vibes your way."

- Can't get any better than good vibes from Rihanna.

That's gonna to do it for today,

running it down for you always I'm Tetris Kelly

back home in Waynesboro, Georgia for billboard News.

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