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Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies.

I'm James A. Janisse, and today we're looking at The Rage: Carrie 2, released in

1999. It's always hard to make a sequel to a classic, especially when it comes out 23

years after the original, and in the opinion of most people, The Rage is an absolute failure.

But I've gotta admit, even though I didn't grow up watching it or anything, I've got

a weird soft spot for this movie, if only because it serves as a perfect time capsule

of 1999 - as evidenced by a cast that includes Mena Suvari and one of the kids from Home

Im-freakin-provement. Oh, and also, this soundtrack, which is just 55 minutes of

pure nostalgia, man.

But there's other stuff to enjoy here, too. I love that Amy Irving returns as

Sue Snell, and Emily Bergl is great in a role that bounces back and forth between vulnerable

and badass. And even though they don't deal with it in the most subtle way, I'll give

this movie some credit for trying to tackle a contemporary social issue, with the plot

based in part on a real-life 1993 scandal involving a group of high schoolers called

the Spur Posse. The Rage may not be a GOOD movie, and if you compare it to the original

it's going to look bad every time, but on its own, I like its depiction of angst and

Generation X. But I repeat myself.

If none of what I just said is convincing, though, you've at least gotta give the movie

credit for its balls to the walls final sequence, which gets so buck wild and graphic I had

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Can a party scene massacre top a senior prom slaughter? I'll figure that out for you

by counting up these kills.

The movie begins with a paintbrush makin a nice red path towards a TITLE CARDD.

This paint is gettin all over errthing in this house, thanks to Barbara Lang, who tells some

unseen force to stay away from her black and white daughter Rachel. Oh and hey, Rachel:

What did the red paint brush say to the face?


That kind of joke don't fly with social services, so Barbara is taken away, leaving Rachel by

her lonesome, since

"I don't have a dad.."

Upset, Rachel storms inside and starts slamming

doors behind her in a long tracking shot that I really dig - even if you CAN see the stick

through the wall that closes the first door there. I'm not as much a fan of the black

and white music video shots, though, that show windows opening and closing thanks to

Rachel's rage - something she doesn't have much control over


13 years later, Rachel is the kind of alt crowd pissed off kid who wakes up to music

like this

*hard rock music blasting*

She lives with her droopy good boy Walt and her foster parents Boyd

and Emilyn, and when Boyd's not busy headlining Blue Collar Comedy Tours, he's demanding Rachel

respect them and the rules of their house. Rachel is played by Emily Bergl in her film

debut, kicking off a career that would include roles in Shameless and Mindhunter, as well

as a gig singing cabaret. Fun!

Rachel's best friend Lisa, played by Mena Suvari, is in a real special mood today, having

just lost her virginity over the weekend. And to whom? Well, I'll tell you just as soon

as they get to school with some 90s-appropriate third wave ska.

*90's guitar and horns play*

Oh, perfect, just what I wanted.

Looks like Lisa was drilled by this son of a tool man, Eric Stark, who's

part of a group of bros who keep a ranking system for their sexcapades

"How many points do I get if I do that chick over there?"

"The fat one..? Six"

"No bro, I did her last week and you only gave me five, and she's not fat!"

The Bro Leader is Mark Bing, who calls Rachel and Lisa ugly, meaning he's more of a dick

than reluctant bro Jesse Ryan, who's a little dazed and confused about how brotastic he

has to be. Finally, the B-tier bros are Brad Winters and Chuck Potter - the latter played

by Eli Craig, who would end up writing and directing Tucker and Dale vs. Evil!

Which, yes, I'll cover one day. Be patient, dammit.

Lisa is still keeping the identity of her paramour a secret, though, meaning Rachel

has no idea who it is when, later that day, Lisa somberly steps out onto the school roof

and without hesitation,

walks right off the edge.

She free falls, in a pretty great

stunt, down onto a car windshield and dies.

The student body crowds the student's body, and when Rachel sees what happened she has

a black and white psychic freakout that blows open a whole bunch of lockers all around the

school. Guidance counselor Sue Snell is summoned and pulls Rachel away from the scene with


Sue tries to comfort Rachel even though the girl can't sad right

"I don't cry"

She'd much rather run through the woods lookin like an impressionist painting. Meanwhile Eric

is afraid of being blamed for Lisa's suicide, since she did it after he coldly rejected her.

