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Welcome to Expert Village; this is Kim Brown. In this segment, we are going to show how

to do a quick half up of half down with naturally curly hair. I always like to take the hair

in sections, so I am going to take a small triangle section at the top. Try to gently

separate the hair. So get the section up out of the way, that will be the last section

that we put in. You can just secure it with a hairpin. Everything is going to be coming

up to this crown area, and so you just want to have a little bit of back combing in the

crown to give your pins something to settle in. You just take a little section, just back

comb a bit. Half up and half down, can be anywhere from the tip of the hair up. You

can just do the top, or you could come all the way from underneath here, and have it

come up. I think we are going to do that. We will take from just below the ear at the

nape area, straight up towards the crown. Using mostly our fingers, a little bit of

pomade, and rake it through the hair just to create definition and get rid those of

little flyaway pieces. The best way to secure the hair is to tie in a knot, and this comes

out really easily. You dont have to worry about the hair getting stuck. It creates a

little bit of softness and then it gives your pins a nice place to set in. Then you just

secure this knot and we will do the other side. Then you take your last section, take

this to a third knot, and then you can just push it to create a little bit of lift, then

secure that. Half up and half down. For more information on the wedding tips that I gave

you today, you can contact us at

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