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Hey guys, welcome back to another video today

I am back with Omar Asaf and we are going to be doing another

Fatness Q&A a fatness Q&A fitness fitness fitness balance goodness about nice collaboration

Collab, I'm the fitness. He's the fatness

We actually filmed a QA

Yesterday but you guys are seeing this video weeks ago all this content so fresh, you know

We just got we just want to provide the best for you


Uh surprise we're back like a video like the video if you like the video get it to how many likes you said before

Fifty thousand five thousand is a good goal. I think for your fifty thousand likes and what will happen

Omar will moon the internet. So we're just gonna go ahead and jump right into it. That's a jazz blog

I always say that let's just jump right? I hate that. Let's just go ahead and jump right into it

I want you guys know that there's just a belt over 200 questions jazz is actually really picky with the place

I really here well cuz some of them I feel like we've already talked about even if it's been years

I'm like you've already answered this

okay, uh

Let's see

McKay she says I was having a crisis in my head because I'm actually used to just answering the same question yearly

I know so well, you're like I'm never answering

Micaceous is how do you fix lower back arch during squats? Wow. I don't know the order of what we're releasing but girl

Thanks very far back for my car hit the card in the video

X0. Alright. Yeah. So what that is is people often don't have the mobility actually the upper body mobility

So the thoracic mobility so will end up happening, you know

You have to have the bar on your back. Your shoulders have to externally rotate they don't have that rotation

And so instead they'll pop their chest up which extension in one part of the spine will lead to something else

So they're standing here

But juts out puts a lot of pressure on that lower back and then you'll notice a butt wink will

preemptively occur what you want to do before you squat make sure actually to squeeze your glutes brace your core and

Have that mobility and you'll be alright, and if you want a fuller breakdown again, hit the card watch the video

He does a full analysis of cool


He does a Paul. Is that better?

He does an analysis of squats and he teaches how to do the things so

Make sure to watch it and you will learn even more than his rapid-fire answer. Um


you think

What if we just had a Q&A which was the in-between parts? So say the question just you're like, okay

Scrolling the five minute compilation would be really funny. Look at April Fool's Day. I like it. That's good

I like it just squat says what's your opinion on diet programs like RP?

oh Renaissance period ization it stands for

Mikey's rotella is a very knowledgeable and I actually I don't haven't looked at any of their diet programs

But I know Mike is very smart and I would trust his opinion when it comes to those things

So essentially I I think they have templates and once again

They could totally work for anyone out there that is interested in dieting or anything like that

Just make sure you do your due diligence. So you do your research before you decide to purchase something RP

However is a good resource for sure and generally aware doesn't just back anybody. So if he's backing them, they're probably actually legit

Yeah, abran all 34. How important is it to count macros if my goal is athleticism rather than a built physique. Mmm

So he liked that one. Oh

I think there's three different goals when it comes to nutrition. There's health which is a separate category. There's body composition

So how you look if you want to lose weight if you want to build muscle and then there's performance

So some individuals if your sport doesn't require you to build more muscle mass then it's not as important to focus on

Diligently tracking your macros, but at the same time you want to make sure you're fueling your body

So you want to make sure you're getting enough micronutrients you want to make sure you're making good food choices

It's a different category

And so you don't have to be as specific when it comes to your macronutrients

But I do think you need to focus on the big picture

So getting your micronutrients so your body can recover so Dom's from whatever sport you doing

I'm gonna assume anyone that plays any sort of physical activity or any sport. It's at least several hours a week

Yeah, staying hydrated all those things so you don't have to focus on them Monisha. So the macronutrients at all

Three carb over but focusing on yeah. Am I eating my fruits my vegetables drink enough water?

A potato. Oh, what a

Potato Chelsea ACO. How important is meeting the fat goal when counting macros? I can't ever get enough

I really hmm - what macro for you? That's

Because I'm just a car person. So like a lot of things that I

go on no, I'm listening a lot of the things that I eat are not very

Is their is their problem?

