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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nasty Food Jenga

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today we make Jenga nasty let's talk

about that good mythical morning listen

young Millennials and you shall hear of

a time when the internet had not yet

appeared it was a time when for

entertainment purposes we would play out

of doors unless of course we were some

of those who were allergic to all things

out of doors and then we would play in

of doors and win in a doors we would

play Jenga that's right today we are

bringing back Jenga in a very big way

there are some Ginga challenges already

out there on YouTube but we're gonna mix

things up a little bit and add some food

it's time for this isn't Boy Meets World

there is no Topanga we've got some weird

food and we're playing some Jenga

looking here we have a custom-made

color-coded Jenga tower and each color

corresponds to the same colored bucket

which has a food item within it whenever

you remove a piece you have to eat

something from that colored bucket the

loser is the person who of course top of

the tower they have to eat a smoothie of

everything in all of their buckets and

it ain't going to be nice okay and the

foods go from good to bad in my blue

bucket I have something I really liked

little Smokies hmm my blue bucket I have

frosted mini-wheats

in my green bucket I have what is that a

cherry there in the boshi plan oh I

don't like those just sour it was really

sour plugs I don't like them well

actually I have seaweed in mind I don't

like seaweed oh that's a personal

problem in my yellow bucket I have Oreos

but it looks like there's something else

inside of them what is that that's cat

food oh gosh cat food filled Oreo cat

food by bucket three oh then what's in

my Twinkies that are in my yellow bucket

that would be Marmite oh don't rape oh

yeah I like cat food in my orange bucket

I had those are cadenas cupcakes ice

with caviar spreads penis cakes

good luck with that brother

I have almond encrusted butter balls

those are raw oysters wrapped in blue

cheese I really want to trade risk you

getting there all dude I'm a pig anus

what's in your red one is that freakin

cubed blood yeah oh gosh and I have what

looks to be shriveled up which hand are

spiders big spiders well I don't want to

trade and there's a mystery bucket that

obviously is a mystery I mean a mystery

let's get started okay I thought that we

can get this over with I went first in

the wedgie game so why don't you do the

honors and go first like and we're

playing a slightly relaxed version of

Jenga you Ginga experts out there we're

allowing a for poking of things and

we're also allowing over moving with two

hands not just one I really want to read

your what I'm massaging it why oh there

we go

Green is okay well I'm gonna go with

your strategies interesting so there we

go okay oh it goes on top yeah we are

playing by that rule all right and then

I'm gonna eat oh my goodness

oh it's not that bad come on man it's


have your go I love little Smokies look

inside its mouth oh there's a smokey

there's a smoky oh okay oh you can't

hold the whole thing while you stack it

well I did wanted a smokey man let a man

have a little alone time with a smokey

I'm just going for blue yeah

immediately red oh I'm not taking that

red out homey don't play that and what

is this I'm okay waster bonus is nervous



and usually this is the point where

you're relieved except now I have to eat

a huge moister ball they'll love it it's

like a cheese ball like Christmastime

come on now like Christmastime and Momma

dies out

oh-oh-oh-oh we really need to be getting

something Oh from the middle what color

is that that's red yeah go for it

gosh wants to come out so early

Oh be careful good look at that it's

like pulling out of a drawer from a safe

to polygon Miller with c4

feeling MacGyver good that's good what's

not good is what it's about to happen

what it's about to happen know who that


it's small you can just swallow that you

don't understand how much I hate this I

can understand yeah because I also would

hate it I hate this kind of thing I hate

blood taking me you're on the front row

of the school picture now I gotta get

him a luau ah go down uh-oh she's dying

green one

oh my goodness look oh I see a little

peeking ha ha

yet I revel in speaking but he wants to

go back in the house no he wants a car

he wants to come out ahead

careful be careful Oh whoo ha ha oh my

oh that that's close whoa okay man now I

gotta eat a dadgum spider ah you know

what this is just a hairy potato chip

yeah it's nothing to it man I just got

blood down there was nothing pop up up

up up and did my mouth and I to it yeah

that's why I did I forget what happened

look it was there do it yes - sure

do it - yeah yeah cute chew it chew it

swallow swallow swallow just need some

water I can smell it from here not gonna

smell your mouth spider you're go

okay now you bought the top on this

tower why does this keep happening

oh of course I lose I move three-book

for the mystery I'm just just don't want

to lose at this point this is going to

help our cause up here though I believe

yeah you know might balance it out

hello daddy Wow daddy's home okay let's

get the what's in your mystery but uh

just date doctor little Smokies and glue

oh that's not too bad if you got a

really slather the glue that way that

little smokey never leaves your

digestive tract okay do it for Elmer I

wouldn't get close to that Tower the

smokey part is good really part is

unpleasant my famous I'm gonna get stuck

together mmm all right I found this this

yellow ones loose here nice working man

oh oh man that's Marmite Winky now this

stuff is salty you just have to take a

big bite oh good like a rotten Twinkie


not a bad as a spider though this is

next-level stuff here man here's a

mystery right there no longer a mystery

you want to eat some more glue oh my

fatty loosey-goosey there she is okay

this is this is low so this is this is

uh hey halfway there but where you gonna

put it cuz this is a big one young but

that side I put it on this side okay and

I get to eat pig anus pig anus don't let

you said okay okay oh my goodness

gross Chomp Chomp Chomp swallow swallow

swallow forget what you eat and even

though is the anus of a pig hmm what

that Pig been squatting in the sky over

some caviar you gotta swallow it today

okay I'm gonna go down to come take a

well I want you to go now I'm coming to

balance this one with a blue boy that

would be nice ah oh yeah dead mini

frosting anyway no one right

whoa ah here we go here we go

me new week here we go haha gotta move

there jaga

this is so so precarious at this point

oh but look I got a real this one

mmm we picking it up now speaking afraid

blood got even blood hey

Oh girls got the advantage of laying

down the first you can just more you eat

more blood you don't even thinking about


pig blood and yeah yeah yeah my buddy

doesn't want this and once I got a taste

of that mini wheat I got to do that

again whoops not falling for that one

Jenga ooh man I mean I could eat some

more Marmite if I had to oh gosh oh gosh

this is give me a feed if you give this

out oh oh I think you could do it I

think it technically is balanced if you

can slide it out

I'll forgot

now the hard part is getting it on there

how much which side you pick I mean I

think it doesn't matter really I mean it

doesn't but maybe it won't know maybe

this won't know that this is up that's

how physics works now you successfully

give this on here I think you're almost

guaranteed to win oh it's officially

your go you're even you all you also

didn't even put it like you it didn't do

yourself any favors there's a gap over

here move your movie finger and your

face back it's officially your turn I

just don't know gladly there's no way

I'm afraid if I touch anything it's

gonna fall oh it definitely can't be on

that side it's got to be on the side

that just relieves the pressure you know

there's got to be some pressure relief

on this side there's nothing loose I'm

gonna have to manhandle something

manhandle something


okay what do I do now oh gosh

Oh Oh baby oh hey man you're knocked

over my mini week uh yeah yeah

oh great day no hmm all right we got a

smoothie all this up are you thanks for

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