Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jacob Part 2

Difficulty: 0

JACOB: I know about weather. EAB: Okay, tell me about some weather things.

JACOB: A tornado starts when there's thunderstorms

EAB: Uh-huh, and then what happens?

JACOB: When the air goes round and round and round

JACOB: The clouds come down and the sky is all blue

EAB: Have you ever seen a tornado?

JACOB: Nnn.. yes, on the newspaper! EAB: Oh!

EAB: Hey, I have a question. What do you have on your ears?

JACOB: Implants! EAB: And what do they help you do?

JACOB: Hear! EAB: And what about your sister?

JACOB: She has implants, too!

EAB: Is she an older sister or a younger sister?

JACOB: A younger sister.

EAB: So do you help with your younger sister?

EAB: What do you like to do with her? JACOB: Cry.

EAB: You like to cry with her? JACOB: Yes!

EAB: Yes? Oh, your poor parents! [laughter]

JONATHAN [Jacob's Father, off camera]: No, what's your most favorite thing you like to do with your sister?

JACOB: I go to Noah and Joshua's house.

JS: No, what do you do in the morning before I leave for work?

JS: You put on the iPod and what do you do?

JACOB: Dance! EAB: Will you show me how you dance?

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