I know that smirk and you're judging the shit out of me, so

That is not me I have nothing to do with this

However, you did tell me I have to try the wunderbar so make sure you send me that

Oh, you've never had a wonderful. I have it. Actually it's tasty. Thank you

Okay, so you need to find sources of whatever macro you're deficient in that you enjoy knows

Avocados for sure protein I was gonna say is usually a big one for women just because like man

I don't want to cook chicken out of beef this and that there are other sources I get talked about the previous Q&A beans lentils

Egg whites when it comes to fat sources. They're actually the most clerkly dense

So, theoretically it should be the easiest to consume carbohydrates

If you don't like carbs for whatever reason eating enough carbs actually could be in my opinion harder. Whereas fat olive oil coconut oil

Nuts yeah nut butters seeds

You mention avocado all great sources, but a tablespoon of olive oil is you know

13 to 15 grams of fat and the average person

Their fat intake for the day is probably anywhere between 45 grams on the very low end towards 90 grams

So it's not that hard. Is it enjoyable now? That's something else. That's where you got it

You don't maybe incorporate a kale salad this something that like sprinkle some olive oil some red chili flakes and so forth

Just make it a little bit more flavorful because someone's just thinking you don't want be like anyone else bulking and sitting

Oh those numbers and you just I took shots of olive oil just to hit like the fire you Siri

That's how I bought from 145

That was peak performance days, Oh disgusting. It's dedicated. That's wrong

I actually will say like I don't have as much of an issue now when it comes to

Consuming fat because I have figured out the things that I like and it is definitely things like avocado

nut butters and it's even as simple it's like putting it on a piece of toast or on a bagel or

like if you're making scrambled eggs, you can also add olive oil to something like that that what

Alright, so what we're gonna do right now guys, and this is very exciting

You didn't do a live taste test of this wunderbar that we were on. So, how do you just give it a good cutting?

look, it's

You know, it's only 700 calories a one bite of this is probably about 50 calories

Okay, the first thing I've had to eat today, so we're y'all hungry animal you got just you know, describe what you're seeing

You're holding it weird

Wow, okay your bottom lip

Okay, turn me

It was dangling off the alert the whole time you're like

Okay, so give

Feedback what's going on here on the candy bar?

Milk chocolate, right? There's a crunch

Yes, I don't know if it's an outer shell within the chocolate. Mm-hmm. If it's just the peanuts

Like caramel is very chewy, right? So how does this stack up compared to the average chocolate bar? Oh

I'm gonna give it a 9 point to it. That is such a high

Are you sure that I didn't introduce you to Musketeers Three Musketeers?

I'm just asking the

Question because that Three Musketeers I was like five so you're sure I didn't introduce it to you

Did you know me when I was five? I was seven

Let's try this kid not seven

Agree to disagree the internet doesn't know your age, but I can confirm you were not seven years old all six good point

Dawn, ask your questions

What do you think?

Do you feel like Natalie's sahagun says if I'm eating as I normally do but start working out will I see progress?

This is something that I always think about when I've like been out of the gym forever

I'm like, okay, I can get eating what I'm eating, but I'm going to the gym like three times a week

There should be some sort of improvement

Yeah, because of the fact that like I'm going from no activity to something great question, but maybe not a ton

There's a few things to consider in my opinion one what your current body fat level is

So if your body fat level is over a certain threshold

Even if you eat what you're currently eating and you start training you'll build muscle

But you won't be able to really notice it because there is that layer of fat for guys that occurs

You know, there's that gray area between 13 to 18 percent body fat for women. It's you know above the 20 percent body fat

It's a definite which is you know, most people it's harder to determine

Oh like I'm joking a little bit better or my legs are grown

It's harder to

Objectively measure those things but so that if anything if they are building the muscle underneath the fat won't they if anything start feeling larger?

Ya know that no, that's definitely pop

Yeah, you might even think and that's why it kind of is the Britney Spears effect seven years and years ago where you know

she started out she started caring about her lifting and she started doing endless crunches and she started doing a lot of core movements and

Her core actually got block here

And I'm not trying to scare anyone out there because she did

Reportedly I think a thousand crunches a day. Just an absurd amount an absurd amount

No one out there is going to do that and your waist

If you do core movements, it's not gonna look like that but she developed hypertrophy

She got more muscle in that area. And so it just looked at thicker

So some people that is a concern where you're certain body fat level we start training and you think your game

Bulkier, but really what's happening that muscle gives you shape and when you lean down you'll really appreciate


I don't think anyone

When they've leaned down any woman unless they're a complete genetic outlier in which case you should be competing in the Olympia

Ever was truly upset about the amount of muscle mass

They had when they leaned and I think actually just to use you as an example jazz

Remember how you used to say to me?

