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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: a weekend of a homebody ☁️? cooking, movie, sleeping a lot

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[a lazy weekend coming up...]

good morning

today is Saturday and

I'mjust gonna make some lunch

I woke up a little bit late

it's 3 p.m. right now

so today I'm gonna make some soft tofu stew

all of the ingredients are in this bag

first I have some tofu

soon tofu? oh...

okay I was like... soon, what?

soon means soft

so I have some soft tofu

we have garlic

2 eggs, this gochujang sauce,

we have some scallions, mushrooms and onions,

and some sesame oil.

I almost forgot about this but I also have pork belly and

kimchi. these are also part of the recipe.

I'm going to add this gochujang.

that's a lot

should I put all of it in or?

I'm just gonna put all of it.

ok now it's time to add the tofu

it says "cut here" but I totally did not see that

I don't like this

frick okay let me cut it where I'm supposed to cut it.

it's like leaking from both sides now

pretend you did not see that

so I added the tofu

I think the tofu came out too like meshed for my liking

it's okay it's whatever

it's still tofu

and then I'm gonna add in these eggs

reading webtoons...

I'm gonna drink these


schisandra tea

i wasn't even close?

doing some schoolwork...

I just ordered some insomnia cookies

they were giving out three of these chocolate chip cookies for free

i got three chocolate chip cookies with two macadamia cookies

and I also got milk

now I'm going to watch a movie on this projector

it took me so long to set this up

but I still feel like it's not as big as I wanted it to be

I need to plug it into an outlet

but that's the farthest I can pull it back

but anyway this will do for now

the only thing is

I only have one movie on this external drive

and I don't have an HDMI cord so

the only movie that I can watch is...

is The Sixth Sense which i think is a horror movie so

I don't know if I want to watch it

i literally can't see anything.

the movie had a sad ending

it was a good movie though. that plot twist.

hi guys it's the next morning

I need to cook some rice

22 divided by 4...

this is rice + the soft tofu stew that I make yesterday

I'm just finishing up some homework that's due tonight

catching up on lecture notes

watching BTS's performance at the grammys

so I'm gonna make some chicken for a late night snack

we have some sauce

some vegetables

these are rice cakes

and this is the chicken

thanks for watching!!

The Description of a weekend of a homebody ☁️? cooking, movie, sleeping a lot