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- I get asked a lot about feeding real bones, or marrow bones to dogs.

The issue that I have with marrow bones, while in the wild, for wolves, they do keep the

teeth really clean.

The whole idea is mechanical debridement, or the chewing process, will remove all the

plaque on the teeth and help prevent the progression of periodontal disease.

Problem is when anything is as hard or harder than a tooth, it also has the ability to fracture

teeth and expose pulp.

In the wild wolves will chew bones but also in the wild the life expectancy of a wolf

is not what it is for a domesticated canine, they're not living to be 15, 18-years old,

typically it's closer to like eight to 10, maybe 12-years of age, so when we wanna prolong

the life span of our pets, the thing we get into trouble with is giving them things that

we think are natural but they're not living a naturalistic lifestyle anymore.

So we just have to be cognizant of what we're trying to achieve.

Bones will clean teeth, bones can also cause foreign body obstruction, tear esophagi, can

also tear up the stomach, can also cause obstruction and lead to emergency surgery.

What we wanna do is allow them to chew on things that are hard enough to clean the teeth

but not fracture them.

See usually I recommend if you can't take something and bend it in your hands just a

little bit, it's probably too hard and may fracture teeth.

I usually recommend no bones overall, there are a lot of veterinary approved dental treats

and chews that are able to clean teeth without that side effect.

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