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hi everyone and welcome back to Faith and Flour I'm Robin and in today's video

I'm going to be giving you guys lots of cleaning motivation and also some

reorganizing inspiration I am doing sort of a part two of the reorganizing of our

spice cabinet which was in my video from this past Sunday I came up with a

solution that was totally different from what I had originally planned so I'm

going to start off by showing you that but there's going to be lots more

cleaning and organizing in today's video so stay tuned for that as well my

original idea was to transfer all of our spices into these small mason jars and

to stack them on the lazy susan but with the metal lids they just did not stacked

very well and so they were very precarious and I really couldn't fit as

many on there as I had originally hoped and so it wasn't a great solution at all

and I had the idea of putting plastic lids on which did help it did make them

more stackable but I still had the problem of not being able to fit very

many spices on this small lazy susan I also really wanted to take all of our

spices out of these plastic Tupperware containers I've used that system for

years and it's great but I want our spices in glass and so my new idea takes

care of that problem too I will link Sunday's video in the description box so

you guys can see that if you missed it but this is what the cabinet look like

at the end of that video the first thing that I did was go ahead and order the

plastic tops and I also found these great shaker tops they actually have one

side for shaking spices and the other for spooning them out and they work with

the metal band and I love them so for all of the spices that we like to shake

this is a great solution and I will have these in my Amazon store along with

everything else that I can possibly link and if you guys want to check that out

the description box we'll have the link for

my Amazon store

next I replaced all of those metal lids with plastic ones normally I would opt

for metal or glass over plastic but the plastic lids work so much better when

you're using these jars for dry storage the metal ones just don't thread very

well they can get sort of old and rusty very quickly and they aren't easily

washed so I like the plastic ones and I know I'm going to be much happier using

these I also decided to use these glass jars that are a little bit larger and so

they accommodate things like bay leaves cinnamon sticks and some of the other

spices that I tend to buy in larger quantity they came from my yogurt maker

and I'm no longer making yogurt now that I'm lactose intolerant so this is a

great use for those my new plan is to store my spices in this drawer next to

my oven right now it just has some pot holders a lighter and some matches so I

think using it as a spice drawer will be a much better use of this space and I

want to give a little shout out to Rachel she had mentioned that she used a

drawer for her spices and that really got me thinking I think I'm going to

love this solution and you can let me know after you see the video if you

agree after emptying the drawer I want to clean it and so I'm going to use my

new wash and wipe cloth from E-Cloth this is a microfiber cloth designed for

the kitchen it does a great job of picking up all of the dirt up to 99% of

bacteria and all I need is water so I'm a huge fan of these once the drawer was

cleared out and cleaned I started putting the jars in

then I wanted to rearrange the spice cabinet I still have some large

containers for bulk spices sort of overflow plus things like my salt and

pepper shakers that are too large to go in the drawer and I need to make room

for the pot holders it readjusted the shelf height to accommodate one of the

large spice containers and then I did a lot of arranging and rearranging until I

got things the way I liked

so here's the solution that I wound up really being happy with I've got all of

my spices in the drawer with labels on top so I can see what is what and then

on the shelf I have the items on the top shelf

pull it close to the front so I can see what I have and reach it easily and then

all of the large spice containers I have on the shelves and the shorter

ones are on top the taller ones underneath and then there's a place for

the pot holders

while I was at it I decided to tackle one more drawer that I haven't been

completely happy with and this time it worked out a lot better and I'm really

happy with the arrangement

the problem with this drawer is these dividers that I put in they are great at

keeping things corralled but it's such a deep drawer that I'm not able to really

maximize the space so I came up with a better idea for that but before that I'm

going to give it a little bit of a vacuum and wipe down

I found these storage baskets at Target and they are much deeper I really like

the way they fit into the drawer they give me a tiny bit of extra space on the

side for these skewers and my rolling pin and there's enough room in the front

for me to store all of my eclipse now I'm going to unpack some new kitchen

utensils I just found these on Amazon and if you guys are interested I'll have

them in my amazon store are made of wood and silicone and I bought them to

replace some plastic ones the ones that I have I have had for years I'm not even

sure if they are bpa-free but they have definitely started to degrade and I

don't think that is the safest or the most healthy thing for my family so it's

time to bring in the new and get rid of the old

before using my new utensils I'm going to wash them and I'm going to wash this

container as well just the other day I receive several new things from E-Cloth

and one of them was this washing up pad it has been wonderful in place of a

sponge it's microfiber on one side and then it has a non scratch scouring side

for pots and pans on the other it's completely machine washable so you can

reuse it over and over again and I also got a couple of these non scratch

scrubbing pads just to keep on hand when I have a lot of extra pots and pans that

need some scouring it may sound weird but getting new cleaning tools is like

Christmas for me I had the most fun opening this up and trying out all of

these new products from E-Cloth if you guys have watched me for any length of

time you will know how much I love E-Cloth and how I use them in every video

it's what I really use at home and I highly recommend them so if you guys are

interested I always have a link in the description box for you to use

I'm planning on keeping all of my wooden or bamboo spoons but I have a couple of

spatulas that I'm not sure I really need anymore

so I'm going to put them in sort of my quarantine area I have a cabinet in the

kitchen where I've been putting things like this when I'm not a hundred percent

sure if I want to keep them and if I haven't used them in several months then

I'm going to donate them the top drawer the one above where I just reorganized

has been working great this is a more shallow drawer I had found these bamboo

trays at Target and they fit in here perfectly everything stays organized and

meat and I have been enjoying the system so I'm going to leave it and I'm hoping

that the bottom drawer will work just as well so time will tell and I'll check

back in with you to let you guys know how it goes

organizing is done for the day and now it's time to finish up with the cleaning

and I'm just going to use my microfiber cloth to wipe down all of the cabinets

I'm not going to get on a ladder and go all the way up to the top I'm just

trying to get the sort of high-traffic areas the places where we touch and

around the stove here where grease and things like that build up and then I'm

going to do the lower cabinet and I do all of the lower cabinets because we

have a dog and so there are lots of little smudges and smears that need some

attention as I wipe down the cabinet I'm taking extra care with the handles as

well that is an area where we can spread germs especially during cold and flu

season E-Cloth microfiber cloths remove 99% of bacteria so I feel really good

after abused them to clean

I'm using my DIY disinfecting spray on my cutting board and I have the recipe

for that in the description box if you guys are interested but it contains

vodka which disinfects the wood and I like using it because the wood is porous

and there's some little grooves on there from when I've been using a knife and

although I don't use raw meat on my cutting board I do like to use that

disinfectant spray just to be sure that I'm not cross contaminating our food

since I use it for food prep everyday

I'm going to finish up in the kitchen by cleaning the stainless steel and I'm

getting out a window polishing cloth also from E-Cloth because after I use my

microfiber cloth to clean the stainless steel I follow it with this window

polishing cloth and it just basically dries the surface to a streak free shine

and I have talked about this before in my videos but I never use any product on

my stainless steel I used to and I found that it left a really nasty residue over

time and these work wonderful they just remove all of the fingerprints the

smudges and smears and they don't leave any sort of buildup just clean the

surface which I love so I would never go back to using any product and this way I

don't have any product to store I don't have any extra product to pay for and I

also don't have to worry about the other ingredients in those products so

cleaning with water works great

I hope you enjoyed today's video if you did make sure to give me a thumbs up and

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thank you guys so much for spending your time with me today I hope it gave you

some inspiration and motivation to do some cleaning organizing and declutter

in your home I look forward to talking with you in the comments and seeing you

in the next video have a great week

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