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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sony TX 650 VS Micro 2$

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ok so here it turns out good so hi to

all this name this is where we look at it

not now that you are not going to me

look at me we just recorded a

other party to the fact for him in English

and then to but I love started like that

because in fact we don't give a damn

we are fine but in paris is missing coffee

we just drank it there but

so much coffee it was made it's

avatar ross good we're here we're not going

going long will not do much more

long we're not going to be as long as

the other time we tested the zoom etc

but this time we're going to have a little

fight we will bring out the famous little

shit mic with two ball fronts

shit microphone but wait for the kelly yes

This is the idea.

will make a fight between the recorder

from david which costs 150 from the sonic x 650

here on the internet so we already have it

tested on the chain had tested me

against the zoom and this time we will go

even further we will test it against

a two-ball microphone with two balls

so its 75 times more expensive yours and

then the thing is that by cons

still need a smartphone a pure

but hey I think everyone has a

smartphone today even the same

the epo yes you see that

let's say if you spent it all on your

smartphone at least 8 p.m. is a microphone

two bullets so finally if the quality of

agree like that you will not be able

dragged buying a microphone to two

bullets to record videos

the idea is to know now

we are going to record a little bit

also recording me a little bit

your and then the goal is to do

this little confrontation between

two microphones and you tell us

in the comments one of the two that

you prefer two balls here the two

balls I passed we don't see it very

well but i don't want to do

she was celebrating and the model of

bleed at 150 I'll have to cut

so much stuff not even so pale august

that you don't necessarily have because

the idea here it is so now I

mean really at the same distance

so you can see that

there is no cheating we put the

best set up on the sony we have in

recording wave the register agent

sent with the small microphone at 2 ball

is in a room where the acoustics and

is not necessarily staggering and then

we are really the same


normally the senses and hang etc

but there for the test we didn't give a shit

simple times and then like that we can

also test it a little bit in mode

interview and I love your hat apart

that your mother your faith

no but I had the impression that at

me it's pretty hot and i'm better

like that again then there you really are

is really too much room and is

awesome ok so david you're going

tell us a little bit about what you think

interest to do a test like that

well because a week ago i

bought the salt maker for 150 francs and after

three days after greg he shows me what

small clip-on microphone with two balls

we tested the sound we watched and

I was disappointed press why I bought

the 150 page one tells me it looks like

enormously but now it's up to you


which is the better of the two me I

think it's still my sony but chic

very impressed from sully to francs

for the record is that I

actually had this microphone I had it

I had bought two elsewhere besides

that for we have not already found the other

game but I have to search but

in my boxes all that but I have some

bought two obviously I thought to myself if

there are some who arrive in bad

quality in poor condition and well I would have

always the other to test it we had

make a little video with your brother and

but the problem is that I tested

on a computer because in fact that

not everywhere it doesn't work well

been much less quality and then they

saturate is very easily while

the test we did the other day

it was still quite violent on a

smartphone what it seemed to me that

it was good what and then suddenly good

it is said here we are remaking this little

quick test to like that two and then

well this is interesting because you

can also hear the difference

come in from a distance like that between my voice

is to be seen remotely

the one that captures the

the better you can tell us where are you going

tomorrow in damask

my favorite place in peach switzerland

and not lugano and what's amazing

here in them I know that's what

it's still four hours by train

but i do neuchâtel zurich zurich

lugano and it is with the subscription

general and she knows too well what a life

so here we were about 30

david's fantastic pennies when we

april are therefore after that means that the

blood will be even better if we put

the sound like that really underneath and

that we are really talking here with a

normal volume without exaggerating without speaking

too strong there I think the quality is going

really be up to the task for both

I think except that at a basel wharf

iii good now his view it's up to you

to judge what it is then well thank you

to have listened to the video until the end

I'm very tired

sleep I think I don't even have if I

go edit but I do it myself

I will start work and

now you started my mother

yeah but we don't have the data no

no it's not the choice you think

that stupidly jal the speeches now

ok thank you should listen to the video

subscribe if you are new to the

chain i think you will be sooner at

share that a bit I hope it's

registered i'm patient done i don't have

of witness but I believe his story

no no no I'm going to do no it's good

I think it records 6 million

see you soon very soon I

apologize but i didn't like too pale

and finally everything has not talked too much

yeah well no but if i have two three

stuff but it doesn't matter it's more

my opinion we send method you will be

still crazy because he the distance

that separates us from optics it is enough

to blur hockey in two years 163 00:05:46,340 --> 00:00:00,000 2.8

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