Practice English Speaking&Listening with: If SpongeBob was a BATTLE ROYALE Game! ⚔️ SpongeBob SquareOff

Difficulty: 0

I'm ready!

Let's do it!



Boy, it was lucky the sidewalk broke our fall.

But we lost Plankton!

To the spy mobile!

Hm... mines, oil slick, smoke screen, shield.





Destroy my lab, will ya Krabs?

Well, if it's war you want, it's war you'll get!

Is it dark?

Or have I put off my cataract surgery too long?

No, Mr. Krabs. It's that time of the month.

Merciful Neptune! Man your battle stations!

I'm on it!

[alarm sounding]

[toilet flushing]

Bring it on, Plankton!

Oh, I will!

We'll see if you have a customer left after I pump up the volume!

[music playing]

Oh, brother. I hated the real version of this song.


He's driving me customers away!

Alright Plankton, you want my customers so badly? You can have 'em!

Do your worst, Krabs!

I hate my job.

It's up to you and me, buddy!

Abandon ship!


Pointy-headed projectile on the port side!



I win! I always win!


Again! Again!

You fool! This was over before it started!

I will now consider your unconditional surren... der.


So that's how he wants it to go down.





Ha, you missed me!






Score one for the boys back home!

Victory screech!



OK, fine! You want a fort?

There, there's your fort!

- Now-- - That fort's too small, Squidward.

It's OK, Patrick, it's just a demonstration.

- Now-- - He's right, Squidward.

That thing would never protect you, it's downright puny.

Trust me, it's fine!


See, it is too small!

Not if I crouch down!

I mean, you didn't even give me a chance to crouch down!

See? Down here I am perfectly--


Would you two please just--

Stop throwing--



Squidward returned fire!

Then it's war!

No, no, wait, wait, wait, I was just giving a demonstration!


Alright, that's it, you guys asked for it!


I got him, I got him!


In your face, SpongeBob!


That was actually kind of... exciting!

Why... I've never felt so alive!

He got you good, SpongeBob!

Take cover!

Take this! I got you!

[laughing maniacally]

Oh, take that!

Whoa, I got ya that time!

Oh, yeah!



Hey, SpongeBob?

Yes, Patrick?

I think Squidward's taking this really seriously.

That last one had his clarinet in it.

- Hmm, looks like it's time for plan B! - Take that!

[laughing maniacally]

I guess that oughta do it.

[laughing maniacally]

Fort Squidward is now all but impenetrable!

[laughing maniacally]

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