Oh, but I have a lot of muscle in my hips and my lower body

You know

like I feel that's why you know my hips look a certain way and then you got the scan the

DEXA scan the the fat scan. We saw it actually was just fat. Yeah, right. No, it's like actually nothing but fat

No, I wouldn't say that. So yeah, it's really just about the natural reality of the face

and so if if for you the first step in developing habits is just getting to the gym and then you want to focus on

Your nutrition by all means. Yeah, but just keep that in mind

So it's you're playing a longer game because it'd be harder to see those results. No

one of these has

440 calories that's dense

But that's actually a good point guy. Just yeah, raise a point. It's not a question, but just alright

So we're looking at this chocolate bar right here. Okay. So Henry. Oh Henry Reese's peanut butter. Hmm per each fuckin chocolate bar. It is

440 calories so there's two of them so in total

888 84 the hook. No, it's per one bar

So that makes about sixty grams of fat in like ninety 90 grams of carbs 20 grams of protein. Nope

Bad, so what I was gonna say about this bar where a lot of women I find struggle is when it comes to portion sizes

and this is where it's unfair actually for women straight up in society because when you go to a restaurant and you order whatever let's

Say you want the fish you want the salmon with rice. There's only one portion size

Yeah, so and that portion size is catered towards men

And so what you'll notice is when you order once again, the salmon it's a thousand calories

There's not the equivalent six hundred calorie portion. And so we've been brought up even the size of dinner plates and all those things

It's one standard size. Never thought about that

I haven't porcelain is uh

What ends up happening is that you become a custom you see if you see a big-ass plate and you know it

Okay, I should be eating less than a guy because you know, my BMR is a less

But I probably I'm around seventeen hundred calories. They would be around probably 2500. So that's a pretty big a larger person

Yeah, but then you have the same plate size six, then the food on your plates gonna look a lot smaller

So not only do you have to deal with the idea that the portions that we've been taught or wrong

When it comes to women in restaurants, but also just in terms of the presentation. So how you look at something to plate, right?

And so one of one of the undercover tips that I think is helpful when diving or trying to acclimate yourself to a more positive

Relationship with food it's not to use smaller plates when I'm talking like tiny ass

Right, but you use place that are more proportional to the food size or servings they use

All right

Right and you have the large ones and the small and I'm able to fit my turkey bacon my eggs

Avocado and like a side of salsa all and I'm completely full off of that. That's very smart

Just thought I'd sure like that panel Andrew. He says how to gain strength whilst endurance training long distance runner here

So that is actually called concurrent training and there's someone you should read up on called Alex in a butcher's last hamon spell first

VAD a I think it's my ADA

So i'm butchering his name Jaz gonna include some of his resources because he does exactly that where he does

Endurance training alongside strength training known as concurrent training and it is entirely possible

How does it look different in comparison to regular train?

Well, your recovery is gonna be not as good because you're doing another modality. So you do extra work on top of that. So you're

The volume overall that you could handle when it comes to strength training will be less then again

Strength training isn't as taxing if your goal then if your goal was pure hypertrophy terms a total mental set

So it's not gonna look at how a lot different especially

depends upon your level if you're trying to deal with 800 pounds and you really need to plan out your

Programming if you're also going to be doing endurance training

She's a female so she's really but that would so that's what's gonna say is you know

It's like 185 to 25 on the deadlift. That is very feasible to do a long side, you know marathon training. Yeah

Yeah, I don't think it's a big issue little beasty dot fit says at what point in strength training

Do you suggest getting a coach especially if you want to compete in?

Powerlifting one day so you need a proper pal thing meet. You're probably gonna need a peak and it depends upon

How far along you are what that peak means but if you plan on competing, it should be at least several months out

So at least two to three months out a coach shouldn't you should be handling your peak?

They should get to know you what it works with regards to volume intense frequency

I would say get a coach as soon as you feel that you have the basics down pat

So, you know how to squat, you know how to deadlift, you know how to bench

You've been making progress, but you want an eye over you watching the an astute eye that could say, you know

What that form is not so great. This is what you should be probably better for your body

I think you'll respond better to this and it really it can short track if you take a look at it as an investment in

your goals

It really can't short track your journey and I can feel like I honestly couldn't imagine

Having gotten into powerlifting without having somebody guiding me through it

I I know that there were a lot of things with my form and just how I was trying to increase the weight

Decrease the weight all of that that I know I couldn't have done without a coach

So I do feel that it is

important to have remember when we used to max out before we

Yes, start talking and your nose would bleed before like you'd bang your head against the bar

You know, it's fucking time. I would sniff ammonia. Yeah, yeah

No, I remember and then Omar put me in check and said hey there sister

Hey there

Sister take it easy just like and that's all it took and now I I can deadlift six hundred and fifty two pounds Jen

Mmm, underscore says building muscle is a bitch, especially if you're vegan without making fun of me any suggestions

We were not gonna make fun of you. We appreciate

any and all types of


Styles dietary disciplines or choices I made for tactical reasons. Yep, five Styles. Let's go with that