"Lisa was actin' all happy, y'know like we were goin' steady...

Y'know and I had to break the news to her that she was just a pump."

Worried about losing his potential football scholarship -

especially since Lisa took a picture of them together - he asks Mark to

help him cover his ass. The bro obliges.

They're gonna have a hard time getting that picture back, though, since Rachel works at

the photo development... uh, kiosk, or whatever that thing is. To persuade her to help him, Mark

brings Jesse along, since earlier, in a scene riffing off the original, he showed how sensitive

and romantic he is

"Romeo and Juliet really isn't a tragedy, because the only way they could be together was in death."


Yo, that teacher's PUMPED about Willy Shakes.

Despite breaking out the hunk guns, Mark is told to fuck off by Rachel, who then goes

through the pictures herself and finds the one of Lisa and Eric together. She takes it

to Sheriff Kelton, who earlier had found Lisa's suicide note which mentioned Eric's rejection.

Sue Snell tells the Sheriff that a whole bunch of other girls have told her the same thing,

that Eric and his bros are on a humping and dumping spree - so she wants Eric to be charged

with something

"Eric is 18... Lisa was 16, that's statutory rape."

The Sheriff's reluctant to make

the charge, though, and says Sue might just be trying to make herself feel better about

that time she told Carrie White to *sings* "plug it up, plug it up."

Jesse sleeps with his ex-girlfriend, a popular cheerleader named Tracy, in his car- but,

wait a minute, all his friends were just sitting there the whole time, waiting to score the scoring?

Come on Tracy, you didn't see them or hear their 90s music?

*music plays and someone screams "Yeah, minute man!"*

They're playing it loud as hell! Tracy's hearing must be about as good as her caring, since

she don't give a damn about Lisa's suicide

"She wasn't anybody."

Is this really the crowd

you wanna hang out with, Jesse? Protagonist or Brotagonist, dawg. Pick one.

That night, Rachel has a hard time controlling her shakey rage, which is only apt to get

worse after Walt runs away from the house. I don't think this is gonna end well, judging

by that tragic alt rock on the soundtrack.

*tragic alt rock plays*

That is not good news. More tragedy's

in store for Rachel, but I'm not gonna show the worst shot of this dog getting hit by

a truck, cause they seriously have one of it getting straight DRAGGED under them tires.

Nobody wants to see that!

Rachel rages out and stops Jesse's car in the road, right as he happened to be driving by.

He takes her and Walt to the vet because, thankfully, that trampled good boy ain't dead.

While Walt's getting treated, the two of them head to a diner, and despite all that dog

blood soaking Rachel's clothes, they're able to decompress and have a good time talking

about 90s music

"Don't they have anything good? Like some Garbage?"

"You like Garbage?"

"Oh, yeah, Shirley Manson? She rocks."

They bond over how they're both only happy when it rains, and after expressing sympathy

to Rachel for Lisa's death, Jesse drops her back off at home.

Rachel has a night of bad dreams filled with desaturated suicides, which is maybe why she

meets with guidance counselor Sue Snell the next day. Sue really tries to reach out to Rachel,

but Rachel grows angry and slides a mug off the desk with her mind.

"I'm sorry...

"I must have knocked it."

Ha, yeah, try that shit on Sue Snell! Fool Snell once, shame on you. Fool

Snell twice, Shame on Sue.

At football practice we see that there's a whole cycle of sexual abuse going on, as coach

Walsh makes Mark drop trou in front of his team so he can berate him with a tampon joke.

"After that half-assed block, I just wanted to check to see if maybe you had a tampon string hangin' between your legs!"

Now is that any way to treat people, Coach? What would your father say?

Actor Steven Ford's father, of course, being Gerald Friggin Ford, 38th president of the

United States. What?!

Sheriff Kelton comes to practice and confronts Eric about

that picture with Lisa. He winds up getting suspended and might even get that statutory

rape charge - but the worst thing of all is that he's gonna have to miss the big football game!

