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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Play The Hardest Would You Rather! Ladylike

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- And now it's time for a fun game of

- Would - You

- Rather

- Lady Like edition.

- So we're gonna play would you rather but with a twist.

Each one of us is going to be posed

a would you rather question in turn

and then the rest of us have to guess

what that person's answer will be.

- Who ever has the least amount of points

at the end of the game

- Has to eat a spoonful of hot sauce.

- Oh my.

- I hope I lose.

- To clarify for Jen.

So you're saying like,

would you rather have no filter in speaking

or not to speak at all?

- Ever?

- Ever. - Ever.

You have no filter.

You just, brain, mouth.

Or no speaking at all.

- It'll be really hard for me to keep a job.

- I feel like I need to look at her face.

- Look at me.

- Okay, I am pretty torn, I don't know.

'Cause there's a lot of things I wanna keep private

but then there's a lot of things that I'd love to say.

I would say everything I guess.


- Speak your mind Jen.

- I said not speak again.

- Jen loves talking.

- Jen loves to talk.

- I know she loves to talk.

But she hates to hurt feelings.

- It's very true.

- No!


Wait okay, so it's eat dog poop for a whole day?

Or eat your friend's vomit?

- For a whole day.

- Just once or the whole day?

- Or the whole day?

- I think for a whole day.

- They're both bad, bad one of them is so bad in my mind

that I will suffer the horribleness of the other one.

- Who hasn't done either of those things

at least accidentally?

(crickets creaking)

- You wrote this didn't you?

- I did.

In my mind I was like, these would be funny things

for other people to answer.

Without thinking that I was gonna have to answer them.

I hate this, and then I hate that I found this.

I would rather eat dog poop.


- I knew I was wrong, damn it.

- What the fuck?

- Damn it!

- I don't wanna eat any of it.

- Puppy shit, puppy shit!

- At least it was food at one point.

- No. - So was the dog food.

- Do you know what dog shit smells like?

- It's so bacteria ridden. - Yes, I do!

- Why would you wanna eat bacteria in that?

- I don't wanna eat any of this.

Honestly, like vomit and spit to me is like

- Same.

- I can handle blood.

- Same.

- I can handle poop, I can handle that.

I cannot handle vomit and spit.

- First of all, I don't know why you guys

would even think poo.

- I didn't have poop at first.

But then, I realized that Kristin's a little twisted.

- I know, see that's why I didn't write shit.

- I don't like it.

Oh wait, so you're saying like no sex or no love.

I thought it was like sex or no love.

And I'm like, sex?


- You can have sex or you can have nothing at all!

- This is really easy.

- Ya'll don't know me.

- I know you very well.

- Well maybe I should play dirty like Kristin.

- Hey, did we learn something about me today,

or did we not?

- Are we ready?

- Okay, the question of whether or not

you would rather have no sex or no love.

- Yeah, I would rather have no sex

because what is life without love?

What is life without love, I'm not a monster.

- No sex Chanti.

- No sex question mark. - No sex Chanti.

- Whoa!

- So either scenario she'd lose a friend.

- Is the person I'm firing, did they deserve to be fired?

- No, I think in this platonic ideal,

your friend is innocent in both cases.

- So Judy is just a hardworking lady

and you either have to fire her

or you have to take her promotion from her.

- I wrote this question.

- Kristin! - Kristin!

- Why?

- I think it's a hard question.

- Kristin, you didn't write anything yet.


- Kristin, were you gonna write it after we rehearsed?


- How would've I gotten away with that?

- Oh this is hard, I'm kinda changing my mind last minute.

I would fire my friend.

- You'd rather fire your friend?

- Than take a promotion, yeah.

- Yeah, but she still has a job.

- She still has a job.

- The wording is I would take her promotion from her

not that it was given to me.

I'm taking her promotion.

- Yeah, you are taking your promotion from her.

- So that implies that I have to think about it

and like go behind her back.

Whereas firing is a little bit more straight forward,

where it's like I have to do this.

While she may not have a job,

in this scenario I'd help her find another job

and write her a great recommendation.

- Also she would get severance if she got fired.

- Yeah.

- Oh easy. - In public.

- Oh in public.

- In public.

- Oh, not easy.

- Am I wearing shoes?

- What kind of question is that?

- Alright, I got it.

- So does she have to go to work?

- Yeah, she has to go to work.

- This is outrageous.

- The question is would I rather be naked

head to toe for one day,

or just topless for a week?

- Oh, I forgot about the time.

- You thought it was just for an unspecific one?


- Okay, alright.

- Okay, okay.

- Naked for a day.


- Yay!

I did it.

- Here's how I knew

that Freddie would only choose naked for a day,

'cause she'd wanna rip that band aid off

and get it over with.

- Yup. - yes.

- And would not prolong it.

- See, that's why when I remembered

that there was just for a day or for a week,

I was like this changes things.

I need to change it.

- I had naked, then I deleted it, and wrote topless.

- I wrote topless.

- You would just stay at your desk.

- I would also book at a conference room.

- Oh that's smart.

- And just stay there the whole day.

- So here is our tie breaker for last place

between Kristin

and Jen.

- I'm scared.

(devastating music)

- That's a good one.

- Terrified.

- You can wash the shirt.

Obviously when the shoes wear out,

you can replace the shoes.

- With the same pair. - With the same pair.

But like it will be the same style.

- So the question is would I rather wear the same shirt

for the rest of my life,

or the same shoes for the rest of my life?

(drum roll)

I would rather wear

the same shoes.

- No!


- Oh no!

- Jen did it!


- No!

This is your fault.


- You can make shoes work with a lit of different outfits,

but certain shirts just don't work with a lot of outfits.

- Freddie loves shoes.

- She does love shoes.

- Freddie loves shoes.

- I do love shoes.

- This is a fun game, I really like that I didn't lose.

- Oh, you didn't?

- Like yeah, I like not losing.

It's cool that we know each other well,

but there's still a lot of surprises.

That was fun!

- It's sriracha.

- This is a fork.

Alright, here it goes.

- Oh!

- You're gonna hurl, do it in the bag.

- It doesn't taste bad.

- Sriracha's good.

- My mouth is on fire now.

So better than would you rather

- Lady tested.

- Lady on fire.

- Yay!


- We love you Kristin.

I'm a good sport.

- [Jen] You are.

- [Chantel] You are a good sport.

(jazz music)

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