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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BOX FORT ON GIANT CAR!! (GONE WRONG)

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what's going on share today we have a huge Hummer and we have a box fort on

top let's go take this thing for a test drive let's climb in the box fort we check

this out it's so cool there's a ladder back here

we can climb up go into the box fort it let's take it for a test drive car D

ready to drive oh yeah you know I'm ready to drive I love this Hummer it's

so cool okay Stephen you and you ready let's do this okay here we go yeah let's

do this big well this is so cool you can see everything from here

oh yeah what is going on Sharon welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome

day yes we still have the Humber major shout out to Shona auto by design for

giving us this car for 24 hours we've been having so much fun in this Hummer

and today we're gonna have even more fun because we're gonna build a box fort it

and stick it on the roof of this car now let me show you just how big this Hummer

is the roof is insane the Hummer is so big that it has a ladder to climb on the

roof yes this car has a ladder how crazy is that so you can climb up here I'm

going to get up here wall it is so high it's actually scary but look how big

this is oh yeah this entire roof is bigger than Liz's

Jeep you could put an entire bed up here and that's basically what we're going to

do today we're gonna stick a box fort it and build a boxfort on this roof it's

going to be the world's highest box we're off the ground we got to get it on

will the box we're fit come right now hashtag box fort it it's gonna be on top

of a car it's just gonna be the world's craziest box for I've ever seen Wow you

can literally see everything from here check out the pond whoa I can see the

roof of my house from here I'll tell you one thing if you're scared of heights

you definitely don't want to come up here it's actually really scary okay so

how I gotta make it down I'm just gonna jump three two one oh that was a long

job okay well time is running out we got the Hummer probably for a couple more

hours let's go find Carter let's go find Liz let's go find some boxes let's make

this boxfort it possible oh yeah let's go let's go Carter Liz

oh there's baby otter hi baby otters say hi to the shares hey where's your sister

let's go find her sister come on let's go find your sister where's your sister

come on otter where's your sister she's in there what she's in this basket is

she ready there she is hi oh my gosh all right how are you it's so good to see

you are you taking a nap inside the basket yes you didn't see the vlog we're

currently surprised me this is our new dog

she's eight weeks old and she's totally cute

hi I'd say hi to the sheriff but we haven't named her yet so you give me

awesome name ideas comment them down below I have you been saying we should

name her either Millie Oakley Murphy or snowball all right you take a nap you

take a nap good girl good girl we I go downstairs to the basement we

got a box for it to build to the basement let's go

Carter Lindsey you down here Carter Liz hmm I don't know where they are

but we got a bunch of cardboard already laid out and even more in the storage

room let's get to work and let's start building when there's Liz this is

Stevens channel make sure to smash that subscribe button you ready to get to

work on building a box work for the Hummer let's do it okay so we got a lot

of boxes because as you know the Hummer is absolutely huge ginormous

yes here's the Hummer so big but Liz actually drove it don't ask me how but

she did oh yeah I drove it

there you go

it looks good you park it I think I can drive this thing okay let's get start by

cutting these boxes oh yeah yeah these boxes are huge chairs but uh the Hummer

is also the world's biggest car so well let's get to work let's build a huge box

for it to go on the roof for this car in three two one

and we have this section right here what's the section for again this this

is the entrance oh yes it's a Hummer has like a ladder that climbs up as you guys

saw earlier that will be where you climb into the box right here then here you

have all this space to hang out and we'll cut some windows out the Front's

you can look out the front of the car we'll cut some windows on the side all

there's just so many and this possibilities on this thing for the roof

we got to make a huge huge roof for this

voila check it out the foundation is complete

we got some red outlines because you want to give them a tour all the stuff

you did hang out this corner this is we're gonna put all the pillows here

this is where you go to bed this is a little bedroom area so once we put the

pillows in and it'll be a lot more homey then we gotta get the roof on and then

put it on top of the Hummer yeah and I'm wondering should we do

windows oh yeah we should holy forgot we gotta do with this huge what's going on

Carter what's up shares I think this is the biggest boxer we've ever made I know

it's huge what was the hummers the biggest car we've ever had yeah it's

like the biggest car in the world so of course I guess we need the biggest box

that makes sense aughter oughta come here you've been hanging

around watching this build you want to come try to fit inside this thing come

on come here oh wow otter loves it look how much room there is it looks so small

in this huge box port okay we got the roof done we got the Box floors done

Liz we got the side piece of the roof done I think we're ready to go outside

take it out yeah sure so the reason we didn't assemble the roof was because if

you notice for our Lego box fort as soon as we try to take it out the door it

didn't work so this time we're gonna build it in pieces we got the main

outlines done hopefully the box fort a bit will fit through this door here and

we'll take it up and we'll assemble it on top of the Hummer but I don't know

actually this looks actually way too big they just look like it yeah I don't mean

who's gonna fit through the door you do oh there's only one way to find out

let's okay this is definitely not a fit this is so big I don't know I don't know

oh my gosh sideways oh okay actually this might work and then oh yeah lift it

through ready oh yeah it's good thing we did not put the roof on this just barely

fits even going sideways okay let's lift this and take this all the way up to the

