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Hi Subs! I am Aub and behind the scenes is my sister

Aly and together we are Aly and Aub

As stated in the video title, we will do an unboxing and review.

9.9 sale have just ended so Im sure you also ordered something from Shopee and Lazada.

I ordered a condenser microphone and V8 sound card.

I will put the price here. We didnt buy this in a bundle but both of them are from the same shop.

We will unbox it now!

By the way, when you have received your package, make sure to disinfect it with alcohol.

This is the singing live soundcard then this is the live broadcast equipment.

By the way, the boxes were stacked and sealed in a bubble wrap

but I think its safe because there are no dents.

It has a pop filter which you can use for song covers

Then it has a manual with English translation which could be helpful later.

It has a microphone foam cap which luckily wasnt folded.

Then this is the shock mount where we would put the microphone.

This is the power cord which I think could be plugged in a phone unlike other microphones.

Then finally, the microphone. It is very secured because it is placed on a foam.

Its color is gold.

It has a microphone stand which could be installed on a table.

This is another microphone holder.

This one is used when you would the install the mic on a table.

Next is the sound card.

Im not really sure if the mic works without this so I bought a sound card just in case.

The sound card has a manual written in English.

I will put the link of the shop in the description box.

The sound card has different buttons for effects such as electro, pitch blend, magic, shockwave, MC, dodge.

It also has music, monitor, record, bass, treble.

You can connect a dynamic mic here.

Then here we can connect a condenser mic like the one we bought.

Then headset, earphone speaker, charging, accompany instrument, live 1, and live 2.

It also includes three connectors.

I have shown the installation in the time lapse but I will still discuss it step by step.

First, we placed the metal holder on the table. Make sure that you screw it tight

because if not, there is a possibility that the stand would wobble and the mic might fall.

Second, we placed the stand which also works with a screw.

Almost everything in this mic setup could be installed using screws.

Just always make sure that the screws are tight.

Then we placed the shock mount with the help of the screw again.

Place the mic on the shock mount, it easily slides in. Then connect the mic to its cord.

If you wont use the shock mount because you are not using a condenser microphone,

you could also use the other mic holder included in the box. This could be used for a dynamic mic.

We put the pop filter by tightly fixing its screw then it is up to you on where you would place it.

It depends on you if you would use this pop filter because the mic would still work well without it.

You could also use the foam cap depending on your preference.

I connected the mic to the sound card

Then I also plugged in my earphones so I could hear myself if the mic works.

To connect it to the device where you would record, plug it to live 1.

Since my voice is still being recorded using my phone, I would plug the mic to see if it works.

*I forgot to turn the sound card on.*

*Long press the power button until it turns on.*

Now the sound is coming from the microphone.

Sound check, sound check, 1, 2, 3.

Lets see the difference if we use the pop filter.

Sound check, sound check, 1, 2, 3.

Lets also try using the foam cap. Putting this would create slight noise as it slides.

Sound check, sound check, 1, 2, 3. Sound check, 1, 2, 3.

Lets try talking in front of the mic, Ill adjust it first.

Sound check, 1, 2, 3.

As you heard, it wasnt very clear because the mic works well if you talk using its sides.

You can add echo and you can also adjust the volume.

Lets bring the volume down.

Then lets try the echo.

You can also add effects to your voice if you explore the sound card.

We would also try if the mic works without a v8 sound card so I would first disconnect the sound card from my phone

then I will try to connect the mic to my phone so I will first turn off the sound card.

You also have to long press the power button to turn off the v8 sound card.

Then lets see if the mic works when connected to the phone.

I asked one seller from Shopee if the mic would work without a v8 sound card and he said no but lets try.

I wouldnt know yet if it works because it is connected to the phone therefore I couldnt hear it but Ill check later.

Since youve heard it and I also checked from the previous video, I found out that it does not work.

Ive also read reviews saying that it would work if you use a one male, two female splitter cable

but I havent tried that yet. You could leave a comment if you have already tried it and if it works.

For my review, first, we had a hard time assembling it because the manual does not give instructions.

It only states the specifications of the microphone

but if you watch videos and try to assemble it, you would figure it out.

In my opinion, it would be better if you purchase a v8 sound card because

you could adjust the volume, echo, effects, especially if you would use this to cover songs

because it will be easier to mix and adjust.

The seller is nice and the items were shipped in a good condition

because there were no damages and dents, as you can see, the boxes are in good condition.

Though it was only packaged using bubble wrap, the items were not damaged and there were no problems.

For its price, I think it is worth it because it costs less than 2,000 pesos.

I recommend that you buy it if you want to enhance the quality of your voice every time you would record.

It could also be used in live streams for the gamers out there.

Just use the link in the description box if you want. By the way, this is not sponsored.

I hope you learned something and also enjoyed the video.

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