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[Crumbz] Another loss here pretty much guarantees you're not making it out.

[Pastrytime] But it's certainly possible to turn the ship around even at this juncture.

[CaptainFlowers] The Haymaker, blocking the burst, a beautiful outplay!

Tay looking to grab even more, it's a triple kill for Urgot!

Humanoid coming in from the side able to find the kill onto micaO.

There comes your lockdown, there goes your kill.

[Ender] For Team Liquid, you have a lot of faith in a lot of the names on this roster.

Two World Champions, a World Finalist, a World Semifinalist, and then that very young Tactical.

[Medic] Tactical opens up once again with the Spray and Pray, Solar Flare used,

- [Ender] Impact! - [Medic] Impact has the flank.

[Ender] This team did not come to mess around, they came to win.

[Medic] Team Liquid will be looking for that first spot.

Finding the engage there, looking for it, now in goes Snowflower

the Solar Flare coming out, there's Armut as well, the cyclone!

The wombo combo!

SuperMassive are showing up.

[Crumbz] Group A just got a whole lot more interesting.

That is going to put the fear in Team Liquid.

[Medic] Team Liquid versus SuperMassive

for the probable first spot in the group.

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