Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet NeMo: the Network for ElectroMobility

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Electric cars are becoming widespread,

but planning for a long trip is not always practical.

Users need to be able to charge their electric vehicle anywhere and roam freely around Europe.

NeMo, the hypernetwork for electromobility, is making this possible.

It brings together all electromobility players to develop interoperability

in charging and other electric vehicle services across Europe.

Together we are overcoming the challenges faced by

users, service providers, and electric grid network operators.

NeMo is creating an open cloud marketplace to connect existing services

and create new business opportunities.

You can be part of this bigger picture, making electromobility more attractive.

Discover NeMo and connect with our community to unlock the potential of electromobility in Europe.

The Description of Meet NeMo: the Network for ElectroMobility