"Football scouts are gonna be there from everywhere

and I'm gonna be sitting on the bench with a thumb up my ass."

Oh, you hoping to get scouted by the Brown Thumbs, huh?

Mark and Eric decide that they'll intimidate Rachel, to stop her from telling more people

about what he did. So that night, as Rachel's getting ready to go out with Jesse, they visit

her - with black and white camcorders, apparently - and harass her through noises, flashlights,

and phone calls where Donald Duck promotes my other video series

*Donald Duck voice* "What's your favorite scary movie?"

Episode 4 with Rhett is out tomorrow!

Things get more criminal, and

the bros start to bro out of control, until Rachel slams a window on Eric's hand and sends

them scurrying away.

At school, as Rachel tells Jesse what happened, his ex-girlfriend Tracy gets pissed, even

as her best friend Monica tries to keep her spirits up

"You're caviar, she's Cheese WHIZ."

I don't think actor Rachel Blanchard has ever actually used Cheese Whiz before, because

that was a clueless pronunciation of it

"...cheese WHIZ."

It's... it's Cheese Whiz. It's not Cheese WHIZ.

Jesse confronts Mark about their scare tactics and the two of them get into a locker room scuffle

before they're torn apart from each other in a real broton splitting.

Then we get a bunch of stuff that hammers home how this is a sequel to Carrie - another

attempt by Sue for peace, another telekinetic explosion, and another flashback to the first movie.


Originally, the filmmakers weren't going to be able to

use Sissy Spacek's likeness, but director Katt Shea put shots of her in anyway, then

asked the actor herself for approval, which Spacek gave her.

Jesse and Rachel have a carhood park date until a sudden rainstorm forces them inside

the vehicle - where things can get a little more porn music-y

*slow guitar strum and synth drums*

With those sweet guitar strums how they can HELP but suck face? They go at it pretty hard until

she stops and tells him she's a virgin - and she wants her first time to be something special...

something with flowers.

"What kind of flowers do you like?"


Sue Snell visits the psych ward where Rachel's mother Barbara is held, a place called Arkham

like there's a gyot damn joker running around. Even if there was, though, I bet Barbara Lang

could take care of him

"Billy, cut it out! She's not Terry, now kindly go away!"

Good thing she's learning

that authoritative tone now, Roman Roy is really gonna appreciate it 20 years later.

Turns out Barbara's a recovering Margaret White, having previously blamed Rachel's powers

on devil man possession. Sue tells her instead that there's a gene behind the scenes, but that

"The male is the carrier!" - so she needs to know who Rachel's father was. The answer

isn't exactly a surprise.

"His name was Ralph... Ralph White."

Making Rachel Carrie's half-sister.

Sue reaches out to Rachel once more, this time beginning with some vital information

"The night of the prom.... 73 people died."

Thanks again for that intel, Miz Snell. Insnell?

She shows her the remains of the high school Carrie burnt down, and tells Rachel she knows

that she has the same kind of power.

"It's a trait Rachel, you've inherited. Telekenisis. The ability to move objects with your mind"

Rachel doesn't wanna hear about this, though, and rejects Sue's offer of snelp. Er, help.

Eric's dad, a lawyer, fights the statutory claim by saying that if Eric goes down, the

whole football team will go down with him.

"You wanna be responsible for ruining these boys lives?"

Though the Deputy DA, played by director Katt Shea, still wants to press

charges, the senior DA shoots her down, since he's a friend of Eric's dad. Oh, fuck off,

dude. By the way, Katt Shea isn't just in that role out of vanity- she started her

career as an actor, and was even in Psycho III, before directing movies like Stripped

to Kill and Dance of the Damned for Roger Corman, under whom she came up.

She wasn't the first director attached to Carrie 2, and when she got the gig, she only had a week

to prepare before production began.That is... not a lot of time!

