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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: deadmau5 t-shirt - LED Lights React to the Music! AWESOME!

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so this is a video for the deadmau5 voice activated LED shirt.


you're probably wondering

how does that work?

It comes with a

battery pack

that sits in a pocket

in the shirt

When I put it on I actually prefer to

put it on my belt

so that's another option it's got this little belt clip there

uh... when you get it won't come with batteries so you have to put the

batteries in

It's just got a slide out thing on the back here and you can see that the

batteries are in there may be

on the video


now they go opposite ways back and forth all the way throughout with the

negative side of the battery

the side that doesn't

have the little thing on the top

to the spring and then the positive side on the other side

and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you exactly how it works uh... after

actually forgot one thing to do one thing I'm going to describe this. This is actually a patch

uh... and the patch is sewn on to the shirt

It is dry clean only that's the instructions from the manufacturer

but it is swen on to the shirt you can't tell from far away

but when you look at it real close you can see it

and the lights are embedded in the lines of the ears

uh... the whole logo up

the eyes and the mouth light up

and we're going to do a little demonstration for you

and show you how it works so first I've got to put it on

and uh...

inside the shirt when you get it you'll get some

care instructions

how did to detach the

because when you clean it you have to take off the battery pack completely



how to put in the batteries

all that sort of stuff

and let's see here

it is a slimmer fit shirt

the size I'm wearing is an extra large I'm a six-foot-two

uh... tall guy i'm not real heavy or anything I actually weigh about a hundred and

seventy five pounds

so just to give you an idea; of course I am wearing it over another t-shirt so that

makes a difference



I'll just get that on there and as you can see I'm just going to go ahead and put this on my belt

I don't know if you can see that in the video or not but I'm going to put it on my belt.

On the side of the control pack

there's an on off button

probably just saw it

flicker on ther

and you can see it reacting to my voice now


you can adjust

how much it reacts to your voice you can turn the volume of it down


it won't react as much

and depending on where your voice is going or where the sound is coming from it won't


uh... possibly even at all

the more you turn it up the more it reacts

and again you have that on off switch so that if you're not using it or if you don't

want to be shining and wearing out the batteries you can just turn it off

uh... ok so now I'm going to go ahead and turn out the lights

and we'll get a better demonstration going here.

alright so thanks for checking out our

video description of the the deadmau5 voice activated LED t-shirt

and uh... we hope you guys liked it and

maybe you'll end up buying the shirt and

enjoying it as much as we have here at Band Tees.

The Description of deadmau5 t-shirt - LED Lights React to the Music! AWESOME!