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What's up everybody

Welcome to Man vs. Corinne vs. pin

I thought you pop up

I don't wanna do that anymore

They expect it

It's stupid

What's up everybody

Welcome to Man vs. Corinne vs. pin

Today's letter is the letter C for Corinne and cookies!

What are we clapping for? I don't know! You just started clapping like an idiot.

Anyway we've had thousands of requests to do this project. Hundreds of thousands

But the comment that really was the catalyst for us doing this today

The one that drove it home. Amnesty so eloquently put cookie mutha f***ing

Shot glasses and that is how you leave a comment.

That's how things get done around here. All right so you did all of the shopping.

Yes. And then what is all this? Are you trying to confuse me because there's

Definitely things here that you don't need to make chocolate chip cookies.

I got all the things. This oil isn't necessary.

You don't need baking powder. Baking soda you do need. Yeah I got that. Milk?! Don't need milk.

You don't need any milk? Nope. What is this thing for? I don't know.

Goddamn chocolate chips aren't organic.

Neither is this flour. What the f***. What? What is that?

I got myself the, uh, pre-made chocolate cookie dough. This was the last one in

the store

I got you the supplies because I know how much you like making things. But it

Seems like it's a little unfair. Nuh-nuh-nuh. Because I have to make cookies from scratch and

All you have to do a scoop and bake. What the f***. Not only are mine gonna taste better

But I'm pretty sure mine are gonna look better too

That is why they call it Man vs Corinne vs Pin. All right. All right let's get started

Shall we

That's Cori- I don't do this line together it's f***ing dumb. What are you talking about?! That's what

Man- Let's get started shall we!

Ok you ready? One, two, three. Let's get started shall we. Shall we.

You're idiot sometimes. Sometimes? So we can get started over here on mine

I got us a couple of these trays-. What kind of tray is it? These are popover trays?

I don't know what the f*** a popover is but I'm assuming it's some sort of muffin. It's

Like when someone just pops over to your house uninvited

They're like "Who does the popover anymore? You couldn't text?" Who does that?

Alright so in my tray over here, I'm just spraying a little bit of this oil in the pan.

Oop-. No I think this is totally how you- yeah this is how you f***ing do it!

This is how I'm doing it! I warned you. And then I scooped out a wad of cookie dough here-uh-and I

Began to shape the dough into- into a cup like shape. How easy is that to get that to stay

On there after ya sprayed oil all inside that little container? Super f***ing easy.

All right. I did this a couple times and then I also got this Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cookie dough.

Wait woah woah woah I thought you said you only could get thing of pre-made cookie dough

Where did this Reese's cookie dough come from? How many f***ing cookie shot glasses do you plan

On making? I'm going to make this whole f***ing popover tray. I'm making six of these f***ers.

It's alright because I am gonna win anyway. It's fine. You could be a cheat-cheat-cheater

Much. I'm not cheating! Mr. McCheat Pants. I'm sure it's stupid.

Yfw- What?!

Now I heard to help keep the shape you can roll up some of these corks in

Some aluminum foil and you just place those in the middle there. So I'm doing that which

Looks pretty sweet- What?! Nothin.

That's what they said to do! I read the f***ing thing! I'm sure that they did.

"They" are always right. Aren't "they". Multiple blogs videos and sources.

F*** it i'm also making a cookie mug.

It's not gonna be a cookie mug, it'll just be a bigger cookie vessel. Yeah! That's what I'm going to f***ing do!

Are you going to make a f***ing cookie handle too to put on your cookie mug?

I'm not gonna make a god-. I doubt that. So it's not a cookie mug. What are you doing over there?

It's a cookie bowl. Are you f***ing making your cookie dough s***? Yeah! Yeah! I'm about to kill this s***. First I just have

To put the butter and the sugar into my amazing stand mixer. This is the secret

Weapon here. And then you cream all of that together for good amount of time.

Like five minutes. That's why it's take me a little bit longer to complete

My cookies because extra love is going into them. Well I'm putting mine f***ing in right now.

Putting that oven up to 350.

This s***'s gonna be done in 10 minutes. 20 minutes! I don't know. 20 minutes. Anyway

So I'm just adding the rest of my ingredients over here and things are

Looking pretty good. The problem with making your own cookie dough like this is that

It's very difficult not to want to eat it the whole time

And there are raw eggs in it, and people freak the f*** out about raw eggs

Being in cookie dough. It says right here do not consume raw cookie dough.

Well they're-. I also read that i need to chop up the chocolate chips

Before putting them into the batter because the chocolate chips can be too

Big sometimes and that can cause a break

And no one wants that. What?! Well these are "extra large chocolate chips"

These are gonna be fine. This is just more chocolate for me. And I'm only gonna make one.

What! You're making one? Because that's how f***ing confident I am. How's that dough coming along over there?

My dough is coming along just fine. All right so yours are in the oven now.

Done. I'm in. Kay, well I'm still chopping my chocolate chips over here.

I'm almost done now, and yeah. This is looking pretty good. Now I'm just gonna

Not going to spray my pan with oil because-. That's what you gotta do! That's not what you're

Supposed to do. And then I'm going to shape the cookie into the popover pan

Like so. I'm doin a little extra on the top here because I want it to stay on there

It smells like something is burning. Hey um I'm pretty sure your cookies are burning in

Here you might want to come check on them. Nope. I just put them in like 5 minutes ago.