Jesse asks Rachel to come to the trademark "Big Football Game" so she can give him some

luck and make him play better. While getting make-up at the mall, Rachel runs into Tracy's

friend Monica, who begins feigning a friendship as part of a plot to humiliate her. Mark's

also in on this plot, which is why he apologizes to Jesse and offers him the keys to his parent's condo

Sounds like the perfect place to have a special night together, so Rachel gets ready and dresses

in her finest blue dress, when Jesse comes to pick her up, daisies and all! They go to the condo

and get straight to necking, and eventually dissolve into a sappy lovemaking sesh - never

noticing that there had been someone outside their window the whole time.

The next day, the football team- minus Jesse- psychs themselves up by shaving their heads,

super pumped to go out there and get concussions. Rachel, who got slapped and grounded by Boyd

for coming home late, almost misses the game, but at the last minute she sneaks out and

arrives, um, right on the fuckin field, I guess, to give Jesse the luck, or whatever,

to make a crucial final play and win the game


During all this, Sue Snell, hoping

to get Rachel to listen to her, breaks her mom Barbara out of Arkham using gum, a simple

distraction, and some... wacky keyboard music?

*wacky keyboard music plays*

Okay then!

With Jesse busy talking to a Scout, Rachel is left heading to Mark's party without him,

getting driven there by Monica as John Flansburgh's side project Mono Puff plays a very on-the-nose song

*singing* "Backstabbing liar"

Jesse comes out to the parking lot later to find his Jeep

vandalized, so he's forced to hitch a ride with Tracy, not knowing that she was actually

the vehicle SABATEUR!

Mark's house is party damn central, but Rachel doesn't exactly get the warmest welcome

from the crowd. Awkward! Mark and the bros apologize to Rachel for that time they terrorized

her in her home, which keeps Rachel calm as Tracy distracts Jesse at her house - by any

means necessary. He's not into it though

"We're gonna be late."

Yeah dude, you wouldn't wanna be late to a party playing a rockabilly song called 13 Cats

by a band also Called 13 Cats

"13, 13, 13 cats!"

Yes, I love the songs in this movie,

even though that one's not on the soundtrack.

While Rachel's cutting loose to that baker's dozen of cats,

Mark sets up their prank, which is much more digital than a mere bucket of blood.

They drop their pretend niceness to Rachel and reveal their scoring system, cruelly revelling

in the fact that Lisa was just a couple points to them

"To be honest, I just about split her in two"

They imply that Jesse only slept with her to win the game,

and it's a, uh, fucked up situation, all around.

It only gets worse when they play a tape they recorded of the night she and Jesse had sex

- implying that he was in on this whole damn thing.

It's time for a telekinetic massacre, so we might as well start with a Margaret White remix


..and some seriously insane stylistic decisions.

Jesus, movie, chill out for a mo. Rachel begins her Raging by slamming the doors shut and

growing a very stupid-looking henna tattoo all over her face and body. And then things

get killy, and this is one of those frame by frame mofos, so, just, I'll do my best

here, all right? It doesn't help that all those morons shaved their heads before this, either

Rachel blows out the huge windows and kills two dudes right away - Chuck Potter with a

decapitation and a random guy with a very splurty neck wound. Most everyone else

is still alive and moving right now, but I will count as dead this chick Brad Winters

steps on while running away - bleeding out the mouth like that's usually not a good sign

of living.

Having gotten wind of the party, Sue Snell and Barbara arrive, just in time for tragedy,

as Sue gets impaled, along with Brad on the other side of the door, by a firepoker

going through their heads. At least we know for whom the Snell tolls. As Rachel's mom

Barbara enters the party, another mean party girl gets killed by CDs, cause this is

1999, mutha fuckas - though I will say Hellraiser 3 did it first, in '92.

I'm gonna count people on fire as dead, so let's add another 7 to the count now - 4

people I see on fire inside, one lady who yells hilariously

"Please, somebody put me out! Help!"

before she manages

to get outside, a dude who catches fire from her flames and gets trapped inside the gate,

and a bald dude near the door who also catches fire. The main baddies break into Mark's

dad's room and arm themselves, since they realize that Rachel's to blame for all this

- making Monica more afraid of her than she is of the dark.

Speaking of Rachel the scary murderer, I'll count the 7 people lying in front of her

as new victims, even though the number of bodies MIGHT? be changing between different

overhead shots? I am counting the dude by the wall, though, don't worry. I WAS

going to put 8 bodies here, but turns out this guy I saw in the lower right corner of

the frame is just a crewmember, I think spraying flame retardant on the extras there.