Hummer Romo oh I almost dropped something we're almost at the hump

bringing this huge box for it to go on top of the Hummer

we're almost there let's keep going I can't even see you this huh this uh box

is so big oh my goodness we could camp out on the roof of this car that'd be so

awesome yes something like that yeah shares come right now what you like

better the yellow Hummer or the blue Jeep okay got the Boxford frame here we

got the Hummer Wow it actually looks small compared to the Hummer this is

yeah oh sweet Carter's got the roof and the front panel okay Wow

we're ready to go let's just oh no we got to turn around this is the back

that's for the ladder Oh turn around we're gonna leave the half back half of

the back open so it's like still convertible it's gonna be so awesome

alright Carter's climbing in Carter's climbing in to tape the roof on tape it

down good Carter's on on top it's gonna be like skyscraper high I know this is

gonna be so epic taped outside good - Carter

smoogle is is putting the final touches on the box fort it this roof fits

perfectly Liz you actually estimated it really well I'm getting really good at

making box words here I'm like papa Jake level now going across oh yeah

this is looking so good what is that oh my god Oh a circle window this is gonna

be so good oh this looks really good actually what's the next Liz the door

oh is that go oh right there oh yeah

doors got an extra flap whoa check this out oh whoa that's cool yes I got to

tape it up oh it's a baby window - baby windows whoa this is doing her karate

skills lift this thing way up above our heads all the way up to there my

question is do we make the box for to wide and will actually not fit up there

actually no what I'm pretty sure I mean if you look at the box but it was huge

inside but oh my gosh quarter look at this okay so the box where it looks tiny

I mean tiny next to the Hummer inside the base it filled up the whole basement

yeah this is the biggest box where I think we've ever built

and it's still not big enough let's stick it up and see if it works whoa

whoa whoa box for it on top of the Hummer oh no it's gonna fall it's gonna

fall turn it sideways we have to climb up there oh it's up there it's up there

Liz you had troubles climbing up yesterday cos you got scared of heights

you got a copy or a fear of heights yeah I'm not scared I conquered my fury

yesterday so today I'm good to go just don't look down no you're shaking

cuz you're scared oh my goodness okay come on we got to

get it on will the Box forfeit coming right now hashtag #boxfort

oh we got a triangle window up there that's looking good oh my goodness it

fits with so much room whoa box were on top of a Hummer this looks so good this

is the coolest monster oh my gosh it looks like we're camping this is the

coolest box for it ever whoa it just looks so cool yeah let's start

the Hummer up yeah before you start a car I'm gonna climb up top I'm gonna

give you guys a Grand Tour okay climb the ladder it's how you get into the box

burn Hummer you gotta go up the ladder first I can't believe this truck has a

ladder this is so cool I know it's so cool it as a ladder all the way you get

onto the roof wow it is high oh this is so cool all right come here

ready check this out we have the entrance to the box for it

you climb through oh my gosh hi Liz this is so cool

this is absolutely huge whoa you were seriously so far down there you're way

up we're way above the Jeep too and we can

even see the entire house and you have windows out here you can look at the

whole neighborhood from here I've never been able to see that far down the

neighborhood this is crazy circle window for spying you can see if there's any

enemies coming oh we're good this is so nice I know I want to sleep up here I

can't believe like this is so Conan on this side it's just completely open you

can watch this we could camp out and watch the stars at night you do an

overnight box for a child oh this would actually be like the coolest one because

you would be able to camp up Brett that

drive Carter what's that noise

okay don't jog with us on top that we're coming back down cheers this box bar is

super cool but remember do not try this at home because you never want to be on

top of a car yeah here's make sure you don't try this at home Carter's gonna be

driving but he's just gonna be your driving super super close today you guys

can see what it's like to see the bus for a movie

oh yeah we're about to go whoa

all right remove as well yeah we're just going folks we can good idea crazy we're

actually moving moving box we're on top of the Hummer oh yeah this looks so cool

Botsford apartment Oh a box for mobile mobile home mobile home box for it oh

yeah well this is so cool oh the door sign up to me well this is so cool you

can see everything from here yeah big free air conditioning no it's awesome

now the temperature might be a little too cold oh there's a doggie hot doggy

Lizzy coming down I wonder how it is up there must be super cool I think fever

really liked that he loves Heights he's not scared of anything

yes you would love this I'm gonna give it a little dry even as scared of stuff

he's actually the most scared so

by God

okay oh my gosh what happened yeah we were just filming the interest I wasn't

actually in it oh god now we're gonna scare you shares where you scared good

as these boxwoods in one piece image we can use it again for another vlog so

shares coming you're crazy awesome ideas oh that was so cool but so Daniel shares

please don't try that at home yeah that was awesome Steve how was it up there it

was cool thank goodness she went slow it was definitely an awesome experience

because you can see the sky you could feel the breeze it just looks so cool

you have so you do so much room to see everything you can literally see the

whole world from up there yeah sure this is one awesome box were in one awesome

car I love this Hummer h1 is so cool yeah major shout-out to Shana Otto by

design for letting us borrow this car for save you if you guys this cars

actually for sale so if you want to take a look at it click the link in the

description below you can see all the pictures you can see the fridge that's

in it all the TVs it has one two three four TVs or something grand like that

some big speakers it's super awesome yeah check out last vlog where we ate or

the entire thing there's so many speakers in this car let's see if I'm

getting hungry I think I need a snack so I want to go through a drive-thru so

shares you want to join me on this drive through come to my channel and watch us

take this thing through a drive am I gonna fit you're gonna jump that curb oh

you're very close to hitting that curb okay so far so good don't hit any of the

signs oh my gosh don't hit sign head over the cars channel this video is

gonna be live all right sharing until next time you know what to do stay

awesome and share the love