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-You participated in a virtual graduation

that had, among other participants,

former President Obama and Lebron James.

How did that come to pass for you?

-I just got an e-mail, and they were like,

"Hey, Lebron and Obama are doing this graduation event.

Do you want to do it?" and I was like,

"Let me thinking about it."

I was like, "Yeah, of course. Of course."

But, you know, it's kind of sad, because, like,

if it's a real-life thing, you get to meet Lebron and Obama.

But, virtually, you know, I just sent in --

I just recorded a bunch of stuff,

and I sent in a ton of jokes, and Obama took them up.

I have to assume it was directly Obama.

Or Lebron -- One of their decisions.

-Right, that they're both real hands-on

as far as editing down the comedy, you think?

-I really -- [ Laughs ]

Yeah. Yeah. They really were like,

"Hey, we really are looking for something much more sincere

than you riffing about 'Animal Crossing,'

a game that you don't play."

-I was lucky enough to be at "SNL" when Lebron hosted.

And I've interacted with President Obama

a couple of times.

Frustratingly funny people.

-I know.

So, I have not met Lebron, but I did meet Obama once,

and he was like -- he said something,

and he was, like, really funny.

And I was like, "Oh, you have this, too?

The only thing I have, you also have?

It's like your 15th best thing."

It's really, really frustrating.

And then he said something funny,

and I laughed, and he's like, "I'm a funny guy.

No, really, I am a funny guy," and even that was charming.

Infuriating. Infuriating.

You worked on him

with the White House Press correspondence thing.

-We shared a bill.

-Right, that was the one where he made fun of Trump's wines.

-Yeah, we both -- We both told a few jokes about him.

We got in the last word.

A lot of people say that was the last word on Donald Trump.

-Yeah, a lot of people say you guys really buried him.

He'll never come back from that.

So, do you feel partially Responsible for --

-I feel -- I feel, uh --

I don't want to go inside the mind of the guy

who decided to run for president, if that was why.

But certainly if that was why,

I would feel partially responsible.

-Oh, wow. That was a very diplomatic answer.

-Yeah. But I -- you know, I think if you wave it to,

it feels like he would much rather show up Barack Obama

than show up me. -Right.

I don't think him winning the presidency

was a way to spite you.


-It might have been to spite Obama.

-Yes. Still, I will say

that I was more like present at the crime scene.

I may be, like, you know -- -Right.

-Like, for aiding and abetting

more than the actual crime itself.

-Right. If he had set his mind

to becoming a great talk-show host,

then that would be your -- -Right. Yeah.

And that might very well be his next chapter.

-God, I hope so.

-It wouldn't be bad. -Next year.

-I would look forward to that, too.

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