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oh I'm just combing my hair combing you

see it's a Fir Comb yeah please

yourself hi everybody this is mr. Duncan

in England how are you today are you

okay I hope so are you happy I hope so

I'm so glad to see that you have decided

to join me for another rummage through

my ever growing pile of email questions

and comments sent in to me by you so

without any more dawdling let us have

our first question for today how do we

use yet in a sentence this question

comes from Marcus Lucas who lives in

Spain despite the size of this word yet

often causes confusion it is mostly used

as an adverb it can be used to express

up until this moment he has not arrived

yet when used as a superlative this meal

is the best yet it can refer to a point

of time in the future or Express a

moment when something should all may

occur he may yet arrived he may yet

change his decision it can express a

continuation or more of the same there

is yet more bad news to report it can be

used to express despite the weather is

terrible yet I keep smiling it may also

be used as a conjunction to express two

things occurring together but not

affecting each other the room was dark


I was able to find that all a nice email

I have received a very nice email from a

young lady named grass in de who used to

live in Brazil but now lives here in

England with her husband grass in des

has been following my lessons for the

past three years and has succeeded in

passing most of her ESL exams

congratulations grison de on your

success so far and all the best for the

rest of your cause please let me know

how you get on what is the difference

between nation and country also how do

we use relation and relationship in

English sentences these questions come

from during ding Tong who is studying

English in Hanoi Vietnam first there is

no real difference between the words

nation and country they are synonymous

with each other however we tend to use

nation more when we are talking about

the identity or characteristic of a

country the national flag the National

Bank the national debt the mood of the

nation so nation appears to relate more

to the people while country tends to be

used when talking about the land and its

geography although strictly speaking

their meanings are similar an area of

occupied land with its own government

relation and relationship the words

relation and relationship are both used

to express a family connection or a

common similarity between two objects or

events a relation is a person who is a

member of your family be their brother

or sister aunt or uncle niece nephew or

grandparents they are relatives we can

express two events that have connections

with or similarities to each other the

two explosions

are related there is a relation between

the two explosions the word relationship

is used to show a definite connection or

the act of being connected there is a

relationship between overeating and

obesity Mary and I are in a relationship

why do I find it hard to speak English

well I can easily read and write it this

very interesting question comes from

journalist yoka who is a student and

lives in Japan believe it or not your

problem is a common one the hardest part

of learning any language is speaking it

with reading and writing there is time

to think about what you wish to say

whereas with speaking out loud you have

very little time to consider what you

are about to say speech is usually

spontaneous this means that it happens

with very little planning or preparation

but just like any other ability this

skill can be learned try reading short

passages out loud remember and recite

short sentences get used to the sound of

your English speaking voice the

important thing to remember is that this

problem is a common one so do not worry

too much about it and Jen I hope your

dream of becoming a commercial pilot

come true with practice and

determination the sky's the limit

oh oh oh oh excuse me I've got a little

bit of hay fever this week before I

vamoose into the sunset I would like to

say a special hello to DJ bode who

follows my lessons in Egypt and told me

last week on facebook that he hopes one

day to come to England and develop his

djing skills with the ministry of sound

in London that sounds like fun a big

hello also to another person I chatted

with on Facebook last week Matteo in

Italy who told me that he is a big fan

of mr. Lomax maybe I should get mr.

Lomax to say hello to all of you one

week and finally a big hi to masa milano

who also follows me in italy it was nice

chatting with you about phrasal verbs on

facebook last week and i would like to

wish you good luck with your forthcoming

english test that is all from me for

today if I did not read out your

question this week do not worry there is

always another time and of course there

is always something new to learn right

here every week on ask mr. Duncan thank

you for watching me answering you this

is mr. Duncan in England saying to tar

for now

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