Yeah well there's smoke coming out of the oven so... No, they're not even close.

This is what burning smells like.

Great. Now I have to open the door. Open up the door. Yeah.

Good job. Goddamnit. They look

Really good. All right so now that- now that Rob's cookies are done.

You're going to have to turn

That off. Awe, son of a b****.

They're not even cups they just all melted to the f***ing cup. Yeah, not surprised.

This f***ing cork thing didn't work at all. Aw, this is f**ing bulls***

Which brings me to the genius solution on my cookie shot glass is that I'll be

Using an actual shot glass to place in the middle so that it doesn't all form


Oh that's a f***ing great idea this f***ing did not work out

Okay then! Mine is ready to go into the oven as well. So let's do this.

All right. It's been ten minutes, so I'm going to check on mine and

Nope. Not looking done enough. Gonna go in for, I'd say another 10 minutes. I think they are burning, I smell em.

Better go f***ing check on em.

My cookie shot glass is just fine. You don't worry yourself. Yours look great!

So you sprayed the stuff in the thing and it still doesn't come out.

Interesting. That's it. That's all I got. What the f***! That was the only one that kinda

Could've worked. One day you'll be the master of your domain. Time for me to take my

Beautiful cookie shot glass out.

There's no f***ing way that one of them could have f**ing worked. All righty.

First I've let it cool a little bit. Then, I'm going to very carefully remove the

Shot glass from the center. Gotta kind of wiggle it around a little

We gotta wiggle it, just a little bit. And then we very just gently remove the shot glass. That looks dirty.

What? I don't know what you are talking about. This goes from 0 to YouPorn real quick.


Yeah. I get it. Let's see if it f***ing holds milk though. Before any liquids go in there

You gotta coat the inside with some more melted chocolate because that creates kind of a barrier.

Duh! Can I just eat a little bit of your goddamn cookie dough? No dough for you.

All right. Knives are in play here watch out.

You are gonna f*** this up. You're making me nervous. This isn't going good is it. I'm gonna cut my hand.

It's a little thicker on one side but... That's what she said. She did not say that

She said "Could've been a little bigger." Mmmm! Cookie.

Shot glass. All right well that's it for Man vs. Corinne vs. pin. Aw, someone's a little sore loser.

Here you can have this part of the cookie. It's like a cookie donut. I will take this. No just kidding you can't have that. What?!

I'm using that as a garnish for my cookie shot glass drink that I'm about to make.

Ok so now I have to melt the chocolate. You don't have to do this stuff because

You didn't even get this far sooooo... yeah. Can't take the heat, you have to get out the kitchen.

All right here we go here we go here we go. Chocolate is melting- don't touch my shot glass!

This is a good looking shot glass. No thank you.

I think the chocolate is melted and now i'm just gonna paint it in there like an

Artist. That looks delicious.

Oh. Oh my god I have a broken side. Oh damn dog. Is that chip in your s***? No.

Oh. What's happening over there?

Nothing, there's just one little area that needs some extra love. So the

Chocolate helps act as like a stucco of some sort and it fills it all the

Little holes, that way we can put liquid in it without it crumbling. Do I even have to be here anymore?

I'm putting this in the refrigerator for a couple minutes.

Alright go check on your s***. I think it's ready.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Doesn't it look amazing?

Alright the moment of truth is upon us. Aren't you excited?

Hey, White Russian. Oh look at that will you.

A little bit of leakage here. Oh s***. Oh damn. Oh damn dog.

A little bit of leakage, but better than mine. Put a little bit of cinnamon on there.

There is a lot of leakage. I'll try it. That's really strong.

It's probably really good when you have the chocolate-. The chocolate and the alcohol.

Take a bite of the cup.

Take the shot. F***ing delicious. It is super messy though I mean, come on. Do you wanna try it? Yeah.

Hahaha just kidding.

So what we had decided before we started this video is that the winner gets

To choose a random challenge that the loser has to perform. Yeah don't you

Remember that? You were drunk when we discussed it.

What are you talking about? You were drunk. It's fine. So, I pick the cinnamon challenge.

F*** you. Let me get that cinnamon for ya.

Don't f***in hit me. I didn't agree to this at all. C is for c***. Noooooo.

Ya. No. C is for divorce.

I don't know if you've seen the f***ing news reports but people have f***ing died because of this. You'll be fine.

Gotta get the largest spoon. How much- I don't even know. Like a little bit. Like a lot. No not that much. You can't put that

Much in your mouth

That's what she said. No, but you have to eat it. You don't swallow it. What am I supposed to

I'm supposed to put in my mouth and then what? We'll see.

Goddamnit. Come on. F*** you. Alright any time now. We're all waiting.

You f***ing c***-suckers.


I don't have water or anything.

Is it gross?


It doesn't look fun.

Eww you got cinnamon everywere. Well, I think that's it for this week.

As always, we want to see what to know what kind of projects you want to see us make on

This channel. Leave your suggestions in the comment down below be sure to

Subscribe and hit that like button and, maybe we'll see you later.

I'll see you later I'm not sure about Rob. F***. Oh god. It's going to be okay.

Alright bye everyone. Do you need to go to the hospital?

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