Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [월드오브탱크] 소련 신규 쌍열포 스탈린 중전차 [ST-II] (리뷰 포함)

Difficulty: 0

It's the BB virus ! (rent tierX)

there's a Progetto BB too??

just wow..

Nobody's coming here..

It's risky going here..

Why a min dmg? that 330!

enemy's crowded there..

retreat 140! not just standing there getting hit!

yes, move to your left, over there.. hey

Why the heck is he showing off..?

I'm ringing F7(help) but nobody listens

we're f*cked..

hey we're f*cked.. wait..

retreat (x2)

we defend from here, right here

sh*t, I missed him!

those f*ckers are swarming in like freakn' zombies!!

a 'BB-zombie' virus maybe?

Is M48 running away..?

go, fire!

why aren't you?

we're going crazy here

oh boy.. you should've stayed alive..

why did they lose in the city meanwhile?

ah sh*t..

shouldn't've got hit..

What kind of position is that? Where's that BC25t standing?

BC25t's dying!! oh he survived..



if I blocked at least one..

at lease one more..

60TP's shot had huge impact for later.. shouldn't've got hit..

if Grille just..

Throw HE! HE!!

What is this fool doing here?

BC25t can't leave there, since 5A might be watching

done.. then now..

they can do stuff like help finding 5A.. oh 25t just got him..

see we won now

oh 25t's dead..

since our FV183's in full HP..

oh, Leopard shouldn't go down the middle..

oh he stopped

if he moves, he might enter Strv's viewrange and die

Why are we winning this difficultly?

can't understand.. we defended this well

if it weren't for my mistake..

Except the move I made infront of 60TP..

there weren't much mistake I made..

the reason why I haven't used double shot for this battle is..

when enemies are swarming over..

it's better not to use double shots.. the very best DPM was needed, not the double shot

I had to fire continuously, having lots of enemies there.. swarming like CN army

for then.. just use cyclic mode

if you're really... f*cked, about to die..

then it's ok to use double shot for final move..

what the? why is that E4 there?

only the FV183 should go back to base! Only him!


oh no.. I see us losing this battle.. completely f*cked

look, 261 and 268v4 is going back.. if one of 'em is f*cked, we are too


even if Fv183 and Grille captures, if Strv f*ck around using 'double bush', we can't cap

then it's a tie.. oh Strv's up there!!

lucky that he's here

if only E4 was here, Strv back to decap us

the best result was a tie

but if like this?

yes, we can't lose

we don't..

but being in SEA make it uncertain..

if.. like this..

No f*ckn' way we will lose..

our 261 just.. has to fire, that's all

What the heck?

ah f*ck no, why the hell is this a tie??

don't f*ck with me.. ah sh*t.. oh? What? someone decapped.. lol

why did they stop capping? Strv stopped the cap..

Thank you so much sir.. I really do..

he's a loyalist, who is he btw?

wow.. it was a tie, but Strv let us win

it was a tie

since 261 also missed a shot, which leads to a tie

wow.. the loyalist Strv

he really was..

That's a relief..

if it really was a tie..

'First Class', 'Confederate', 'High Calibre'

what? A 'First Class' for 83.. a 8,4k dmg??

ah, I lack in kill numbers.. only 1..

8,4k dealt with 1,3k support makes 10k dmg combined

we could've lost even with 10k dmg

enemy's first did 4,2k dmg.. I did twice the dmg and we could've lost

($16 - 'barking dog') enemy's first did 4,2k dmg.. I did twice the dmg and we could've lost


oh my, $16 donations! Thank you sir.. It was a mission, right?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.. and 8

$2 for each medal.. appreciate it sir

Thank you

wanna see Strv's stats?

doesn't 49% winrate.. makes him a 'loyal tomato'?

wait a sec..

what? How come he got 54.7% winrate??

Is that even possible??

Really? that FV183??

can't be.. It's a nonsense..

Is it a bug??

ah.. 'Avg tier' slot gone haywire again.. wondered why it was high

the 'Avg tier' sometimes go very low.. with some bugs

so strange.. Doesn't seem to be a 'traded account'..

