Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Girls Getting Ready: Makeup & Hair

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Body wash, pre-shampoo, shampoo, post-shampoo, conditioner, exfoliate, wash, moisturize,

brush teeth,makeup, hair, nails, dress up!

All I see is you, all I see is you...

What?! Why today?

I'm not going to touch it, I'm not going to poke it!

Stupid pimple!

What have I done?!

No stress Sara, I'm going to cover it with makeup!

Makeup makes us look all nice and glam, but in the process of applying makeup we look

rather horri... not really appealing.

Here are the 10 horror faces girls make while applying makeup: chimpanzee, dolphin,

aye-aye, dog, hyena, aardvark, lizard, tarcier, proboscis monkey, inverse raccoon,

and people think the duck face is weird...

When we are in a hurry, things can go very wrong especially with makeup.


That's a bit too dark!


Ok, I can do this.


I need a toilet sweetie.




Oh great!


I hate you!

Stupid makeup!

But one thing is true though: nothing makes us happier than mastering something difficult

like a cat liner!


Both eyes are the same?!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!?

Wait, we gotta document that!

Alright, makeup is on point, but we still have to fix our hair.

By the way, as soon as we turn on a blow-drier, curling wand, or when we shower we become

super stars, models, singers...

For you, I let you break my heart in two!

Right to the edge of the earth with you!

There's nothing that I wouldn't do you're so dangerous, dangerous for you...

I think we do it because we feel like none can hear us...

Well, we're wrong.

But the most embarrassing is that this is how we think we sing.

And this is how we actually sing: This is forever!

Oh well. OK, back to hair!

What hair style is in right now?

Long, Voluminous, Luscious hair!

Right, so anything but this.

How to solve the problem?

Extensions! Yeah.

Mom what do you think?

Are you going on a Halloween party?

Ah forget it!

I nailed you! Haha!

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