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- What's up guys? Welcome back to my channel.

Today we're going to be talking about the maintenance

for the Minari 180.

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It's a known clutch version, it was a pull-start only.

Now here's the reason why I started doing

the maintenance on this one,

is because the pull-start broke twice within one week.

The problem that I heard of it that was the most common

is the decompression port that get clogged

and when it gets clogged it gets harder

to pull on the start.

The second issue that I heard of is the pull-start itself,

is when you pull it too hard and too far

it stretches the spring inside and it just breaks.

But long story short, to clean it, super easy.

It's an hour job if you take your time

and you clean the piston head and everything,

which is what I did.

So, remove the spark plug right here,

the four bolts that you have right here,

remove the cylinder head.

I took the cylinder head, cleaned the inside and everything.

So for cleaning, I used wet/dry sandpaper sheets.

There's different sizes.

I used 1500 grit and I went up to 3000

to make sure there was no scratches left

on the cylinder head.

Same for the piston head, once I removed the cylinder head,

I could see it.

I just removed the residue that was on top of it.

There was not much, you'll see in the video.

The decompression port was not that clogged.

There was kind of like sticky material,

but I just took a drill bit, a power drill,

and I went nice and slow.

It was the smaller ones first and one that

it was just fit the right sizes.

So, just get a set of drill bits

and find the one that fits perfectly.

I didn't remove the exhaust.

They say you could do it, I decided not to.

A pretty clean job, pretty easy job.

And if you do it you have to replace the O-ring

and all the gasket, and that's it.

All right, remove these four bolts right here

with the spark plug, and then once I pull this out,

clean the piston, the top the head of the piston right here.

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So I'm not sure you can see,

but it really isn't that bad.

It's just a little bit of deposit but that's it.

("Great Days" by Joakim Karud)

That's the decompression port right here.

("Great Days" by Joakim Karud)

Guys, that's it for today.

As you can see it was pretty easy, pretty straightforward.

There's not much to it.

I torqued the bolt, it was 20 Nm, is it 20 pounds?

I'm not quite sure how you guys say it here in the U.S.

I gonna put some links in the description for the parts,

for the torque value, and for a small different

guide step-by-step for the decompression port.

Just more information if you guys need it.

But anyway, next week I'll be posting the video

about the starter that I replaced.

It's a super easy process.

So stay tuned, consider subscribing.

If you have any question, any comment, any suggestion

please leave it down in the comment below,

and I have a quick question.

Have you done this maintenance?

Have you had any issues with the Minari 180?

What's the favorite thing about it?

What's the worst thing you hate about about this one?

So just let me know in the comment down below.

I wanna know a little bit what to expect with this unit.

But that's it for now, thank you so much for watching.

I'll see you guys in the next video.

Don't forget to stay bad.

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