It is entirely possible as a vegan to build a lot of muscles one of those things where I think it's a misconception

There are vegan sources of protein one. You can buy just vegan protein powder

So it's usually a rice hemp mix or a rice P mix will be a composite so you get a complete amino acid profile

But as we spoke before beans and lentils are actually absurdly high when it comes to protein content

So I'd say it is a common misconception when it comes to

vegans or to people that want to be vegan that it's hard to get the required protein intake as a woman if you take a

look at how much protein you need daily and that's the big difference between a

Vegan diet and a non vegan diet would be the ease of protein sources

But if you take a look at your required amount, it would be roughly one gram per pound of lean body weight

So if you're one hundred pounds near 20% body fat, that means you only have lean body weight

So it it really depends on a couple different things three. Dmj Eric Elms

Very smart coach actually recommends one gram per pound of body weight for satiety. So the proteins higher you're wondering about your diet

Well, no because I'm just thinking when I got my DEXA scan

It was like 75 pounds of body lean body weight. So that'd be the minimum threshold. Okay, okay

So let's say someone's 20 percent body fat. So that means anyway, 1:30 that means 26 pounds of fat

They have 104 pounds of lean mass. That'd be 104 grams per day

That's very feasible, you know a couple of lentils I think has 20 grams

So it's not that hard but the biggest thing and this is when I was kind of, you know, eating more vegan foods

Mmm, a lot of it is really carbohydrate-based, too

So there's like there will be you know, 20 grams of protein and the serving but it's also like 60 grams of carbs

So how do you balance that out?

Is it just like you those make up the majority of your meals?

And then your midday snacks to get your greens and would be things like salads or yeah

So your your protein sources wouldn't be pure protein sources like an egg white. We're at all protein. Yeah

Yeah, so you have to factor that in so when you have your lentils, of course, then you're also having carbohydrates. Yes

but when you add everything up between your nuts seeds

butters beans lentils of

What he called certain grain sources that are actually hi

Spinach and a high enough dose and a high enough serving actually has protein when you add all that up tofu a hundred grams

Really isn't that hard and now that'd be like the thresholds for most people know cloves says it's not a question

But please come out with flourish part two and I'm assuming you're talking about flourish strength

Which was the program that we had launched. Do you have anything to say about that? We're actually currently big announcement Big E now

It's my huge announcement

We're currently

Playing with the concept because I see that there is that gap in the on the female fitness side when it comes to good information

The idea of taking a group of people on a journey so wouldn't just be a program it be more

Subscription-based where the program you get weekly your macronutrients

Technique there'd be a group where individuals can all communicate and answer questions. There would be a weekly Q&A

You know once a week for two hours, I'd sit down and any questions you have

I'd be a Lancer

So it would be a community the cost of would be to take you on your journey and get you to your goal

Most people a program is a good idea

But then once you're done the program, what are you going go after that and fitness should be a lifelong journey

so playing around with that concept, I think it could be pretty cool where we would put

you know a good amount of information there and I think it'd really help people out in terms of educating them because

III I don't mean this in a rude way, but when we did the previous Q&A

I wasn't saying anything crazy in terms of complexity of information, but people will were quite receptive to it and looking at other

Influencers in the content they put out

I think there's just that absence the whatever reason definitely especially in the female fitness community

Obviously like a lot of us just get into training and we don't always know exactly what it is

That made us have the body that we have

We just went to the gym and things happened

But when you actually have somebody who can talk you through and guide you through it and have programming that is

Literally geared to you and your goals. It's the best thing ever. You know, it's gonna be pretty cool

So maybe leave a comment to comment section below if you're excited about that idea. We've been playing around with it something else

I don't know if I want to reveal everything that I think should be included. I feel like it's a it's a

It's brewing. Yeah, someone's cooking. Yeah, it's a stew

but what else Coons I don't know if I want to announce every one of the features because I have to look at what is

Also out there I feel other people are gonna copy it what we do it. Yeah, because it's a it's quite robust


So it Beach it like I'm thinking in my head probably like 15 dollars a month some like that and they get all these things

Where you want to give always more value than what your ass. Yes what you're talking so it's gonna be really good. Yeah

We're we're gonna keep it sort of on the down low for now just because we don't want to like he said give too much

Information but it's gonna be good. It'll be for all walks of life all walks

Okay guys, so that is going to conclude this QA. We probably got in an additional three or four questions in this one

So that's that's what I conveyancer six questions in three hours consider that a success

So again guys, if you enjoyed this video make sure to throw the video a thumbs up

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