The extreme sniper found?

anyways.. um..

this was a battle on 'ST-II'.. very questioning battle it was

wow.. ST-II.. this is too ambiguous.. as this is..

a t10 right? but armor's not a t10 one.. front's penned from everything

see how enemy penned the front..

every enemies did.. HEAT got me too..

that's the butt..

that's the mistake..

wow.. strange out it went thru like that..

I was badly angled anyways..

What I shot..

all dealt dmg.. except this by E100.. wonder why.. umm..

everything penned.. incl. one blindshot

the ST-II is, let's start the indepth review,..

the problem with this is, I previously said IS-3-II to be good

but the problem with this(ST-II) is..

First of all..

the penetrability

lacks in penetrability

AP pen is fine

but the premium's a HEAT with only 310 pen

How should I use this for?

Only 310!

The 310mm pen of HEAT means the same with 300mm pen of APCR

For IS-7, it's got 303 pen for premium rounds, what so called lowest APCR pen's 303

see? which means ST-II's lower, in fact


HEAT gets no normalization, while AP and APCR has

so in fact,

310pen HEAT is treated as..

APCR with slightly less than 300pen

Which makes this..

and.. forget about aim time and dispersion, since this is a large cal. double barrel

second issue, first one was penetration, second is the DPM

t9 IS-3-II, one tier lower than ST-II,

got 250 DPM.. I mean 2500

it's also 2500 even for ST-II

yes, same even with higher tier, just like E50 & E50M relationship

DPM stays the same, even with one tier up

that's the second one, third issue is..

slightly.. widen weakspots than t9

firstly, larger hatch

and drivers hatch

wider 'lower plate'.. those three

so problem with angling is..

lower plate won't matter.. and shoulders are thick enough..

it's got better armor than a t9 ST-1 you know of

being a t10.. they balanced it out

but the driver's hatch.. can be seen so clearly

since it's concaved

and large

so there's an issue with defensiveness

fourth issue, mobility's f*ckn' cr*p..

even worse than a t8, the slowest of all

slow with bad armor..

low DPM, poor pen.. really think this is a HT??

Every Pros for HT are dismissed

well, a 880 alpha for double shot?

let's say it's fine

even with that, the DPM is bad, Pen ability is bad, slow and bad armored

the Problem is, you can't handle what'll come after the 'double shot'

so that's the reason why I never used it in last battle

If I did, I was dead (already)

should use it as part of a finale


finishing one for sure

you shouldn't use for other purposes.. t8 and t9 were ok to overuse since..

that never threatened

but if you overuse in t10, you die

since, if fired double shot for this(IS-3-II)

it's enemy's turn to fire at you, which is a crisis

but you can dodge it with it's mobility(IS-3-II)

run and hide, or find an object

but you can't with this,

just like previous battle,

when enemy comes, even with my effort to hide after firing, I failed every time

against MTs..

it's really slow

doesn't mean it's well armored.. like paper.. front? too many weakspots..

it's hard fighting only with turret exposed..

with poor pen, I mean HEAT pen

there's an issue fighting with enemy HTs.. 310pen HEAT means

can't pen Maus's turret tilted, for E100's..

you can't expect a pen everytime

do you get the sense?

What we call sh*t armored E100's turret..

can't be penned for sure

this is how bad it is.. so if other tanks..

angle even slightly, there's not much to hit with this HEAT.. so..

like many said, ST-II is..

not that good.. frankly..

in fact..

what was the result? I dealt 8,4k dmg

But if I was on other t10 tank like..

somewhat good tank.. I could've dealt much more, close to 10k maybe

So there's a lot to be desired for this fella.. ST-II

something more should be added..

IS-3-II was good for a t9.. then..

this should've been like a proper t10..

there're lots missing, pen, armor, mobility and DPM

this will be better if at least one of 4 is buffed..

from those 4 I just listed..

anyways.. this was ST-II

I don't recommend grinding up to ST-II, under the circumstances

I'd rather recommend t8 or 9 for doublebarrels

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