The things you find counting kills, I tell ya!

As Barbara prays, Rachel walks in black and white towards her primary antagonists, who

won't let something silly like a glass window stop them from getting outside. They make

their stand in front of the pool, but before they can pull the trigger on their plan, Rachel

uses her powers to burst Monica's glasses and kill her and Eric together, since he gets

speargunned through the groin. Monica dies of bloody eyes and I think Eric maybe just

got fully castrated there.

Mark, who couldn't save his buddy's privates, shoots a flare into Rachel's side, which knocks

her into the pool all bloody and burnt. But she jumps up and pulls him in after her, and

after the automatic pool cover knocks him silly, Mark is left to drown beneath the

tarp as Rachel cuts her way out and escapes to freedom. Sorry bout that Mark, but at least

you got a nice long death shot out of the deal. That's something, right?

Rachel is found and then rejected by her mother, I guess for, um... not being a little girl still?

I dunno man, in retrospect, the entire subplot with her mom was pretty fucking pointless.

All it did was get Sue Snell killed! Rachel is left on the deck of Mark's pool, begging

God to let her die, until she hears Jesse calling for her from inside - Oh, wait shit,

is that a new body? I guess I'll count it as another kill. Can't discern the gender

of THAT burnt-up corpse, though, sorry.

Rachel comes out and sees Tracy, whom she promptly murders with a falling flaming

ceiling beam. But I'm not counting all these other bodies around Tracy, cause I think they're

part of the 7 I counted before who were lined up in front of Rachel. Besides, doesn't

sound like these deaths even matter that much to Jesse

"Come on, she's dead, they're all dead, we have to get out of here, let's go!"

Rachel yells at Jesse for the sex tape and the bang book, even though he denies any involvement

with what happened. When she sees on the sex tape that he said I love you to her while

she was sleeping, she finally believes him, which is why she throws him out of the way

as a big ole chunk of ceiling falls. He's saved but she's crushed, and she weakly tells

him to go on and git. Jesse doesn't want

to leave her, but since she has TK, it gives her the final say, so... byeeeee!

Haha looks like he's on a water bed!

One Year Later at KINGSmaybeStephenKingsUniversity, Jesse's got a burnt-ass arm and Rachel's good

boy Walt with him - andddd a blue dress wearin visitor in the form of Rachel! Aw they're

together! That's nice! I love a happy ending!


Have a horrifying jump scare! Rachel in fact died in that fire, I just wanted to give y'all

a proper scare - cause like, holy shit man, you just don't expect that from this movie, right?

How many people died in The Rage: Carrie 2? I don't really know, 'cause they just threw a bunch

of dummies all over a house fire. But I'll tell you my best guess at the Numbers. Let's go!

By my count, 27? people died in The Rage: Carrie 2, with 13 victims identifiably female,

13 identifiably male, and one unidentifiable, which at least makes for some decent symmetry,

you know? With a runtime of 105 minutes, that left us with a kill on average every 3.89 minutes

I'll give the Golden chainsaw for Coolest Kill to the twofer of Monica and Eric. Even

with the 90s CG it's pretty graphic and that speargun through the groin is something nasty.

Damn. Dull Machete for lamest kill will go to Mark, since he just drowned in a pool.

Don't drink and swim, kids.

And that's it. The Rage: Carrie 2 came out in 1999, and although I kinda like it, Stephen

King was not a fan. On Sunday we've got the 2002 TV version of Carrie, but until then

I'm James A. Janisse. This has been the Kill Count.

Thanks a lot for watching this Kill Count. I wanna thank some Patrons, like

WriterBlock, AKA Traquair Kristopher Chris Vieau,

Chris Beigel, Lindsey Filler-Mineer,

Kyle Sargent, and Luke Mc

And another thanks to Total AV for sponsoring this episode.

I didn't wanna have to censor the eyes bursting or the spear gun kill!

Am I alone in kinda liking this movie? Is it just 'cause I remember living in 1999 so well?

Thanks everyone! Be good people.

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